Ithaca College Library

Fri, Apr 29, 2016 | Open until 10pm
Libraries are mankind’s common memory. —Umberto Eco

A Research Primer

Learn the basics of research with our Research 101 guides and self-quizzes.

Mendeley for Bibliographies

Finding bibliographies painful? Try Mendeley and our helpful guide.

We're Saving Trees

We've stopped printing date-due receipts by default, but we're happy to give you one on request.

Game On!

The ideal study break: Board games are now available for checkout at the circulation desk.

We Have an App!

Mariah Flaim (computer science, c/o 2016) has created an iOS app for the Library. Try it out!

It's the Little Things

Did you know you that our printer will staple your print jobs for you? Or punch holes? We live in the future.