RLS 33200: Research Methods


Musick, M. A, & Wilson, J. (2008). Volunteers : a social profile. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
-- Chapter 4: Motives
-- Chapter 13: Recruitment 

Stebbins, R. A., & Graham, M. (2004). Volunteering as leisure/leisure as volunteering: An international assessment. Wallingford, UK: CABI Pub.

Heidrich, K.W. (1990). Working with volunteers in employee services and recreation programs. Champaign, IL : Sagamore Pub.

Blankenship, D. (2010). Applied research and evaluation methods in recreation. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

Vaske, J. J. (2008). Survey research and analysis: Applications in parks, recreation and human dimensions. State College, Pa: Venture Pub.
-- Great chapter on creating and implementing surveys.

Mitra, A. (2011). Needs assessment: A systematic approach to data collection. Urbana: Sagamore Publishing.
-- How to collect data from citizens for the recreation professional. 


1. Search Strategy

Have fun with your search by "OR-ing" terms, trying truncation using the * symbol, and changing the drop-down menu to abstract, title or subject.

1. volunteer* or human service* or humanitarian* or philanthrop* or good samaritan* or charit*
2. motivation or personalit* or attitude*

3. disab* or handicap* or wheelchair*
4. recreation* or leisure or outdoor recreation or ski* or mountain*

2. Search Strategy

1. volunteer*
2. motivation or attitude or personalit*
3. retention or recruit*
4. research

Survey Instrument

Volunteer Functions Inventory
Clary, E., Snyder, M., Ridge, R. D., Copeland, J., Stukas, A. A., Haugen, J., & Miene, P. (1998). Understanding and assessing the motivations of volunteers: A functional approach. Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology, 74(6), 1516-1530. doi:10.1037/0022-3514.74.6.1516
-- A 30 item measure of motivation to volunteer

Special Event  volunteer motivation scale
Farrell, J. M., Johnston, M. E., & Twynam, G. (1998). Volunteer Motivation, Satisfaction, and Management at an Elite Sporting Competition. Journal Of Sport Management, 12(4), 288.
-- A 28 item measurement of  the level of satisfaction with the general volunteer experience

Motives to Volunteer 
Cnaan, R. A., & Goldberg-Glen, R. S. (1991). Measuring motivation to volunteer in human services. Journal Of Applied Behavioral Science, 27(3), 269-284. doi:10.1177/0021886391273003

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