Title Call #
Babes in arms CD 766
Babes in arms CD 13130
Babes in arms (1959). Vocal score M1503.R684 B3
Baby CD 6832
Baby. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B25 S54 1996
Baie des anges = Bay of angels / Janus Films ; La Cinémathéque Française ; Ciné-Tamaris présente ; P.E. Decharme présente ; scénario et dialogues Jacques Demy ; un film de Jacques Demy. DVD 10511
Baiju Bawra = Baiju the poet / Prakash Pictures ; director, Vijay Bhatt ; screenplay, R.S. Choudhari. DVD 1060
Bajour CD 2571
Baker's wife CD 3593
Baker's wife. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B27 S48 1990
Balalaika serenade : based on Tschaikowsky's June barcarolle and Romance / words by Forman Brown ; music adapted by Franz Steininger. Sheet music collection
Ballade von der sexuellen Hörigkeit : und andere Songs für Gesang und Klavier / Kurt Weill. M1507.W422 B3
Ballroom. Libretto ML50.G6065 B3 1981
Ballroom. Vocal score. Selections. M1508.B28 G5
Bambalina / words by Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II ; music by Vincent Youmans and Herbert Stothart. Sheet music collection
Banaras : a mystic love story / Setu Creations ; story, L.C. Singh ; screenplay, Javed Siddiqi, L.C. Singh ; dialogues, Javed Siddiqi ; produced by Swati Singh, Manorama Singh ; directed by Pankuj Parashar. DVD 4559
Band wagon LP 8156
Band wagon / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ; MGM presents ; produced by Loew's Incorporated ; Educational Broadcasting Corporation ; Turner Entertainment Co. ; produced by Arthur Freed ; story and screenplay by Betty Comden and Adolph Green ; direc DVD 6383
Bandstand CD 2357
Bare / [book by Jon Hartmere & Damon Intrabartolo ; music by Damon Intrabartolo ; lyrics by Jon Hartmere]. CD 14039
Barkleys of Broadway / Loew's Inc. ; [presented by] Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ; screenplay by Betty Comden and Adolph Green ; produced by Arthur Freed ; directed by Charles Walters. DVD 3738
Barnum CD 7079
Barnum. Vocal score M1503.C694 B3 1989
Bat Boy CD 6135
Bat boy : the musical / story and book by Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming ; music and lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe. ML50.O538 B3 2002
Beach blanket bingo / American International Pictures ; produced by James H. Nicholson and Samuel Z. Arkoff ; written by William Asher and Leo Townsend ; directed by William Asher. DVD 7216
Beautiful CD 5877
Beautiful game CD 6137
Beautiful game. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B31 L5 2000
Beautiful. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B29 K5 2014
Beauty and the beast (Musical) CD 6705
Beauty and the beast (Musical). Vocal score. Selections M1508.B34 M4 1994
Bella del Alhambra / Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos ; directed by Enrique Pineda Barnet ; produced by Humberto Hernández ; screenplay by Miguel Barnet, Enrique Pineda Barnet, with the collaboration of Julio Gar DVD 5691
Bells are ringing (Musical) CD 7247
Bells are ringing (Musical) CD 7078
Bells are ringing (Musical). Vocal score. M1503.S937 B4 1957
Belter's book of comedy songs : piano-vocal. M1507 .B455 2000
Ben Bagley's ballet on Broadway & Nantucket . CD 13395
Ben Bagley's Cole Porter revisited [vol. I] . CD 9032 v.1
Ben Bagley's Cole Porter revisited, vol. IV . CD 9032 v.4
Ben Bagley's Cole Porter, vol. III . CD 9032 v.3
Ben Bagley's Irving Berlin revisited. LP 8438
Ben Bagley's Jerome Kern revisited . CD 8952 v.1
Ben Bagley's Jerome Kern, vol. III . CD 8952 v.3
Ben Bagley's Shoestring revues. LP 9176
Ben Bagley's The decline and fall of the entire world as seen through the eyes of Cole Porter . CD 13391
Ben Franklin in Paris CD 6852
Ben Franklin in Paris. Libretto. English. ML50.S1917 B52 1963
