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This guide was created for a 2009 course and has not been updated since.

Sustainability Hub at IC

IC Library Print & Media Resources

These Subject searches target the national and global context of local sustainability efforts:
These Subject searches target pollution, waste management, and sustainability:
Sustainable development [sustainability]
These Subject searches target energy resources and policy:
These Subject searches target sustainability and energy conservation on college campuses: 

Universities and Colleges--Envrionmental aspects
Universities and Colleges--Envrionmental aspects--Congresses
Universities and Colleges--Envrionmental aspects--New York (State)--Ithaca
Universities and Colleges--Envrionmental aspects--United States

IC Library Databases

 General OneFile :
     Our most user friendly database.   The best Subject searches will be "Sustainable development," "Environmental sustainability," "Environmental policy," "Green design," "Renewable energy," "Recycling," and "Waste disposal."  For each of these, open the  "subdivisions" which can target  "Economic aspects," "Forecasts and Trends," "Laws, " "Management," "Methods," and "Planning," to name only a few.  Or to target these issues as they play out on college campuses, try Subject searches on "Universities and colleges" or "College students" and look at the subdivisions "Energy policy," "Energy use," "Environmental aspects," and "Environmental policy."

ProQuest Research Library :
     Click "Continue" on the opening screen and at the search screen open the "More Sarch Options" tab on the lower left.  Both "Sustainable development" and "Renewable energy sources" are available as Subject headings here.  You can add Keywords to provide further focus.  Or you can combine these Subjects with other Subjects such as "Colleges & universities" or "College students," which you might also try combining with "Environmental aspects," "Environmental policy," and/or "Enviornmental activism."  
     NOTE:  ProQuest is our only database offering the full text of the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education (2000-present).  You can limit your search to this journal by entering it in the "Publication Title" field as part of your search.

ERIC (Ebsco interface) :  
     A disciplinary database in Education—at all levels. The field of Education has its own set of Subject Headings so be sure to browse the “Thesaurus” (above the search slots) for the best "Descriptors."  ERIC provides access not only to relevant journal literature (citations for these end in a number preceded by EJ—ERIC Journal), but also to research published directly to ERIC (citations for these end in a number preceded by ED—ERIC Document.  
     You can set the "Educational level"--below the search slots on the left--to "Higher Education" and then search Descriptors such as "Sustainable development," "Recycling," and/or "Energy conservation."  In all these cases you will retrieve both articles that deal with instiutional policies and articles that deal with environmental curriculum.  

LexisNexis Academic :
     This is our best database for 100% full text inational and local newspaper articles--and many (many) papers run articles about sustainability efforts at local colleges and universities.  Don't settle for the default General "Easy Search" but instead click the "News" tab.  Change the default "Anywhere in article" search to the "In Headline & Lead Paragraph" option for better focus.  You might begin with a search on sustainab! and (college! or universit! or campus!).  The exclamation mark is the truncation symbol here, which is useful in Keyword searching to cover different forms of the same word.  For example, sustainab! will retrieve both sustainable and sustainability.  Before you run this search note that the default date setting is "3 months" but that you can increase it.  But don't go too far--even 2 years retrieves over 3000 articles for this search.  And finally be aware that when you retrieve a set of articles you can still add extra search terms in the "Search within results" slot on the upper right.
     One other approach: under the "News" search slots you'll see a slot called "Sources."  Open the menu of options and choose the next-to-last one: "University wire"  Then search sustainab! in the "Headline & Lead Paragraph" field.

GreenFILE :
     Try a combined Subject search on "Sustainable development" and "Universities & colleges."  For more particular Subject options open the "Subject Terms" index (above the search slots) and search on "sustain"--this will place you at the beginning of the list.

ScienceDirect :
     Because it’s a large database with a great deal of full text, the absence of Subject searching means that your Keyword searches will often retrieve large sets of articles, many of which mention but don’t discuss your search term(s). One way around this is to limit your initial search to the “Abstract Title Keyword” field. Once you have found an article that sounds on-target, click the “Related Articles” link beneath the citation. This will open a range of articles on the same topic.

Want More?  Take a look at my top 21 database recommendations in Desert Island Databases.  Or open the Library's drop-down menu of  "Research Guides," each of which begins with database recommendations.


Most of the IC Libary databases listed above contain only some full text.  If the article you want is not availabe full text from the database you are searching, check below the citation for one of the images above.  This is ArticleLinker and if available it will search a wide range of other IC Library databases, retrieving links to any full text it finds.

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And Don't Just Take My Word For It . . .

Check out our Social Science Librarian John Henderson's Sustainability guide. 

Web Search Engines

Google Advanced Search:  Google, like most search engines, offers an advanced search mode which allows domain searching.  That is, you can limit your search to a specified domain and in this way weed out all the .coms. For this topic, a search on "sustainability" with a domain limit of edu helps target all the colleges and universities that have sustainability projects.  These are good places to see what's been tried and how it's working.

Web Directories

     Web Directories differ from search engines like Google in that all the online resources have been selected and annotated by editors, thereby promising a much higher degree of quality control.  The two best should prove useful in their categorization of Sustainability resources:

Web Gateways

 World Wide Web Virtual Library: Sustainable Development: A sprawling list of links for Web resources--but patience can be rewarded here.

Energy and Environment: From Vanderbilt University Libraries, another very large gateway to all facets of environmentalism, helpfully organized.  Also check out their guides to Recycling and Renewable Energy resources.

Grade Deflation

 The College Sustainability Report Card: Ithaca College is awarded a B- by this site.  Check it out and consider ways to raise that grade.

You might begin by visiting the Campus Sustainability Planning Network.

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