Alumni Resources

Alumni Resources

Dear Alumni:

We have developed this website to provide information about library resources and services tailored to the interests of you, our alumni.


I invite you to travel back in time and revisit your years in the "downtown" and "South Hill" eras through three special collections: search the historical issues of the Ithacan; view images of buildings, events, and people at the College from 1950 to the early 1970's, in the C. Hadley Smith Collection.  Dr. Mary Arlin, Emerita Professor of Music History, Theory, and Composition provides narration for two video versions of her popular historical tour of Ithaca College in the downtown era: Downtown Campus Part One and Downtown Campus Part Two

We welcome gifts from alumni and friends that allow the library to add to our collections and enhance our facility. For example, the Collaborative Study rooms on the 5th floor, funded through the Senior Class of 2005 gift, are a much-used resource.  The Class of 2011 gift allowed the Library to open an expanded Digital Media Center, where students are able to individually edit multimedia projects, practice and refine presentations, and work collaboratively on course projects.   

I hope that you find these resources useful and engaging. Thanks for your interest in the Ithaca College Library.

Lisabeth Chabot
College Librarian

Special Collections

The Ithaca College Archives has a number of special collections that might be of interest to alumni:


Chadwick Image Project

Between 1914 and the early 1920s, Archelaus D. Chadwick (known as "Arch") was the production designer and set designer for the Wharton motion picture studio based in Ithaca. From 1925 until his retirement in 1939, Chadwick was a Professor in the Theater Department at Ithaca College. The Library has an online collection of digitized images of Wharton stage sets that Chadwick designed.


Theses at IC

The Ithaca College Library maintains a collection of theses submitted by IC students.

 Search for Masters Theses - Occupational Therapy 
 Search for Masters Theses - Occupational Therapy 
 Search for Masters Theses - Music 
 Search for Masters Theses - Communications 

The Library has an ongoing project to digitize all previously submitted theses.  Beginning in 2012, the Library transitioned to student submission of theses in PDF format for posting online.  The theses are linked it the catalog and also searchable at the Digitial Commons@IC site.   The Commons also includes undergraduate honors theses.

IC Electronic Theses - Occupational Therapy

IC Electronic Theses - Exercise and Sport Sciences

IC Electronic Theses - Music

Digital Commons

The Digital Commons @IC is our institutional repository for the scholarship produced by Ithaca College faculty, staff, and students.  Content is being added on an ongoing basis.  Real-time usage data is provided.  

Smith Images

Phi Mu Alpha trombone players performing "Lassus Trombones", Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY, group picture, taken May 18, 1968.  Photo courtesy of C. Hadley Smith Collection

IC Then and Now Video Project

The Library has created a series of short videos that focus on "Ithaca College - Then and Now" - each video combines current video footage of campus buildings interspersed with historical images.

Our first video celebrates the 50th anniversary of the construction of the Campus Center.

School of Music - Concert & Recital Programs

Browse the Concert & Recital Programs Collections:
You can view all programs scanned to date, or view by performance type.  All categories can also be browsed by year.

All Concert & Recital Programs

Ensemble Concerts

Faculty Recitals

Guest Artists


Special Events

Student Recitals

Research Tools

The Ithaca College Library has selected a group of online resources for our alumni:

IC Library Alumni Databases   We're not able to provide remote access to subscription databases other than those listed on this webpage due to licensing agreements with the publishers which limit such access to current students, faculty and staff. 

JSTOR, the not-for-profit digital library of thousands of academic journals and other content, offers the archives of more than 1,200 journals for limited reading by the public. This is part of JSTOR’s experimental program Register & Read (, in which people can sign up for a JSTOR account and, every two weeks, read up to three articles online for free.

See also the Library's Research Guide on Open Educational Resources

Several states provide access to selected online resources. Contact your state library or local public library for more information. For example, the NOVELny project (New York Online Virtual Electronic Library) provides New York state residents with online access to a group of full-text databases. Connect to NOVELny resources via your local public library, using your library card, NY State Driver's License, or obtain a card from the New York State Library.

The New York Public Library has extensive print, media, and online collections.  Any person who lives, works, attends school or pays property taxes in New York State is eligible to receive a New York Public Library card free of charge.   After successfully applying for a card, you can download eNYPL content, remotely search Library databases, or reserve a computer. 


Library Policies

Ithaca College Alumni are welcome to become Library Affiliates and borrow selected materials from the Library's Collections.

For people considering making a gift to the Ithaca College Library, the Library has developed a Gifts-in-Kind Policy in collaboration with the Office of Institutional Advancement.