Bend it like Beckham. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B36 G6 2015
Berlin im Licht / Kurt Weill. CD 11218
Berlin's best : song folio, with words. M1630.18.B4 B5
Bernarda Alba CD 9812
Bernstein on Broadway / Introduction by George Abbot ; [edited by Jack Gottlieb]. M1507.B475 G6
Bernstein theatre songs : 24 songs : duets & ensembles / Leonard Bernstein ; edited by Richard Walters. M1507.B475 B372 2010
Bernstein theatre songs : 47 songs / Leonard Bernstein ; edited by Richard Walters ; editorial consultants, Marie Carter, Garth Sutherland ; repertoire consultant, Kurt Ollmann. M1507.B475 B374 2010
Bernstein theatre songs : 49 songs / Leonard Bernstein ; edited by Richard Walters. M1507.B475 B373 2010
Best foot forward CD 7076
Best little whorehouse in Texas CD 9663
Best little whorehouse in Texas. Libretto ML50.H172 B5 1983
Best little whorehouse in Texas. Libretto ML50.H172 B5 1978
Best little whorehouse in Texas. Vocal score M1503.H169 B28 2001
Best little whorehouse in Texas. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B47 H28
Best of Frank Loesser. M1507.L8 B4
Best of jazz & blues / Kino International ; licensed from the Douris Corp. ; A Paramount Picture ; UM&M TV Corp. ; produced for video by Bret Wood. DVD 8142
Best of Lerner & Loewe. Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner. A special collector's ed. Book designed and edited by Lee Snider. M1507.L82 S65
Best of Rodgers and Hart : piano/vocal/guitar. M1507.R7 B47 2011
Betty blue eyes CD 13406
Big book of Broadway : piano, vocal, guitar. M1507 .B54 1994
Big fish CD 14156
Big fish. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B44 L56 2014
Big river CD 7725
Big river. Libretto ML50.M6617 B5 1986
Big river. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B47 M4
Big. Vocal score. Selections. M1508.B46 S4
Bigger and better than ever / words and music by Cliff Friend and George White. Sheet music collection
Billy Elliot : the musical : original cast recording / [music by Elton John ; book & lyrics by Lee Hall]. CD 11510
Billy Elliot. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B48 J6 2006
Bitter sweet. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B49 C6
Bitter-sweet. Selections CD 9825
Black and blue : original Broadway cast. CD 770
Black Manhattan : theater and dance music of James Reese Europe, Will Marion Cook, and members of the legendary Clef Club. CD 7529
Blackbirds of 1928. Selections CD 13434
Blah blah blah and other trifles : Sarah Walker and Roger Vignoles in cabaret. CD 10999
Blood brothers CD 3588
Blood brothers. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B56 R8
Bloody bloody Andrew Jackson / music & lyrics by Michael Friedman. CD 12781
Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B57 F75 2010
Bloomer girl CD 7097
Blossom time. Vocal score M1503.C58 B5
Blues & cabaret songs / Britten & Cole Porter. CD 2506
Boat that rocked (Motion picture) DVD 3722
Bohème CD 7057
Bombay dreams CD 7131
Bombay talkie / Merchant Ivory Productions ; producer, Ismail Merchant ; screenplay, R. Prawer Jhabvala, James Ivory ; director, James Ivory. DVD 1575
Bonnie & Clyde CD 13599
Book of Mormon CD 12942
Book of Mormon : [the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musical] / book, music and lyrics by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez & Matt Stone. ML50.P27 B6 2011
Book of Mormon. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B66 P37 2011
Bounce CD 8507
Boy friend CD 7742
Boy friend CD 13388
Boy friend, a play in three acts. With a pref. by vida Hope and illus. by the author. ML50.W6953 B6
Boy friend. Selections CD 9271
Boy friend. Vocal score. M1503.W767 B7
Boy from Oz CD 7140
Boy from Oz. Vocal score. Selections. M1508.B69 A4 2004
Boys from Syracuse CD 3710
