Halloween Picks by Cathy

  • 1408
    DVD4110, 2007, 94 min. "Renowned horror novelist Mike Enslin only believes what he can see with his own two eyes. After a string of bestsellers discrediting paranormal events in the most infamous haunted houses and graveyards around the world, he scoffs at the concept of an afterlife. Enslin's phantom-free run of long and lonely nights is about to change forever when he checks into suite 1408 of the notorious Dolphin Hotel for his latest project. Defying the warnings of the hotel manager, the author is the first person in years to stay in the reputedly haunted room. Now Enslin must go from skeptic to true believer, all while trying to survive the night."
  • Bergman, Ingmar. Seventh Seal ( Det sjunde inseglet) (1957)
    DVD 729, 1957, 96 min. In medieval Sweden a knight returns from war only to find a ravaged homeland. He meets up with a group of travelling players and eventually confronts the embodiment of death with whom he engages in a game of chess for his life. The knight and Death play as the cultural turmoil envelopes the people around them as they try, in different ways, to deal with the upheaval the plague has caused.
  • Christmas carol (Alastair Sim, 1951)
    DVD488, 2001, 86 min."The timeworn story about the old merchant, Scrooge, and how his own disappointments in life shape his view that both life and men are not worthy of his notice or concern. He displays no charity to mankind in general, and in particular, to his employee Bob Cratchett and to Bob's unfortunate son, Tiny Tim. But, he learns the error of his ways and is reformed when he imagines he is visited by the ghost of his former partner and the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future."
  • Coraline
    DVD6328, 2009, 101 min. "A young girl walks through a secret door that she has found in her new home and discovers an alternate version of her life. On the surface, this parallel reality is eerily similar to her real life, but much better. When her adventure turns dangerous, and her counterfeit parents, including the Other Mother, try to keep her forever, Coraline must count on her resourcefulness, determination, and bravery to get back home - and save her family."
  • Devil's backbone (El espinazo del diablo)
    DVD2893, 2004, 108 min. Almodóvar. "During the Spanish Civil War, young Carlos is abandoned at a completely isolated orphanage. The tensions therein have been building for years, exacerbated by the unexploded bomb resting menacingly in the courtyard. Bullies scheme, tempers flare, and a ghost that visits Carlos's bed seems to be the key to it all."
  • Ghostbusters
    DVD5212, 2005, 105 min. "Suit up for classic comedy! Contains the original Ghostbusters feature film, plus deleted scenes, filmmaker's commentary, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and more extras."
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    DVD4388, 2007, 139 min. "Lord Voldemort has returned, but the ministry of Magic is doing everything it can to keep the wizarding world from knowing the truth. They appoint Ministry official Dolores Umbridge as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts. When Umbridge refuses to teach practical defensive magic, Ron and Hermione convince Harry to secretly train a select group of students for the wizarding war that lies ahead. A terrifying showdown between good and evil awaits."
  • Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
    DVD 934, 2011, 161 min. Cars fly, trees fight back and a mysterious elf comes to warn Harry Potter at the start of the second year of his amazing journey into the world of wizardry. This year at Hogwarts, spiders talk, letters scold and Harry's own unsettling ability to speak to snakes turns his friends against him. From dueling clubs to rogue Bludgers, it's a year of adventure and danger when bloody writing on a wall announces: The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. To save Hogwarts will require all of Harry, Ron and Hermione's magical abilities and courage.
  • Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. Part 2
    DVD8167, 2011, 130 min. "In the epic finale, the battle between the good and evil forces of the wizarding world escalates into an all-out war. The stakes have never been higher and no one is safe. But it is Harry who may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice as he draws closer to the climactic showdown with Lord Voldemort. It all ends here."
  • Howl's moving castle
    DVD5727, 2006, 119 min. "A young woman named Sophie is cursed by the Witch of the Waste and is turned into an old woman who is unable to tell anyone of her plight. Unable to continue her job at her mother's hat shop, she goes to the ambulatory castle of the notorious wizard Howl and insinuates herself into his household. Sophie befriends Calcifer, the fire demon who powers the castle and who is bound to Howl by a contract, the terms of which Calcifer cannot reveal. They promise to help each other with their problems. Like Calcifer, Howl can also see through the Witch's spell, and he and Sophie fall in love. Sophie helps Howl confront his former teacher, and the Witch of the Waste."
  • Orphanage (El orfanato) (del Toro, 2007)
    DVD4953, 2008, 105 min. "Laura decides to purchase her beloved childhood orphanage with dreams of restoring and reopening the long abandoned facility as a place for disabled children. The new environment awakens the imagination of Laura's son. His ongoing fantasy games played with an invisible friend quickly turn into something more disturbing. Upon seeing her family increasingly threatened by the strange occurrences in the house, Laura looks to a group of parapsychologists for help in unraveling the mystery that has taken over the place."
  • Poltergeist
    DVD6128, 2007, 114 min. "The Freeling family is a typical middle class family living in the peaceful Cuesta Verde Estates. Steve, his wife Diane, 16-year-old daughter Dana, 8-year-old Robbie, and 5-year-old Carol Ann live in a track house. Soon strange things begin to happen around the house; the pet canary dies, mysterious storms occur, and Carol Ann is summoned to the TV set, where a strange shaft of green light hits her and causes the room to shake. As the curious events continue, Carol Ann is repeatedly drawn to the television, where she begins to talk to "the TV people." Soon Carol Ann is sucked into a closet, disappearing from this reality plane. Unable to find his daughter, Steve consults Dr. Lesh, a para-psychologist from a nearby college. Lesh finds that the paranormal phenomena is so strong in the Freelong household she is unable to deal with it and sends for clairvoyant and professional exorcist Tangina to examine the house in hopes of finding Carol Ann. Tangina makes a horrifying discovery: Carol Ann is alive and in the house, but is being held on another spectral plane."
