Rules for the Guidance of Conservatory Pupils

Rules for the Guidance of Conservatory Pupils

Compiled by the Student Advisory Committee of the Ithaca Conservatory of Music, Ithaca, N.Y.

  1. The women students of the Conservatory shall room only in houses approved of or sanctioned by the Conservatory matron. Also no one shall change her place of residence without permission of the matron.
  2. Women students of the Conservatory are to receive callers only in rooms suitable for entertaining in.
  3. Callers are not to remain after 10:30, and all women students shall be in their respective homes at that time.
  4. Any woman student expecting to be out after 10:30 -- at theatre or party of any kind -- is requested to register (or otherwise notify her landlady) her destination and approximate time of return. After that time no one shall leaver her house without special permission is granted by the landlady or by the house chaperon.
  5. The women students of the Conservatory are not to go canoeing, sailing or rowing upon Cayuga Lake. Permission is given only by a special letter (to be filed with the Conservatory matron) from parent or guardian assuming all responsibility; such letter showing that parents or guardians know the dangers of this lake. Violation of this rule will be punished by the Executive Board of the Conservatory.
  6. The women students of the Conservatory are not to be driving or motoring after dark without a chaperon.
  7. Women students are not to dine at any hotel unaccompanied by a chaperon.
  8. Women students are not to appear at public places at night without a chaperon (modified exceptions to this rule may be granted on application to the Conservatory matron).
  9. Women students are not attend dances outside of the Conservatory without special permission from the Conservatory matron.
  10. Every student of the Conservatory shall consider herself responsible for the strict observance of these rules, and while students residing with their parents are not subject to the restrictions contained in these rules it is hoped that they will conform to them as far as possible.

ca. 1912

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