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The sign at the Music Center desk says it's closed and go downstairs, but there is no one at that desk either.
Comment from Anonymous on Sep 22 2016

On weekdays, the Music Center desk opens at 10 am, and the main Research Help desk opens at 9 am. There are usually people around near the Research Help desk, so if you ring the bell someone will likely appear.

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

How do I print using webprint?
Comment from Anonymous on Sep 16 2016

1) Log in to using your Netpass credentials
2) Click Upload Jobs (left side menu)
3) Click Submit a Job
4) Select WebPrint-library, or WebPrint-librarycolor, then click Print Options
5) Confirm number of copies, click Upload Documents
6) Click Choose Files and browse for your document(s)
7) Click Upload & Complete
8) Visit the WebPrint Release Station, within 24 hours, that is located on the main floor of the library, to the left of the copier

Answered by Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager

Keep old magazine issues available
Comment from Suggestion Box on Sep 12 2016

We retain print journal issues until the content becomes available in full-text online. All issues from the current year in the Popular Periodicals section are stored behind the current issue. We do not have the space to permanently retain backfiles of all of the current print journal subscriptions.  To search for journals to which the library provides access in print and online see this site.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

Does Netpass still work for database access since it is after Sept 9? The green button on the database access page does not work.
Comment from Anonymous on Sep 12 2016

Thanks for trying out the new authentication system. I'm sorry to hear it isn't working as you expect. Unfortunately, we are also unable to replicate your issue.

We'd love to help out and get you going where you need to go. Can you send us a problem report of your issue? That way, we can follow up with you a figure out what is not working.

Answered by Dan Taylor, Library Systems Specialist

There seems to be a problem with the PsycINFO link under Databases. Is there a way to fix it and still access the database?
Comment from Anonymous on Sep 08 2016

Thanks for reporting the PsycINFO error. This is a known problem that we're working on a fix for. In the meantime, please try using the browser's back button. If you need more help, please contact me directly at

Answered by Calida Barboza, Electronic Resources Librarian

Is there the Statistics software SPSS on all the library computers?
Comment from Anonymous on Sep 08 2016

Yes -for Windows, click on All Programs, scroll down to IBM SPSS Statistics, and then double click on IBM SPSS Statistics 24. For Macs, click on the Applications folder ->IBM ->SPSS and then 24.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

tweets are everywhere. tweets are annoying. tweets are useless. tweets should disappear.
Comment from non-tweeter on Sep 07 2016

We're sorry you don't like our tweets. We use Twitter to highlight web content of interest to members of the IC community and to make timely announcements about new services, technical problems, etc. We also have Facebook and Instagram accounts, if those are more your thing.

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

Are you guys accepting applications for the Fall Semester for work yet? I'm a returning student and am aware of my schedule.
Comment from Shawn on Jun 20 2016


At this time, there are no open positions for the Fall Semester, but that may change.  You can monitor this page and like the Library on Facebook as we post openings there as well.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

First, Thank you guys for all you do and the hard work you put in to make the library great. I really appreciate the new charging station. When I lost my charger this semester the library's charging station really helped me out!!!! It saved me from time to time so thanks for innovating it!
Comment from anonymous on May 14 2016

We are glad to support student success - our Access Services Manager, Ben Hogben, suggested adding the charging station.  He is working with the Facilities folks to install an additional charging/power station this summer.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

How accessible is the campus Library? Walking or rolling through the building, what barriers exist? What accessibility barriers have been addressed, and what is on the list for the future?
Comment from Anonymous on May 13 2016

Accessibility for all campus buildings and services is managed by Student Accessibility Services .  Compliance with relevant federal regulations and law is overseen by the Office of Legal Counsel.   The Library provides accessible widths between stack ranges and desktop computers at appropriate heigths.  Restrooms have handicapped stalls on selected floors.  An elevator provides access to all floors in the Library, in addition to an elevator that connects the Whalen Center to the Library.  Modifications and upgrades to campus buildings are undertaken by the Office of Facilities which maintains a project list.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

The chairs are old and so uncomfortable
Comment from Anonymous on May 12 2016

We're sorry you coudln't find a comfortable spot, a familiar complaint to any library during these final weeks of the academic year.  You may notice we try to provide a variety of seating for users on all floors of our Library.  Assessing our furniture on a regular basis and practicing good stewardship we reuse, repair, and replace as needed and when we are able.

Answered by John Birk, Collections and Facility Supervisor

boy is this place busy, but with all the extension cords lining the floor, its tricky to walk around.
Comment from Anonymous on May 08 2016

Thank you for your comment. The Library will soon receive a charging station that we hope will assist with charging USB devices and laptops that require an outlet.

