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Crime . . .

Crime--United States
Criminal behavior--United States
Criminal behavior, Prediction of
Crime prevention--United States
Criminal investigation--United States
Police--United States
Police questioning--United States
Police psychology
Police-community relations
Police brutality--United States
Criminal anthropology
Crime--Sociological aspects--United States
Crime and race--United States
Crime--United States--Public opinion
Fear of crime--United States
Organized crime--United States
Mafia--United States

International offenses
Transnational crime Illegal aliens--United States
War crimes
Crimes against humanity
Human rights
Drug control--United States
Drug traffic--United States
Drugs--Law and legislation--United States
Narcotics, Control of United States
Heroin industry
Cocaine industry--Latin America
Crack (Drug)--United States
Marijuana--Law and legislation--United States
Drug abuse--Government policy--United States
Drug abuse and crime--United States
Drug legalization--United States

Juvenile delinquency--United States
Juvenile delinquents--Rehabilitation--United States
Gangs--United States

Firearms and crime--United States   [Firearms overlaps with gun control]
Firearms industry and trade--United States
Firearms--Law and legislation--United States
Firearms ownership--United States
Firearms--Social aspects--United States
Gun control--United States
Gun control--United States--Public opinion

Violence--United States
Violence United States Prevention
Violent crimes--United States
Violent crimes--United States--Prevention
Terrorism--United States
Terrorism--Prevention--Government policy--United States
Homicide--United States
Assault and battery
Hate crimes--United States
Libel and slander--United States
Extortion--United States
Human trafficking
Offenses against property--United States
Robbery--United States
Drunk driving--United States
Drinking and traffic accidents--United States
Sex crimes--United States
Prostitution--United States
Rape--United States
Family violence--United States   [used for Domestic violence]
Family violence--Law and legislation--United States
Family violence--United States--Prevention
Women--Crimes against--United States
Wife abuse--United States
Abused women--Legal status, laws, etc.--United States
Sexual harassment of women--United States
Sexual harassment--Law and legislation--United States
Restraining orders--United States
Children Crimes against
Children--Crimes against--United States
Child sexual abuse
Child sexual abuse--United States
Child sexual abuse--United States--Prevention
Sexually abused children--United States
Abused children--Legal status, laws, etc.--United States
Child prostitution--Thailand
Sex offenders--Psychology
Sex offenders--Rehabilitation
Child molesters--Legal status, laws, etc.--United States
Sex offenders -- United States -- Registers   [no items in IC collection]
Criminal registers--United States
Criminal records -- United States   [no items in IC collection]
Privacy, Right of--United States

White collar crimes--United States
Corporations--Corrupt practices--United States
Commercial crimes--United States
Insider trading in securities
Tax evasion--United States
Fraud--United States
Piracy (Copyright)--United States
Computer hackers
Computer crimes
Identity theft--United State
Copyright--Music--United States
Intellectual property--United States
Medical personnel--Malpractice--United States
Discrimination in employment--Law and legislation--United States

Victims of crimes
Victims of crimes--United States
Victims of crimes--Legal status, laws, etc.

. . . and Punishment

Criminal justice, Administration of--United States
Criminal law--United States
Criminal courts--United States
International criminal courts
International Criminal Court

Punishment--United States
Sentences (Criminal procedure)--United States
Prison sentences--United States
Punishment in crime deterrence
Mandatory sentences   [“three strikes” laws]
Recidivism--United States
Plea bargaining--United States

Juvenile justice, Administration of--United States
Juvenile courts--United States
Juvenile corrections--United States
Juvenile detention homes--United States
Reformatories--United States

Corrections--United States
Corrections--Contracting out--United States    [privatized prisons]
Correctional institutions--United States
Imprisonment--United States
Solitary confinement--United States 
Prisons--United States
Prisons--United States--History
Prison administration--United States
Prison psychology
Prison violence--United States
Prisoners--United States
Prisoners--Legal status, laws, etc.--United States
Criminals--Rehabilitation--United States
Criminals--United States
Criminal psychology
Political prisoners--United States
Prisoners of war--Cuba--Guantánamo Bay Naval Base
Torture--United States

