Frequently Asked Questions

FAQS: Circulation

Alumni have a $15 per semester print allowance. Additional funds may be added through ID Express.

Unbound periodicals and non-barcoded items do not circulate.
Reference books, bound periodical volumes, and other non-circulating materials may only be borrowed after obtaining special permission from the Research Help Desk or the Music Center Desk.

For more information, see the Special Permissions policy located on the Library's Circulation Policy page


To be notified upon an item's return:
  1. Locate the item you want from the library search box.
  2. Click Sign in for full features and results.
  3. Select the Locations tab.
  4. Click on Recall.
  5. Select appropriate Pickup Location. (Books/score from Circulation ; CDs/DVDs from Multimedia)
  6. Click the Recall icon.
If more than one person places a recall request, a queue is created.  The number of current requests is displayed in the catalog along with the due date.

Recalled books and scores will be due back on the original due date or 3 weeks from inital loan date, whichever occurs first.  Due to the shorter loan periods, the due date for multimedia materials will not be adjusted.

Printing from personal laptops is not available at this time. You can upload your document to, select lucida/webprint-library and then print from the Library's Release Station, located to the right of the Circulation Desk.
New York CPLR 4509 prohibits library staff from releasing Library records, which contain names or other personally identifying details regarding the users of the college, including but not limited to records related to the circulation of library materials . 

This information can only be disclosed upon request or consent of the user.  So, a student will need to grant the library permission in advance, before the library will release his/her account information.
Credit cards are not accepted at this time, however, money may be transferred from a credit card to ID Express at, and then paid at the Circulation Desk.
The Library has a collection of audiobooks on CD and Playaway format (MP3 player).  Each Playaway title includes an audio cord for use in your car.
As a general rule, the Library does not collect textbooks for courses offered at the College. This is not because we are trying to make students' financial situations more challenging.  

During a typical academic year, there are approximately 2800 undergraduate and 450 graduate courses taught at IC. Using 3 texts as the average required for each course, this equals approximately 9750 books.  Also, textbooks tend to be frequently updated.

In recent academic years, the Library budget has allowed for the purchase approximately 5,800 new books and ebooks to support the current research needs of all departments and programs on campus.

We  do not have the funds to purchase current textbooks, while at the same time supporting student and faculty research needs.

Faculty sometimes place copies of textbooks or chapters from texts on reserve or ereserve.  If you’re not sure whether your professor has put your course’s textbook on reserve, search the Reserves site to see what is available.

Please note that, as academic libraries generally do not purchase textbooks, they are not available on interlibrary loan.   The IC Library does not fill Interlibrary Loan requests for textbooks in current use at the College.  

The Ithaca College Bookstore provides a rental service and sells textbooks.  Additional rental/purchase sites:
Amazon (also rents textbooks)
BookSpot: Textbooks
Open Access Textbooks
OpenStax College
The Saylor Foundation has opened its Media Library to the public, providing thousands of open educational resources, videos, articles, and full-length textbooks.
You can find the due date for any item by looking at its record in the catalog.

By logging into your Library Account, you can see the due dates of items you have borrowed.
  • Check, money order, or ID Express at the Circulation Desk.
  • Cash may be added to your ID Express acccount using the Value Added machine, which is located to the right of the copiers on the main floor.
  • Unpaid fines/fees are automatically billed to the Office of Student Financial Services after 30 days. All charges are non-refundable after this point.  Transfers may be initiated earlier upon request.
  • IC Affiliate and Staff fines/fees not paid within 30 days will be sent to Financial Services for collection at which point they will be non-refundable.
See our Circulation Policy page which provides detailed information on loan periods for patron and material types.

There are approximately 75 desktop PCs in the Library. 21 laptops, 2 Mac Books and 2 iPads can be borrowed for 6-hour use in the Library.  Laptops can be checked out at the Circulation Desk.  We also check out cords to connect laptops with power outlets.  The desktop PCs are located in the following areas:

  • on the 3rd floor - along the north (Lake) side
  • in the Multimedia Listening area
  • clustered around the pillars on the Main (2nd) Floor
Students may renew library-owned books, music scores and multimedia materials twice if the item(s) has not been recalled.

If an item has been renewed twice and is still needed, please contact staff at either the Circulation or Multimedia Services Desk.

See the Circulation Policy for more information.
All E-reserves are now accessed via Sakai. Users log-in with their Netpass e-mail username and password. 
If you are faculty, staff, student or retiree, the interlibrary loan department can scan the article and send you a link via your Ithaca College e-mail account.

To request an article, log in to your Interlibrary Loan account and select Journal Article from the left side bar.
Yes, the replacement cost will be credited to your library account for materials not yet billed to the Office of Student Financial Services.  Once transfered, all fines and fees are not refundable.  Lost or overdue items remain the property of the Ithaca College Library and must be returned if subsequently located.
If you need a reserve book or a laptop that is currently checked out, the Circulation Desk can send you a cell phone text message when the item becomes available. You may request this service at the Circulation Desk.
The Library will no longer charge students overdue fines for library-owned books, music scores and laptops.

