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Subject Searches
Searching by subject guarantees your results will have a specific focus. Here are a few to try for your upcoming assignment:
Keyword Searches

Searching by keyword can help you identify relevant items you might have missed. Here are some hints to remember:
  • too many results? limit your result set (demo)
  • use the truncation symbol (?) to search variants of terms ("consum?" searches for consumer, consumers, etc)

Articles (journals & magazines)

Search one or more of our databases to find articles in journals, magazines, & newspapers on your topic.

Multidisciplinary databases (coverage of all subject areas & good places to start)
Music-specific database (popular & classical music)

Article Search Tips

  1. Text not online? Look for the Article Linker arrow to double-check.  
  2. Limit to scholarly journal articles before you search. Here's how.
  3. Stop by the Music Center for help with any of this!

Library Basics

Books (demo)
search the catalog for books dvds, music & more @ IC

Ebooks (demo)
Search eBrary to find e-books on a variety of topics

Articles: journals, magazines, & news (demo)
Find these in our library databases. Each database is searches a different pool of resources.

Document Your Sources: Citation Help

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