Alternatives to imprisonment--United States
Probation--United States
Parole--United States
Fines (Penalties)
Community service (Punishment)
Restorative justice
Reparation (Criminal justice)
Compensation (Law)--United States

Discrimination in criminal justice administration--United States
Discrimination in juvenile justice administration--United States
Racial profiling in law enforcement--United States
Crime and race--United States
Equality before the law--United States

Capital punishment
Capital punishment--Moral and ethical aspects
Capital punishment--United States
Capital punishment--United States--History
Discrimination in capital punishment--United States

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Crime and punishment covers a wide range of topics, and like jury pools, the IC database pool is deep. Rather than flounder, begin by questioning the usual suspects at my

Web Resources

Recommended Web Sites


Criminal Justice Resources: From Michigan State University Libraries, the best issues-based gateway site to crime and punishment resources on the Web.  Comprehensive.

Public Policy Issues and Groups: From Vanderbilt University, a good gateway to online resources across a wide spectrum of public policy issues, including many crime and punishment topics.

The Redwood Highway "contains links from and about the world that deal with the nature, extent, control, and prevention of crime:" A good gateway from the Department of Criminal Justice Studies at Sonoma State University.  

Carnegie Mellon's Heinz College of Public Policy: Working Papers: Criminal justice, with a special emphasis on drug-related crime.  Scroll down for the links.

National White Collar Crime Center: Look under "Research" for "Papers, Publications, Reports."  Free registration required for full text.

Think Tanks:

Pew Research Center: The Pew Research Center conducts nonpartisan public opinion polling and social science research and is an outstanding resource for social issues and public policy information. Use the “Topic Index"--see "Legal"--and the “Projects of the Center” to navigate--as well as the “Site Search.”

Brookings Institute: Topics: Another leading think tank, sometimes characterized as liberal, with information on a wide range of social/political issues.  Click on "Show All Topics" and note "Crime and Criminal Justice" under Social Issues.

Cato Institute: Law and Civil Liberties: Libertarian/conservative think tank.

Rand Corporation: Topics: A gateway to the topics Rand designates as vital to public policy debate. Scroll down to "Corrections" or "Criminal Justice" or "Criminal Law."


Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics: Well-organized statistics.  

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data: See especially the "Reports & Publications" section.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service: Topical Index:  Very handy A-Z arrangement of data and related publications.

FBI Uniform Crime Reports: Scroll down, and don't miss the "Publications" section.

Bureau of Justice Statistics The United States government provides the raw data and statistics used in much social science research and public policy debate, so why not sample it yourself.

Mandatory Sentencing:

Sentencing Project: An advocacy group for the reform of sentencing, look at the Issues, Statistics, and Publications sections.

Facts (Families to Amend California’s Three Strikes): Look at the About 3 Strikes and the Resources sections.

Three Strikes: The Impact after more than a Decade: Again from California, a thorough review of the state’s three strikes law after 10 years.

Megan’s Law:

KlassKids Foundation: Megan’s Law by State: Good state-by-state information.

National Sex Offender Public Website: The Department of Justice site.

U.S. Sex Offenders Registries: A state-by-state approach, and be sure to scroll down to Other Important Sites.

Gun Control:

Gun Laws, Gun Control & Gun Rights: Use the linked table of contents at the top or just scroll through the wide range of resources.

Open Directory Project: Gun Control: Useful for the pro and con grouping of relevant Web resources

Web Directories

     Web Directories differ from search engines like Google in that all the online resources have been selected and annotated by editors, thereby promising a much higher degree of quality control.  

Think Tanks & Research Institutes

Think Tanks & Research Institutes: A short collection of resources that can access these often influential contributions to public policy debate. 

Politics of Web Resources

     In searching the Web you may find research and policy recommendations published by "think tanks," many of which have political/ideological affiliations.  An organization called SourceWatch can help you identify such ties and alert you to any political agenda the research was intended to serve.
      If you wish to see how your topic is discussed at conservative and liberal think tanks, here are some online sites that discuss a wide range of social issues.


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