Arabic Language DVDs

  • 500 dunam on the Moon
    DVD 6389 Ayn Hawd is a Palestinian village that was captured and depopulated by Israeli forces in the 1948 war. In 1953, Marcel Janco, a Romanian painter and a founder of the Dada movement, helped transform the village into a Jewish artists' colony, and renamed it Ein Hod. This documentary tells the story of the village's original inhabitants, who, after expulsion, settled only 1.5 kilometers away in the outlying hills. This new Ayn Hawd cannot be found on official maps, as Israeli law doesn't recognize it, and its residents, deemed "present absentees" by the authorities, do not receive basic services such as water, electricity or an access road. Rachel Leah Jones' filmmaking debut is a critical look at the art of dispossession and the creativity of the dispossessed.
  • Abouna = Our Father
    DVD 3685 Chad Arabic After two young Chadian boys discover their father has abandoned them, they embark on a desperate quest to bring him home. They spend their days trying to find him, skipping school, and already a handful for their overburdened mother, the boys are shipped off to a strict Koranic school for discipline.
  • Africa dreaming
    DVD 5842 In Sophia's homecoming from Namibia, a woman who has worked as a domestic in Windhoek for 12 years comes home to her husband, children and sister and finds that their lives are irreparably altered. In Sabriya, the arrival of a modern, free-spirited woman disrupts the mosaic of male Maghrebi society as represented by two Tunisian chess players. So be it, based on the play The strong breed, by Wolé Soyinka, follows the destruction of a well intentioned doctor in a remote Senegalese village. The gaze of the stars shows the destructiveness of machismo in a Mozambiquan community.
  • Ajami
    DVD 7124 Shakespearian in its scope and themes; revenge, loyalty, hope and despair, draws us into the lives of two brothers fearing assassination; a young refugee working illegally to cover his mother's medical expenses; a cop obsessed with finding his missing brother. Through this dramatic collision of different worlds, we witness cultural and religious tensions simmering beneath the surface and the tragic consequences of enemies living as neighbors.
  • Akhar = The other
    DVD 6018 Youssef Chahine Chahine exposes the links between power and fanaticism and denounces intolerance in this bitter portrait of globalization and terrorism. Adam, the son of a corrupt, domineering female industrialist, falls for Hanane, an impoverished journalist. Unfortunately, Adam's mother will stop at nothing to get rid of Hanane.
  • Al Jazeera [videorecording] : voice of Arabia
    DVD6586, 2003, 52 min. Founded in 1996, Al Jazeera was the first 24-hour news channel in the Arab world. This documentary, shot on location in Qatar, goes behind the scenes of this popular, independent satellite TV channel. Incorporating news footage, excerpts from Al Jazeera programs, and interviews with executives, anchors and journalists, this film offers a look at the challenges faced and issues raised by the most important television channel in the Arab world.
  • Ali Zaoua [videorecording] = Prince of the streets
    DVD 6080 Nabil Ayouch, 2000 "Ali, Kwita, Omar and Boubker are a group of street urchins living in the hard streets of Casablanca. Their everyday lives are filled with violence, begging, and indifference. In order to survive, they create a bond of friendship and family between them. The bond is cut short when Ali is senselessly killed at the beginning of the film; his life taken by a single act of a rival gang. Ali's friends decide not to report his death to the police, but rather to bury him "like a prince". Ali Zaoua captures the power of dreams and presence of hope in the harshest of circumstances."--Container.
  • Baliseurs du désert [videorecording] = Wanderers of the desert
    DVD 6712 A young teacher arrives to take over a village school isolated in the desert.
  • Color of olives
    DVD 7259 (97 min.) 2008 "Like many Palestinian families, the Amers live surrounded by the infamous West Bank Wall. Their daily lives are dominated by electrified fences, locked gates, and a constant swarm of armed soldiers. Through [the filmmaker's] lens, we discover the private world of all eight members of the family. As their dramas unfold, we catch a glimpse of their constant struggles, and the small, endearing details that sustain them, including olive trees, two small donkeys and their many friendships." -- Container.
  • Control room
    DVD 1124 English and Arabic dialogue
  • Daresalam
    DVD 7137
  • Diplomacy [videorecording] : the responsibility to protect
    DVD 5465 In English, Danish, and Arabic with English subtitles
  • Dove's lost necklace
    DVD 6826
  • Emigrant = Mohager
    DVD 995 Youssef Chahine, 1994
  • Fallujah
    DVD 1940 CORE (2004, 29 min.) "After a major US led offensive launch in November of 2004, two-thirds of the city was destroyed and thousands of its citizens were forced into refugee camps"
  • Fertile memory [videorecording] = Al Dhakira al Khasba
    DVD 3671
  • Forbidden marriages in the Holy Land
    VHS 7295 Looks at eight mixed marriages in the Middle East from different generations and backgrounds and uncovers the mutual intolerance of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Among the subjects in the film is a young Palestinian musician living with his Israeli musicologist girlfriend, a fiery Palestinian woman married to a Jew, a Jewish woman who converted to Islam to be with her husband in Gaza and an African woman married to a white Palestinian. These interviews reveal couples who, in a region scarred by conflict and catstrophe, chose love instead of hate.
  • Gaza Strip
    DVD 148
  • Gaza-strophe [videorecording] : Le jour d'aprés / ISKRA & l'Yeux ouverts.
    They came to Gaza in the aftermath of the war, and with their friends the Palestinian Human Rights delegates, they discovered the extent of the ((Gaza-strophy)). The accounts of dozens of witnessess of Israel's war against Gaza who take us to depth of the Palestines' nightmare.
