Finding Articles

Research Steps 2

You Know the Article You Are Looking For

If you have a good citation for the article, finding it will usually be pretty easy. The first thing to try would be just pasting the citation into the main IC Library search box or Google Scholar. If you only have the citation in print, typing in the article title (use quotation marks) should find it. If the article title isn't very distinctive, you might include the author's last name as well.

Pro tip: If you use Google Scholar, go there through a link on the Library's web site (e.g., the Databases page). This ensures that you can access the full text of any articles that are in journals to which the Library subscribes.

1. Reference to a known article
2. Search the title from the Library's web page.
3. Find the entry for the article in the Library database.
4. Click through to the full text of the article.

If you try searching with the IC Library search and Google Scholar and still don't find it, it's probably time to ask a librarian.

You Need Articles on a Given Subject

Many times, all you know is that you need articles on a particular subject. To find articles, you will need to search in library databases.

The key is finding the right database for your subject area. If you already know the database that you need, you can go straight to it through the A-Z list on the Databases page (e.g., click "S" for ScienceDirect).

Detail from the databases page

If you don't know which database to use, try the main IC Library search or Google Scholar.

If you are searching for information in a highly specialized subject area (e.g., health sciences, music), you may find that you need a subject-specific database. Try using the Best Bets tool on the Databases page or consult one of our research guides for database recommendations.

You Found a Linked Article in a Database

In the main IC Library search, just clicking on the article title will usually get you to the full text. You'll often see a frame on the right which includes sources to try for full text if the automatic one didn't work out.

Most other library databases will include "Get It" links that allow you to easily check to see if the Library has access to the article you're interested in.

Clicking on "Get It" will open a new window with information about the IC Library's access to the article. If you're lucky, you'll see the full text of the article right away.

If you're not so lucky, you'll see the following message, with an invitation to try Interlibrary Loan.