Answered by Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager

Why is the starbucks thing not open Sunday evening? Shame on you.
Comment from Suggestion box on May 03 2016

The Library Cafe is scheduled to be open Sunday evenings from 7 pm - midnight during the academic semester. Comments regarding cafe hours can be sent to Dining Services, in the Comments or Suggestions field.

Answered by Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager

The scanner in the music section on the third floor is not currently working. It is unable to scan materials because it is not recognizing flashdrives when they are inserted in the machine.
Comment from Anonymous on Apr 29 2016

Our poor scanner needs a little break from time to time. Powering it down for a minute or so, then restarting, did the trick.

Give it a try now -- and thanks for letting us know!



Answered by Kristina Shanton, Music Librarian

The "search everything" feature is working much better than when it was the Beta Search on the older format, however, I still feel that is misses items that can be found through searching databases directly. Are there intentions to better integrate all of the databases into this search? Also, I love the "My Shelf" feature!
Comment from Anonymous on Apr 29 2016

We're glad you like the search! It is a discovery layer, in library-speak.

You are correct that some of our content is available in our databases but isn't discoverable in Argos (the name of our service). Here's how things work in Argos: database publishers provide metadata to our vendor, Ex Libris. Our local catalog's metadata is also loaded into Argos. Here's the rub: not all database publishers will provide metadata to Ex Libris. This is especially true with EBSCO databases -- EBSCO has their own discovery layer, which makes them competitors.

We would love for ALL of our available resources to be discoverable in Argos. The library community (including us) continues to lobby publishers to get them to release their metadata for discovery.

P.S. Ooooh, glad you like the "My Shelf" feature, too. We would love to hear how you use it for your research!

Answered by Dan Taylor, Library Systems Specialist

Sorry, I liked the old library website much better.
Comment from senior on Apr 26 2016

We're sorry you don't like the new site. It would be great to hear your thoughts about the site in more detail. Are there features of the old site that you miss? Things on the new one that are hard to find? Feel free to email me directly.

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

Are you ordering any more extension cords? Or headphones? Or macbook chargers? They never seem to be available :(
Comment from Anonymous on Apr 25 2016

The items you mention are in high demand and see a lot of use. Three extension cords were recently added to our circulating collection. Additional headphones are on order. Consider checking out a Mac Book from the Circulation Desk. We have three Mac Books that can be checked out for six hours, and will soon be adding seven more Mac Books to our circulating collection.

Answered by Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager

Who ordered that book on the Metamorpheus of Fat? It is an insult to us oversized people. No, just kidding. Thanks for all your efforts in making this college's library collection diverse, useful, and challenging.
Comment from Anonymous on Apr 19 2016

One of our professional librarians selected this title for the collection.  From a review: This scholarly book "scrutinizes the obesity dilemma from medieval times to the present. Using evidence from letters/writings and etchings/paintings from the different ages".

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

The staff here is super chill. They're always helpful. Thanks guys!
Comment from Suggestion box on Apr 19 2016

You are welcome. Thanks so much for the positive feedback!

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

Hi- I know applicants are notified by the 29th, but do the multimedia student positions have an application deadline?
Comment from Anonymous on Apr 14 2016

In the past, I've been inundated with applications and thus  assumed that I would easily complete the process by the 29th.  However, that hasn't been the case this semester, so I will be accepting applications until all the positions are filled.  My hiring deadline is Friday, May 13.

Answered by Kelly Merritt, Multimedia Resources Manager

There isn't any soap in the women's bathroom on the 3rd floor.
Comment from Anonymous on Apr 14 2016

Thank you - we will contact Facilities.   

Answered by John Birk, Collections and Facility Supervisor

Can we get air freshener/spray in the bathrooms please? Pretty please?
Comment from Anonymous on Apr 13 2016

We will pass your request along to Facilities and the Custodial Services.

Answered by John Birk, Collections and Facility Supervisor

Hello! Undergrad senior here graduating in May, and I have just enrolled for the Fall as a grad student. Do you know how library borrowing works over the summer in that situation? Thanks
Comment from Anonymous on Apr 13 2016

Thank you for your question, and congratulations on your graduation this May.

Borrowing loan periods will remain the same over the summer. If you have further questions regarding library policies, feel free to write to, or call (607) 274-3206.

Answered by Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager

It is actually 80 degrees in the library right now according to multiple wall thermometers... Can you please make the library a more comfortable place to study and stay alert?
Comment from Anonymous on Apr 10 2016

We will try to contact Facilities, although there is most likely no one in their office until tomorrow morning.  We will most certainly follow up with them tomorrow if we are unable to resolve the issue today.

Answered by John Birk, Collections and Facility Supervisor

Stephen King: 'Books are a uniquely portable magic.'
Comment from library fan on Apr 08 2016

Great quote! Thank you!