  • Grand voyage
    DVD 2785, 2005
  • Hamsin
    VHS 3193 The problem of Arab-Jewish relations is portrayed in this study of a Jewish landowner and his Arab worker.
  • Hard head = Tãete dure
    DVD 5570 Most videos consist of images with sounds; 1st video is silent and consists of romanized Arabic with parallel French text; optional English subtitles for most selections.
  • Imārat Yaqūbiyān = The Yacoubian building
    DVD 4726
  • Inch’Allah dimanche [videorecording] = Inch’Allah Sunday
    DVD 5977 Yamina Benguigui, 2001
  • Iraq in fragments
    DVD 6425
  • Jerusalem, another day
    DVD 1812
  • Laila's birthday
    DVD 582
  • Message
    DVD 2455 Disc 2. Arabic language
  • Murjān Aḥmad Murjān
    DVD 6564
  • Nouba des femmes du Mont-Chenoua = nouba of the women of Mount Chenoua
    DVD 4772
  • Promises
    DVD 2742 Follows the journey of a filmmaker who travels in and around Jerusalem, from a Palestinian refugee camp to an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, where he meets seven Palestinian and Israeli children who exist in separate worlds, divided by physical, historical, and emotional boundaries although they live only 20 minutes apart. Explores the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the eyes of these children and tells the story of a few children who dared to cross the lines to meet their neighbors.
  • Rachida [videorecording]
    DVD 4122. Director Yamina Bachir-Chouikh
  • Salām sīnamā [videorecording] = Salam cinema
    DVD 2825 (70 min.) 2003 A director places an ad for actors. At least a thousand people answer the ad in person, and the director decides to make a movie about the response to the ad and the auditions of some of the respondents.
  • Satin rouge [videorecording] = Red satin
    DVD 1525
  • Screaming man
    DVD 8003 When a hotel in Chad is taken over by foreign owners, Adam, a former swim champ, is forced to give up his job at the pool to his young son. Meanwhile, the country is at war, and Adam makes a rash decision he will forever regret. Includes bonus features.
  • Sijill ikhtifāʾ [videorecording] = Chronicle of a disappearance
    DVD 8343 Provides a personal meditation on what it means to be Palestinian. Examines the effect of the political impasse in the Middle East on the identity of the Palestinian people. The film is in two parts-- the first "Nazareth, personal diary" is a faux-documentary showing daily life in Nazareth, the second half, "Jerusalem, political diary", follows Suleiman as a filmmaker looking for inspiration in Jerusalem after a 12 year absence.
  • Sof Shavua B'Tel Aviv
    DVD 7634 Tarek, a young Palestinian man blackmailed into a suicide mission in Tel Aviv, is given a second chance at life when the fuse on his expolsive vest fails to detonate.
  • Soraida [videorecording] : a woman of Palestine
    DVD 7831
  • These girls
    DVD 3360 (2006, 68 min.) Follows a band of teenage girls living on the streets of Cairo.
  • Umm Kulthūm [videorecording] : a voice like Egypt.
    VHS 6444
  • Under the bombs
    DVD 4321 Philippe Aractingi
  • Up to the South [videorecording] = Talaeen a Junuub
    DVD 4581
  • Urs al-jalil = Wedding in Galilee = Noce en Galilee
    DVD 6218 The elder of a Palestinian village under Israeli military rule, wants permission to hold a traditional wedding for his son that will go past the imposed curfew. The Army commander agrees on the condition that he and his officers be invited as guests of honor at the cermony.
  • Visitor
    DVD 5789
  • Voices of Iraq
    DVD 4867
  • We loved each other so much
  • With blood [videorecording] = Bi-dam
    DVD 8537 (2007) This documentary follows ordinary people's efforts to overcome extraordinary obstacles in pursuit of routine health care in the West Bank. During the recent military operation in Jenin, houses were destroyed, civilians were killed, and humanitarian assistance was allegedly blocked. The Red Cross reported that more than 100 Palestinians died as a result of Israeli military actions in the occupied territories during the 2006 war . Also the Israeli army constructed a permanent checkpoint on the road between Assyra and Nablus.
  • Women beyond borders [videorecording] = Ard al-nissaʹa
    DVD 4561
  • Women in struggle
    DVD 1679
  • Women next door
    DVD 8614 (1992) This documentary about women in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict explores the roles that the Occupation has designated for women on both sides and the questions it raises. To find an answer to these questions, Israeli director Michal Aviad set off on a journey through Israel and the Occupied Territories with two other women -- a Palestinian assistant director and an Israeli cinematographer. In English, Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles.
  • Yadon ilaheyya = Divine intervention
    DVD 1904 Elia Suleiman's critically-acclaimed satire chronicles the absurdities of life and love on both sides of the Palestinian-Israeli border.
  • al-Firdaws al-mafqūd [videorecording] = Paradise lost
    DVD 7832 Arab Israeli filmmaker Ebtisam Maraʻana grew up in Paradise (Fureidīs in Arabic), a small fishing village overlooking the Mediterranean. One of the few Arab communities remaining after the 1948 war, Paradise became culturally and politically isolated as Jewish settlements sprang up around it, and today it is a place defined by silence and repression. This film follows the director's attempt to recreate the village's lost history, including the story of her childhood hero Suuad, the legendary local "bad girl" who was imprisoned as a PLO activist in the 1970s and banished from the community.
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