Overdue fines are charged for:
*Interlibrary loan items
*Multimedia items
*Recalled and special permission items

Items not returned within fourteen days of their due dates are charged the replacement cost; hourly loan items, such as laptops, are billed one day after their due dates. The replacement cost is waived if the item is returned within thirty days. After that time, charges are sent to the Office of Student Financial Services and are non-refundable.
For more information, please see the Circulation Policy.
Faculty retain their college ID when they retire and may borrow books and media upon presenting the ID at the Circulation or Multimedia Desk.
Retired staff may apply for an Affiliate Borrower Card.

Retirees may access library databases, where permitted by the terms of vendor contracts, using their Netpass username and password.
The Circulation Desk has external USB CD/DVD drives, which may be borrowed for seven days.
Reorder the item through your interlibrary loan account.

1. Log in to your interlibrary loan account.

2. Click on the Transaction Number

3. Click on Clone Request at the top of the page

4. Click on Submit Request at the bottom of the page

The Interlibrary loan office will notify you via e-mail when the item arrives. Please return the first item on or before the due date to avoid fines/fees.
You can also request that the Library purchase the item for its collection by filling out a Recommend a Purchase form.

Questions? Contact the Interlibrary loan Borrowing Coordinator
Recall option will display for items Checked Out:
An item request will be placed in a queue and an e-mail notification will be sent when the item is availble for pickup ; items are held for 3 days.

Pickup/Delivery option will display for Available items:   
Click on this option to have an item retrieved from the library stacks and held for you at the Circulation or Multimedia desk as appropriate; items are held for 3 days.

NOTE: faculty may request items to be delivered by entering the department office in the Comments field.

Books and score are delivered Monday - Friday during regular business hours ; multimedia materials are delivered Monday-Friday at 8:30am.
Please report the damaged book to the Circulation Desk.  If pages are missing and there is no second copy or similar edition, try borrowing a copy using Interlibrary Loan
The item has a bibliographic record but no holdings nor physical item. Please ask for assistance at the Research Help Desk. The item can also be requested through interlibrary loan.
The item has recently been ordered from a vendor. You may request e-mail notification once the item has been received by filling out a Notify Me On Arrival form. Or, a copy can be requested through interlibrary loan.
The item is being reviewed by bindery staff. You may submit a Rush Cataloging Request, or request a copy through interlibrary loan.
The item was purchased and has been received; it is awaiting Acquisitions processing. To speed up processing, use a Rush Cataloging Form, available on the right side bar from the on-line catalog.
The item was not found on the shelf. When a Trace form is submitted, Library staff will look for the item for four weeks. If it is not immediately found, another copy can be requested through interlibrary loan.
An item has been checked out and not returned. If the item is needed, another copy can be requested through interlibrary loan
Have you already renewed your materials? Remember that students can renew IC Library materials online twice, even if they are already overdue.

If you've already renewed, reply to the courtesy/overdue email and let us know the situation. We'll do our best to help you upon reviewing the situation.

Renewal limits and fines will waived in the case of a verifiable family or individual health emergency, or a required appearance in a court of law in accordance with Ithaca College's Attendance Policy.
Full text articles may be available from the Library's web site. Click on Article Quick Search and search by keyword.

Journal articles and book chapters may be requested through Interlibrary loan; you will be sent an e-mail with a link to the PDF.

If a book from the Library's collection is needed, send e-mail to along with the title of the item, your name, and current address.

If a book is needed that is not in the Library's collection, please contact the Research Help Desk for assistance.

Due to licensing agreements, material in DVD or CD formats must be checked out at the Ithaca College Library. Please contact the Research Help Desk for assistance with media needs.

* Bluetooth keyboard
* Calculators
* Dell laptops
* External CD/DVD drive
* External microphones
* Headphones/Headsets
* HD video camera/recorders - 7 day loan
* iPads (geneation 1 and 2)
* iPad chargers
* Mac books
* Power strips/extension cords
* USB web cam
* VGA monitor cables
With the exception of the Popular Reading shelves near the entrance of the library, works of fiction are filed with books of poetry, drama, and other works of literature in the P's on the 5th floor. If you're searching for a particular novel or works by a particular author, try searching the online catalog by title or author.

The Popular Reading Collection includes current novels and a collection of Playaways; spoken-word books on an MP3 player, which includes an audio cord for use in the car.
Yearbooks are in the Ithaca College Archives . The Archives has yearbooks (the Cayugan) and the Ithaca Conservatory of Music, from the 1920s through 2005. Yearbooks have not been published since 2005. These items do not circulate. To view these items, please call the Archives at (607) 274-3096, or e-mail for specific hours.
The Library has a color scanner/copier located on the main floor, to the right of the Circulation Desk. There is also a scanner/copier on the 3rd floor in the middle of the music stacks. Both scan to a flash drive, which may be borrowed at the Circulation Desk. Finally, there is a flatbed scanner in the Digital Media Center, located on the 3rd floor of the Library.

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