Boys from Syracuse. Vocal score M1503.R684 B72 1965
Boys from Syracuse. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B69 R6
Bravo Giovanni CD 7096
Bride & prejudice / Miramax Home Entertainment ; Pathé Pictures in association with UK Film Council, Miramax Films, Kintop Pictures & Bend It Films, a Nayar Chadha production in association with Inside Track; directed by Gurinder Chadha DVD 1980
Bridges of Madison County CD 5855
Bridges of Madison County. Selections. Vocal score M1508.B73 B76 2014
Brigadoon CD 3841
Brigadoon / Metro Goldwyn-Mayer ; screen play by Alan Jay Lerner ; produced by Arthur Freed ; directed by Vincente Minnelli. DVD 3473
Brigadoon. Vocal score M1503.L818 B7 1975
Brigadoon. Vocal score M1503.L818 B7 1948a
Brigadoon. Vocal score M1503.L818 B7 1948b Mini Score
Bright star CD 2578
Bright star. Selections. Vocal score. M1508.B74 M37 2016
Bring back Birdie. Selections CD 13884
Bring in 'da noise, bring in 'da funk : original Broadway cast / music by Daryl Waters, Zane Mark, Ann Duquesnay ; lyrics by Reg E. Gaines. CD 3694
Bring it on CD 13885
Bring it on. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B75 K5 2013
Broadway : the American musical / a film by Michael Kantor ; directed by Michael Kantor ; produced by Jeff Dupre, Michael Kantor, Sally Rosenthal ; a co-production of Ghost Light Films and Thirteen/WNET New York, NHK, and BBC in associati DVD 1127
Broadway : the American musical. CD 7859
Broadway belters songbook. M1507.B76 B4
Broadway for two : 10 musical theatre duets / compiled, with background information, by Andy Beck & Brian Fisher. M1507.B74 A5 2007
Broadway in the '90s : piano/vocal/guitar. M1507 .B755 1999
Broadway melody (Motion Picture : 1929) DVD 4244
Broadway melody of 1938. Your Broadway and my Broadway Sheet music collection
Broadway melody of 1940 / a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture produced by Loew's Incorporated ; directed by Norman Taurog ; produced by Jack Cummings ; screenplay by Leon Gordon and George Oppenheimer. DVD 3734
Broadway repertoire for soprano : a selection of Broadway's best in their original keys for soprano voice / [Gregory Boals, editor] M1507.B76 R4
Broadway showstoppers : piano, vocal, guitar. M1507.B76 S5 1993
Broadway's lost treasures II / Executive producers, Christopher A. Cohen, Steven Hecht ; produced by Christopher A. Cohen Productions. DVD 1778
Broken circle breakdown / Tribeca Film presents ; a Menuet and Tokapi Film production ; producers Rudy Verzyck, Arnold Heslerfeld, Frans Van Gestel, Laurette Schillings ; produced by Dirk Impens ; screenplay by Carl Joos and Felix Van Groeningen ; directe DVD 2176
Brooklyn crush. CD 2312
Brooklyn crush. Selections. Vocal score M1503.D25 B7 2013
Brooklyn, the musical CD 13998
Brooklyn, the musical. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B76 S36 2005
Bullets over Broadway : the musical : original Broadway cast recording. CD 5878
Burlesque / Screen Gems presents a De Line Pictures production ; a film by Steven Antin ; produced by Donald De Line ; written and directed by Steven Antin. DVD 1531
Busby Berkeley collection / Warner Bros. (as the Vitaphone Corporation) ; directed by Busby Berkeley. DVD 3743
Busker Alley CD 10789
By Jeeves CD 4219
By Jeeves CD 7012
By Jupiter CD 10684
By Jupiter. Here's a hand. Vocal score Sheet music collection
Bye bye Birdie CD 3804
Bye bye Birdie / Columbia Pictures ; a Kohlmar-Sidney production ; screenplay by Irving Brecher ; produced by Fred Kohlmar ; directed by George Sidney. DVD 5964
Bye bye Birdie. Vocal score. M1503.S9294 B92 1962
Bye bye Birdie. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B94 S7
Bye bye Birdie. Vocal score. Selections M1508.B94 S7 1963

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