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

Are you currently accepting applications for work even if it's not for this semester? If so, where would I find resources for that?
Comment from Anonymous on Apr 05 2016

We have a few openings for student positions in the summer and fall semesters. If you'd like to keep abreast of job opportunities at the Library as they become available, please "like" us on Facebook. Student jobs are always posted there as well as on the website.

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

There used to be an E-Waste Recycle Bin in the Library Lobby. It would be nice to have it back.
Comment from Anonymous on Apr 05 2016

The E-waste recycle bin has returned. You can find it on the Circulation Desk to the left of the Circulation staff.

Answered by Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager

I can't sign in to my regular library account. Neither IC username and password nor ID number and last name works.
Comment from Paul on Apr 05 2016

Talk to the Technology Student Worker at the Main Circulation Desk- they should be able to assist.  They can also consult with the DIIS Service Desk.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

Ron Gilmour you're my hero for defending Gaiman's quote and freedom of expression.
Comment from Jack on Mar 25 2016


Thanks for your comments - Ron is an information professional.  

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

Mr. Gaiman only means that the line between civilized people and the uncivilized is based on their love of free knowledge and the truth. Any offense taken based on the belief that Neil is insulting indigenous peoples or ancient tribes-people comes from a severe misreading of the quote. Read anything by Neil Gaiman and you will understand his admiration of cultures that did not reside in the comfort of walled cities with fascist armies. And he especially loves other culture's imaginations and stories. And frankly the state of what we consider "civilization" makes me wish I was a "Barbarian"
Comment from Conan the Librarian on Mar 23 2016

Let's hope that the "Great Gaiman Talkback Kerfuffle of 2016" encourages people to read the works of this talented author.

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

Thank you for defending free speech, even if it was just a simple quote.
Comment from Anonymous on Mar 15 2016

You're welcome! Thank you for your support.

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

The only thing better than the Neil Gaiman quote has been the library's response. I applaud you and your defense of free speech.
Comment from Anonymous on Mar 11 2016

Your support is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

Hey... if multiple people are uncomfortable with the use of 'barbarism' within the Neil Gaiman quote, the library's response has made me doubly so. Your rigid insistence of keeping what could be deemed a problematic quote....doesn't look great for the library or the people who run it. I urge you to consider who often holds outdated beliefs in spite of new evidence.
Comment from Anonymous on Mar 07 2016

It's interesting that none of the discussion, pro or con, of this quote has actually addressed its meaning, but has focused entirely on what some apparently consider a "bad word."

Mr. Gaiman's statement, made in the context of defending public libraries in Britain from budget cuts, speaks to the role of libraries as cultural institutions. He is saying that a society without libraries (or some means of preserving knowledge and making it available to others) is something less than "civilized."

The work of preserving knowledge often means that librarians have to defend our choices of what to preserve. A patron may decide that some book, DVD, or other material should simply not be available to the library's users. Books dealing with LGBT issues are often targeted by religious groups who apparently feel that library users must be protected from this knowledge. Some people who fancy themselves social progressives would see the works of Faulkner and Twain removed from collections for their use of "bad words" with reference to ethnicity.

These battles are most often fought in public libraries, but academic institutions can also be targeted by "those who know what's best for us" (to quote an old Rush lyric).

If we object to the word "barbarism" in one medium, why not others? Should we get rid of books that contain the word? A search on the word in our collections turns up over 2000 items. Which ones should go? I doubt that this is the intent of the person or persons who object to the quote, but it really is a "thin red line."

I hope that this explains our stance. For librarians, "multiple people [being] uncomfortable" is not a reason to remove something, but to defend it.

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

Poor Mr. Gaiman has unleashed quite a torrent of abuse for daring to use the word "barbarism," which apparently in our enlightened times no longer exists (though it sounds as if the complainants might feel it was valid when describing those who dare use it). As a graphic novelist, Mr. Gaiman is not shy of hyperbole. And certainly anyone familiar with the history of the word is aware that it has always expressed a prim disapproval of autre moeurs. Nevertheless what seems most barbaric about this issue is the attempt by some to censor the thoughts and words of others. These latter day Mrs. Grundys need to reflect on their need to purge the language and purify our thoughts.
Comment from Anonymous on Mar 05 2016

Nicely put.
Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too. - Voltaire

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

Comment from Anonymous on Mar 04 2016

This has been answered. See below.

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

More android chargers
Comment from Suggestion box on Mar 04 2016

There is an android charging station located to the right of the Circulation Desk, near the copier.


Answered by Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager

I enjoy the new design of the site. It's much more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate.
Comment from Anonymous on Feb 29 2016

We're very glad you're enjoying it. Thank you for letting us know!

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

A protractor (or 2!) would make a great addition to the other supplies that are available to patrons (tape, ruler, markers, etc).
Comment from Matt on Feb 28 2016

Thank you for the suggestion.

