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I'd like to show videos from the Archives at an event/in class. What do I have to do?

  1. The event must be curricular or co-curricular and have an educational component.
  2. No admission may be charged for the event.
  3. For a co-curricular event, the faculty advisor needs to sign a letter indicating that it is an educational event.
  4. You will need to fill out our circulation request form.

I'd like photocopies of an item.

  • The availability of photocopies depends on the physical condition of the item as well as its copyright and access status.
  • Copies of items in the Rod Serling Archives require permission from Carol Serling.
  • Availability of copies of College records depends on agreements made with the depositing office and projected use of the copies, as well as our interpretation of the fair use section of copyright law.
  • Fragile materials may not be photocopied.

I'd like to put one of your photographs on my web site/in my publication.

In general, publication of our photographic collection is limited to official use by the College. Please discuss your needs with the Archivist.

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