Religion & Nature

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    Best Bets

         ATLA religion database with ATLASerials : Our discipline-specific database for religion research.   There are many religiously-oriented articles here on Subjects such as Environmental Ethics, Environmental Studies, Ecology, and of course Ecology--Religious aspects.
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         ProQuest Research Library  Among the Subjects available here are Religion, Religion & Politics, Religious Fundamentalism, and Religious Issues, as well as Environmental Philosophy, Environmental Ethics, Environmental Policy, and Environmental Protection.  Combining, for instance, Religion and Environmental Ethics might be a good place to start.
        Academic Search Premier For a general sampling of articles try combining Environmental Protection with Religious aspects--both as Subjects--or for Environmental Protection substitute Nature. 
      GreenFILE &  SocINDEX with Full Text : As the names imply, good databases for environmental issues and their social ramifications.  In GreenFILE you can use Environmentalism--Religious Aspects, Environmental Protection--Religious Aspects, or Environmental Responsibility--Religious Aspects.  In SocINDEX  try Ecology with Religion or with the name of a particular religion.

          JSTOR : covers a wide range of scholarly journals in most disciplines, always beginning with the first issue of each one.  This provides (almost) 100% full text of journals from the first half of the twentieth century and the second half of the nineteenth. 
        Project Muse

        Philosopher's Index


    Articles: Gauging the Slant

         Religion and Environmentalism can both inspire highly polarized public policy debates, so remember that magazines are more likely than either scholarly journals or newspapers to have distinct political affiliations, of which you should be aware to critically evaluate your sources. Below are some broad categorizations of my own:
    Liberal journals include Mother Jones, Village Voice, The Nation, The Progressive, Washington Monthly, Utne Reader, Tikkum, Dissent, American Prospect, New York Review of Books, New Leader, Rolling Stone, Z Magazine, New Statesman (British), Guardian Weekly (British).

    Conservative journals include American Spectator, National Review, Weekly Standard, American Enterprise, Commentary, American Outlook, Policy Review and The Spectator (British).

    And if you don’t believe me, take a look at Yahoo’s lists of “conservative” and “progressive” magazines.

    Selected Web Sites

    • Overview of World Religions and Ecology: Part of the Forum on Religion and Ecology, hosted by the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, navigate by using the index of religions on the left. 
    • Web of Creation: from the Lutheran School of Theology at the University of Chicago, this site is valuable for its "Links to Eco-Faith Groups" (Christian) and also take a look at the materials under "Home of the Green Congregation Program" at the top.
    • Eco-Justice Programs: from the National Council of the Churches of Christ.  Scroll through the range of free, full-text publications under Resources (and note that to download the full text you must register--free).
    • National Religious Partnership for the Environment: An interesting Christian, Jewish, and Evangelical collaboration.  Open "issues" and by clicking on an environmental topic you will bring up an overview with links to Jewish, Catholic, Mainline Protestant, and Evangelical "perspectives." 
    • Hindu Faith Statement: from the Alliance of Religions and Conservation site (see above), this is probably the best Web collection on Hinduism and the environment.