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FAQS: Interlibrary Loan

ILL cannot be used to borrow required course textbooks.  Please check the IC Bookstore. 

Lending Libraries determine the due date for items we borrow and typically will not grant a full semester loan.  
If you are looking for articles to request through Interlibrary Loan, or don't have enough time to request ILL materials, check with a librarian at the Research Help Desk.  

Librarians can help find alternative resources that may be available at the IC library.  
Though Cornell is nearby, they receive a large number of requests which means that it may take a while for them to process our ILL requests.  The ILL staff knows which lending libraries have the best turn-around times.  

Typically, the ILL department will contact Cornell if there are not other libraries in the area that have the item you need.  
Here are some pointers for finding out whether your article is in English (by database provider or Database): 


  • Most EBSCO databases will have the Language of the Article listed in the record for the item: 
  • Look for the field Language: Look for a field called

Proquest (MILAIB, Research Library)

  • Records in Proquest Databases will also tell what the language of the item is.  Look for "Notes" or "Language of Publication"
Look for Notes or Language of Publication


  • When in Pubmed, Foreign Language articles are often surrounded by brackets [...] with the language of the article displayed below in brackets.
    In pubmed, look for Brackets and language listed under title.


  • In Worldcat, the Language field can sometimes be lost, but it is usually listed somewhere under the title: 

    Look for a Language Field

Still need help?

Try contacting the Research Help Desk!
Your log-in information is your Ithaca College Netpass username and password. Once you log in, a registration page will appear where you fill out your contact information. After submitting the form, the Main Menu will appear and you will be able to request materials.
Many of the databases at Ithaca College allow you to limit your search by language.  

Each Database is a little different, but you can look for terms like "Search Options" or "Search Limits".  These sections will often give the option to select a language.  

EBSCO databases have a lot of variety between each database.  CINAHL (first) and PsychINFO (second) are somewhat different in terms of limiting to English only.  

Look for the English Language option on the Left hand side

Look for Language under the Search Options section.  This method is fairly uniform from database to database.  

The easiest way to do a search including English only articles is by performing an advanced search.  Choose Language from the first drop down, and then enter your search terms in the other boxes.  

Underneath the search boxes, Worldcat has a language option.  Select English (or your preferred language) from the dropdown.    

Your Database not listed here?  Need more help?  
Contact the Research Help Desk!
  • Go to the Library Website 
  • Click on the Login drop down at the top right hand corner of the page
  • Click on ILL AccountLogin using Login drop down
  • Use your NETPASS username & password to login
  • If it is your first time logging in, please fill out some basic information
You can also log in here.
  • Log into your ILL Account
  • Look for the "To RENEW" section in the center of the page
  • Click on the Transaction Number you want to renew
  • Click on the red "Renew Request" Link
  • There should be a message at the top of the page that indicates what the new date is
What happens next?
  • The due date given is temporary until the lending library responds; they may approve or deny the renewal.
  • Once notification is received fromt he lending library, an e-mail is sent to you confirming or denying the renewal.
  • If the renewal is denied the item will be due on its original due date.  
  • If the original due date has passed and the renewal is denied, the item must be returned within 24 hours of the e-mail notification to avoid overdue fines.  
Log in to your Interlibrary Loan account. Use the Journal Article request form and enter the chapter in the article title field.  Sometimes the lending library will opt to send the entire book. If the book does not circulate, the lending library may send a PDF copy of the chapter.
  • Articles are posted to your ILL account for 45 days and do not need to be returned.
  • Due dates for materials on loan vary and are assigned by the lending library. The due date is on the book strap of the item. Items not renewed or returned by their due dates may be charged the replacement cost after fourteen days.
  • ILL items may be recalled at any time by the lending library.

Articles take anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks depending on how obscure the item is and how many libraries own the journal title.

Books take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks, for the same reasons.

For an idea of how many libraries own an item, do a search in the Worldcat database and click on the "Libraries world wide that own item" link. You may also ask for assistance from interlibrary loan staff, at the Circulation Desk or the Research Help Desk located on the main floor of the Library.