A protractor has been ordered and will be available at the Circulation Desk for a 6 hour loan period.

Answered by Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager

Wanted to submit some quotes that I thought could be cool for the library! “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”- Borges “The very existence of libraries affords the best evidence that we may yet have hope for the future of man”- Eliot
Comment from Anonymous on Feb 26 2016

The Borges quote is a classic! Thanks so much for submitting these.

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

Neil Gaiman is my favorite author. Here are some other quotes of his I'd like to recommend: Libraries are about freedom. Freedom to read, freedom of ideas, freedom of communication. “Books are the way that we communicate with the dead." "Our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming."
Comment from Anonymous on Feb 25 2016

Excellent! Thanks so much for submitting these.

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

Have you considered adding more whiteboard space to the study rooms on the 5th floor? I think they would prove most useful.
Comment from Anonymous on Feb 21 2016

Thanks for your suggestion - we will look into providing additional whiteboards to the small group study rooms on the 5th floor.

Answered by John Birk, Collections and Facility Supervisor

I do believe that Mr.Gaiman's quote is very out of place. Not because of the way it is being used on the site. But because the connotation behind the word "barbarianism" is deeply seeded in colonial expansion and segregation of many countries. Please reconsider this quotation by Ray Bradbury "Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future." Keeping in mind the past of ALL people are not the same in this nation.
Comment from Passionate International Student on Feb 18 2016

Thank you for writing. The Ray Bradbury quote has been added to the set of the rotating quotes.

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

Hello, it's me. Some of the outlets seem to be out of commission. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks so much!
Comment from Suggestion Box on Feb 16 2016

Please let me know where the outlets are located so we can direct the electricians.

Answered by John Birk, Collections and Facility Supervisor

The quote "libraries are the thin red line between civilization and barbarism", which occasionally runs along the home page of the library website, is completely unacceptable and should be removed. It's the 21st century, we don't need to promote that kind of language. What does that say about Ithaca College as an institution?
Comment from Concerned anthropology major on Feb 14 2016

Thank you for your interest in our website.

Libraries and Neil Gaiman are passionate advocates of freedom of speech and ideas. To remove Mr. Gaiman's words would be contrary to this position. Collecting and making available representations of diverse viewpoints is one of the core values of librarianship.

We will keep Mr. Gaiman's quote on the site, but invite you to offer suggestions for more quotes. These quotes should be shorter than 70 characters and should pertain to libraries, knowledge, or information. Please email suggestions to

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

Is it still possible to have a book pulled and held for you at the front desk? If so, how can I do it through the new website?
Comment from Anonymous on Feb 13 2016

We're happy to hold items for you at the desk. For the item you want, click on the "Locations" tab and select "Pickup/Delivery." You'll need to be logged in to use this service (but if you're not, you'll see a helpful reminder).

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

For the last 2 days, when I click on a database, and then click on a letter, i get an error message.
Comment from Hilary Greenberger on Jan 30 2016

Hi Hilary--thanks for writing. I'm not able to replicate this problem. You might try clearing your browser cache.

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

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Does the library have a collection of all the textbooks that are used for courses?

As a general rule, the Library does not collect textbooks for courses offered at the College. This is not because we are trying to make students' financial situations more challenging.  

During a typical academic year, there are approximately 2800 undergraduate and 450 graduate courses taught at IC. Using 3 texts as the average required for each course, this equals approximately 9750 books.  Also, textbooks tend to be frequently updated.

In recent academic years, the Library budget has allowed for the purchase approximately 5,800 new books and ebooks to support the current research needs of all departments and programs on campus.

We  do not have the funds to purchase current textbooks, while at the same time supporting student and faculty research needs.

Faculty sometimes place copies of textbooks or chapters from texts on reserve or ereserve.  If you’re not sure whether your professor has put your course’s textbook on reserve, search the Reserves site to see what is available.

Please note that, as academic libraries generally do not purchase textbooks, they are not available on interlibrary loan.   The IC Library does not fill Interlibrary Loan requests for textbooks in current use at the College.  

The Ithaca College Bookstore provides a rental service and sells textbooks.  Additional rental/purchase sites:




Amazon also rents textbooks as of Fall 2012.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot

I understand that the second and third floor of the library are designated as group study, however, every time I am in the library groups are so loud and disrespectful it drives me crazy. I realize the fourth and fifth floors are for quiet study, but I can barely hear my group discussing at a moderate volume on the lower levels. Is there any way to remind patrons that while the floor is group study, they should still try to keep the volume down to a respectable level? It would go a long way towards creating a more positive library environment.

Given the open nature of the library's architecture, noise levels are hard to manage. Try asking people to be quieter--this usually works. If it doesn't, please see a Library staff member, who will use his or her magical librarian shushing powers.

Answered by Ron Gilmour