  • Pushing daisies. Season 1
    DVD5400, 2008, 3 discs. "Ned can bring the dead to life briefly when he touches them, and must touch them again to reverse the spell. Along with a private eye, he uses his gift to help solve crimes and collect the rewards." Release date: September 16, 2008
  • Sleepy Hollow
    DVD22, 2000, 105 min. "Based on the story by Washington Irving"
  • Something wicked this way comes
    DVD8075, 2004, 96 min. "Terrible things happen when Mr. Dark and his Pandemonium Carnival come to town"
  • The Changeling
    DVD8074, 2000, 115 min. "A man becomes the unwilling instrument of a ghost's revenge."
  • The Haunting
    DVD8063. 2010, 112 min. "A parapsychologist and two mediums spend a weekend in a haunted mansion. Based on the novel The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson."
  • The Others
    DVD194, 2001, 104 min. "While awaiting her husband's return from war, a devoutly religious mother of two ailing children has moved with her family to a mansion on the English coast. Her two children both suffer from a rare photosensitivity disease that renders them extremely vulnerable to sunlight, prompting the rule of having only one door open in the house at a time. When one of the children claims to see ghosts, Grace at first believes her newly arrived family of eccentric servants to be responsible, but chilling events and visions soon lead her to believe that something supernatural is indeed going on."
  • The Shining
    DVD976, 2007, 144 min. "A writer and his family are snowbound in a hotel and are haunted by either the hotel itself or the writer's dementia."
  • The Sixth sense
    DVD196, 2000, 107 min. "A noted child psychologist attempts to help a frightened 8-year-old boy who is experiencing terrifying visions of the dead."
  • The conjuring + Special features on the Blu-ray disc include the featurettes The conjuring: face-to-face with terror; A life in demonology; and, Scaring the '@$*%' out of you
    DVD 924, 2013, 112 min. "Lili Taylor, Ron Livingston, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson. "Based on true events, The conjuring tells the ... [1971] story of ghost hunters Lorraine and Ed Warren ... , who help a family terrorized by an evil spirit in their mysterious farmhouse [in Harrisville, Rhode Island]"--Container.
  • The ghost and Mr. Chicken
    DVD 10618, 1966, 90 min. "Figuring the answers to a murder mystery lie in the old Simmons mansion, so Luther Heggs visits the estate at the witching hour of midnight. Certain he's seen a ghost, Luther writes a story which makes front page news -- and brings on a libel suit from the mansion's owner. When the trial judge orders an investigation -- and no apparition appears -- Luther is branded a fraud. That is, until he and his devoted girlfriend team up to uncover the mystery of the hauntings -- and the true murderer -- in this timeless comedy classic"
  • Trolljegeren (Trollhunter)
    DVD8023, 2011, 103 min. "A group of students investigates a series of mysterious bear killings, but learns that there are much more dangerous things going on. They start to follow a mysterious hunter, learning that he is actually a troll hunter."
  • Twilight zone. Season 1 (1959-1960)
    DVD1504, 2004, 6 discs. "Disc 1. episode 1. Where is everybody? (Oct. 2, 1959) -- episode 2. One for the angels (Oct. 9, 1959) -- episode 3. Mr. Denton on doomsday (Oct. 16, 1959) -- episode 4. The sixteen-millimeter shrine (Oct. 23, 1959) -- episode 5. Walking distance (Oct. 30, 1959) -- episode 6. Escape clause (Nov. 6, 1959) -- episode 7. The lonely (Nov. 13, 1959). disc 2. episode 8. Time enough at last (Nov. 20, 1959) -- episode 9. Perchance to dream (Nov. 27, 1959) -- episode 10. Judgment night (Dec. 4, 1959) -- episode 11. And when the sky was opened (Dec. 11, 1959) -- episode 12. What you need (Dec. 25, 1959) -- episode 13. The four of us are dying (Jan. 1, 1960) -- episode 14. Third from the sun (Jan. 8, 1960) -- episode 15. I shot an arrow into the air (Jan. 15, 1960). disc 3. episode 16. The hitch-hiker (Jan. 22, 1960) -- episode 17. The fever (Jan. 29, 1960) -- episode 18. The last flight (Feb. 5, 1960) -- episode 19. The purple testament (Feb. 12, 1960) -- episode 20. Elegy (Feb. 19, 1960) -- episode 21. Mirror image (Feb. 26, 1960) -- episode 22. The monsters are due on Maple Street (March 4, 1960). disc 4. episode 23. A world of difference (March 11, 1960) -- episode 24. Long live Walter Jameson (March 18, 1960) -- episode 25. People are alike all over (March 25, 1960) -- episode 26. Execution (April 1, 1960) -- episode 27. The big tall wish (April 8, 1960) -- episode 28. A nice place to visit (April 15, 1960) -- episode 29. Nightmare as a child (April 29, 1960). disc 5. episode 30. A stop at Willoughby (May 6, 1960) -- episode 31. The chaser (May 13, 1960) -- episode 32. A passage for trumpet (May 20, 1960) -- episode 33. Mr. Bevis (June 3, 1960) -- episode 34. The after hours (June 10, 1960) -- episode 35. The mighty Casey (June 17, 1960) -- episode 36. A world of his own (July 1, 1960)."
  • Young Frankenstein (part of the Mel Brooks Collection)
    DVD10395, 1974, 106 min. "Summoned by a will to his late grandfather's castle in Transylvania, young Dr. Frankenstein soon discovers the scientist's step-by-step manual explaining how to bring a corpse to life. Assisted by the hunchbacked Igor and the curvaceous Inga, he creates a monster who only wants to be loved."
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