  • Requests are processed Monday through Friday between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, except when the library is closed during holidays or breaks.
  • Most articles arrive within 3 business days, however they may take longer if we have difficulty finding a lending library
  • Most items take anywhere for 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on the lending library
  • You may place any number of requests at one time; however ILL will only process up to 5 item requests per patron per day during peak times of the semester.
  • We cannot order multiple copies of a single title for classroom use nor can we order ILL materials for placement on reserve.
  • There is a limit of 15 ILL items at a time for undergraduate students; there is no limit for ILL items for faculty/staff/graduate students.
ILL is a service provided at no charge.  

Phone: (607) 274-3891
If you are faculty, staff, student or retiree, the interlibrary loan department can scan the article and send you a link via your Ithaca College e-mail account.

To request an article, log in to your Interlibrary Loan account and select Journal Article from the left side bar.
If your ILL account is blocked, please contact the ILL Department: 

Phone: 607-274-3891
Reorder the item through your interlibrary loan account.

1. Log in to your interlibrary loan account.

2. Click on the Transaction Number

3. Click on Request Again at the top of the page

4. Click on Submit Request at the bottom of the page

The Interlibrary loan office will notify you via e-mail when the item arrives. Please return the first item on or before the due date to avoid fines/fees.
You can also request that the Library purchase the item for its collection by filling out a Recommend a Purchase form.

Questions? Contact the Interlibrary loan Borrowing Coordinator
The borrower who requests an item is responsible for checking out and returning, or renewing, an item on or before the due date.

The borrower is responsible for all charges resulting from returning an item overdue, and from damage to or loss of ILL materials.   

  • Overdue fines for students are $5 a day with a maximum fine of $50. Fines are $5 per day to strongly encourage the expedited return of borrowed materials and to maintain our positive relations with lending libraries.
  • There is a $10 processing fee if the book strap is not returned with the book. Book straps contain important documentation that is needed to process and return ILL materials to the lending libraries.
  • After an item is 14 days overdue, it will be updated as "lost" in the library system. Patrons will be charged for the replacement cost of their items(s) as determined by the lending library and their ILL privileges will be blocked until the item has been returned, or the replacement cost paid.
Books, scores & journal articles for academic or professional research that are not available through the Ithaca College Library collection.

Audiovisual materials (CDs,DVDs, etc.) and new books can be requested, but may be difficult to obtain as many libraries are unwilling to loan.  
Awaiting customer contact means that your interlibrary loan item has arrived and is being processed in the interlibrary loan system. You should soon receive an e-mail indicating that the item is availabe for pick-up.
The item has recently been ordered from a vendor. You may request e-mail notification once the item has been received by filling out a Notify Me On Arrival form. Or, a copy can be requested through interlibrary loan.
Libraries may seach the OCLC Policies Directory for information on borrowing from the Ithaca College Library. Libraries that do not have access to OCLC may view the lending policy here.
  • When your ILL material arrives, notification will be sent to your Ithaca College e-mail account.
  • You will receive a courtesy notice seven days and then one day before an item is due. The due date can also be found on the book strap or by logging into your Library account.
  • When an ILL is overdue, you will receive a notice. Non-receipt of a notice is not cause for waiving fees.
  • When your ILL material arrives, notification will be sent to you Ithaca College e-mail account
  • You will receive a courtesy notice seven days and then one day before an item is due. The due date can also be found on the book strap or by logging into your ILL account.
  • When your ILL is overdue, you will receive a notice. Non-receipt of a notice is not cause for waiving fees.
  • The interlibrary loan department will periodically send question e-mails and end of the semester reminders.  Please answer any questions as soon as possible to facilitate a quick turn-around time.  
Books & other Materials: Pick up at the library's Circulation Desk on the main floor during library open hours.

Articles & Book chapters: Will be delivered electronically to your ILL account in PDF format. 

Delivery notifications are sent when materials are ready for pick-up or retrieval.  
This service is available to Ithaca College faculty, retired faculty, staff and students

Alumni and Ithaca College affiliate borrowers must request ILL items through their public library.  

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