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Reviews of Ransom:

"Doing Battle for Troy over Homer's Ghosts"  [The Australian, 2009]

"Epic Endeavors"  [New Yorker, 2010] 

"Troy Story"  [New York Times Book Review, 2010]  [PDF]

"Classic Case of Nobility Meeting Reality"  [New York Times, 2010]

"Ransom"  [Antipodes, 2010]  [PDF]

"In Ransom, a Look at the Gentler Men of Troy"  [Washington Post, 2010]

"Priam's Petition"  [Weekly Standard, 2010]

"The Wrath of Achilles: What The Iliad, a poem nearly 3,000 years old, can still tell us about the heroism, camaraderie and misery of war"  [The Guardian, 2010]

Interviews and Lectures:

"Interview with David Malouf"  [Australian Literary Studies, 2010]  [click PDF link at left]

"David Malouf" (Interviewed by Colm Toibin)  [Bomb, 2007]

"Public Dreaming"  [Kenyon Review, 2002]  [PDF]

"A Writing Life: The 2000 Neustadt Lecture"  [World Literature Today]  [PDF]

Boyle Lectures: sponsored by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, this annual lecture series is presented by "a prominent Australian" invited "to present their ideas, and the results of his or her work and thinking on major social, scientific or cultural issues." In 1998 David Malouf presented six lectures on national identity.

Selected Criticism (before Ransom):

"Charismatic Masculinity in David Malouf's Fiction"  [Australian Literary Studies, 2010]  [click PDF link at left]

"Encomium: David Malouf"  [World Literature Today, 2000]  [PDF]

"Reimagining the Remembered: David Malouf and the Moral Implications of Myth"  [World Literature Today, 2000]  [PDF]

"The Bread of Time to Come: Body and Landscape in David Malouf's Fiction"   [World Literature Today, 2000]  [PDF]

David Malouf Audio/Video

David Malouf's Ransom: Transcript and audio download of TheBookShow interview on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

David Malouf on Ransom: A talk at a Brisbane bookshop in 5 YouTube video segments: one, two, three, four, five.

David Malouf on Ransom: YouTube video of a talk at the University of New South Wales.

Homer & the Classical World: Books/Media

Note: The following links run Subject searches in the IC Library catalog. 

Greek literature--History and criticism
Greek poetry--History and criticism
Epic poetry, Greek--History and criticism
Achilles (Greek mythology) in literature
Trojan War--Literature and the war
Troy (Extinct city)
Homer--Criticism and interpretation
Homer. Iliad
Homer. Iliad--Criticism and interpretation
Homer--Philosophy  [Jasper Griffin's Homer on Life and Death--excellent on the Iliad]
Mythology, Greek
Rites and ceremonies--Greece
Philosophy, Ancient
Greece--Civilization--To 146 B.C.
Greece--History, Military
Military art and science--Greece--History
Greece--Politics and government--To 146 B.C.
Greece--Social life and customs
Greece--Social conditions--To 146 B.C.

In addition to our print editions of the Iliad, you can read or dip into what many still consider the best English translation by Richard Lattimore from Northwestern University's Chicago Homer.  This provides the Greek original and Lattimore translation side by side and can be accessed by book and line.  Choose The Iliad at the top left.

From the Twayne's Author Series database we have access to a Homer volume full text online (log-in required). Note that there are three chapters here on the Iliad.  These supply some very basic commentary.

Iliad: Articles

(A selection of articles, most focusing on Iliad XXIV and the ransom episode)

"The Trojan War: Is There Truth behind the Legend?"  [Near Eastern Archaeology, 2002]

"The Interpretation of a Theme in Oral Epic: 'Iliad' 24.559-70"  [Greece & Rome, 1986]  [PDF]

"The Politeness of Achilles: Off-Record Conversation Strategies in Homer and the Meaning of "Kertomia""  [Journal of Hellenic Studies, 2004]

"Threptra and Invincible Hands: The Father-Son Relationship in Iliad 24" (link to PDF at upper right)  [Arethusa, 2002]

"Morality and Virtue In Poetry and Philosophy: A Reading of Homer's Iliad XXIV"  [Humanitas, 2003]  [PDF]

"The iliad as Ethical Thinking: Politics, Pity, and the Operation of Esteem"  [Aresthusa, 2002]

"The Simile of the Fugitive Homicide, Iliad 24.480–84" (link to PDF at upper right) [American Journal of Philology, 1998]

"The Cultural Construction of Chance in the Iliad"  [Arethusa, 1998]

Ransom by David Malouf


Selected Web Resources

David Malouf:
  • David Malouf: from the Postcolonial Web, most of these topic categories are awaiting content, but there are some linked essays.

Homer's Iliad:
  • Iliad Homepage: from Walter Englert in the Classics Department at Reed College.  Provides a good, short orientation.
  • Homer's Iliad: a guide from Roger Dunkle, a classicist at  Brooklyn College. Also see his glossary of names and terms from Homer.
  • Perseus Digital Library: from Tufts, use this advanced search page to trace Homer' s characters across primary texts from classical Greece and Rome.  Also see the Perseus Encyclopedia entry for Homer.


For literary research see my English Literature & Language guide and for more resources on the Greeks see my Athens and the Ancient World guide.

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