Cited Reference Searching

Cited Reference Searching


Cited Reference Searching - Library Databases

Cited reference searching is a way of finding articles that have cited previously published research. Because many databases index each citation listed in a bibliography, it is possible to search the cited references.  You can follow a particular cited reference, or cited author, forward in time to find more current articles that have also cited that author or research.

Searching for cited references is useful to locate current research based on earlier research, see how a particular research topic is being used to support other research, track the history of a research topic, or to track the research of a particular researcher.

The method for doing a cited reference search varies slightly by database platform.   The standard cited author format is last name, first initial.  Some citations include the middle initial, so you may need to search both ways.  If you know the title of the article that you want to search for citations to, add it to your search.

EBSCO Databases

Click on the "Cited Reference" Link at the top of the search screen.  The following screen will appear.  From here, we can search for citations to the research of Dr. Gary Sforzo - entering his name as Sforzo, GA

The following screen will appear.  From here, we can search for citations to the research of Dr. Gary Sforzo - entering his name as Sforzo, GA

This search will produce a list of Dr. Sforzo's papers that have been subsequently cited in the SPORTDiscus database.  From here, you can choose an article of interest and click "Find Citing Articles" to see the papers that cite the one you have selected.  

Cited articles for selected article:

Google Scholar

Google Scholar enables you to do cited reference searching even if you do not have access to the Library's databases.  Once you find a known article in Google Scholar, you can see how many other subsequent articles have cited it.  Below are screenshots for a search for articles that cite Dr. Elia Kacapyr.  Note that one of Dr. Kacapyr's articles is available in full- text from the IC Library.

Clicking on the "Cited by" link will retrieve the articles that cite the article by Dr. Kacapyr.


ScienceDirect Database

Use the Pull-Down Menu of the Search Box to select  "References"


The Search Results indicate that three articles cite the original article by Dr. Mary DePalma.


ProQuest Research Library

From the advanced search screen, choose "Author-AU" in the drop down menu. After that selection the "Look up Authors" link appears (see 2nd box below). 
 Click "Add to Search" 
Back on the advanced search screen click Search.

If the article has been cited by other documents in ProQuest databases, Cited by (N) will appear below the citation.  Clicking on the "Cited by" will bring up a list of articles citing Dr. Gayeski.

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Ebsco Databases with Citation Searching

  • America: History & Life
  • Business Source Premier (Under "More" tab)
  • Communication & Mass Media Complete
  • Historical Abstracts
  • International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance
  • LGBT Life with Full Text
  • Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts
  • PsycINFO
  • SocIndex with Full Text (Under "More" tab)
  • SPORTDiscus with Full Text


PubMed covers bio-medical and life sciences journal articles. The citation count is the number of articles from within the collection of full text journals that citeyour article. Directions: Go to the PubMed database and click on the title to enter the database
  • Once in the database, put the article title and/or author in the search box
  • In the results list, click on the title for the item of interest
  • This will take you to the full record for the item; looking at the right-hand column, scroll the page down until you see the box labeled   "Cited by # PubMed Central Articles" (Note: if the right-hand column does not have the "Cited by" box, assume that no PubMed Central articles have cited this article.)
  • Each item in the "Cited by" list will be linked to its full record within PubMed; that record will provide a link to the full text.