Danish Language DVDs

  • Babette's feast [videorecording] = Babettes gaestebud
  • Carl Theodor Dreyer [videorecording] : special edition box set
    DVD 110 (4 discs, 432 min.) 2001 Day of wrath: Anna, the young wife of a much older paster, falls in love with her stepson. Also stars, Sigrid Neiiendan ; director of photography, Karl Andersson. Based on the novel "Anne Pedersdotter" by Hans Wiers-Jenssens. Ordet: A farmers family is torn apart by faith, sanctity, and love. A challenge to simple facts and dogmatic orthodoxy. Also stars, Preben Lerdoff Rye, Cay Kristiansen ; director of photography, Henning Bendtsen, John Carlsen, Erik Wittrup Willumsen ; music, Poul Schierbeck. From the play by Kaj Munk. Gertrud: A woman leaves her unfulfilling marriage and embarks on a search for ideal love - but neither a passionate affair nor the return to an old romance can provide the answer she seeks. Also stars, Ebbe Rode, Baard Owe ; director of photography, Henning Bendtsen ; music, Jørgen Jersild ; costume designer, Berit Nykjær ; production designer, Kai Rasch. Adapted from a play by Hjalmar Söderberg. Carl Th. Dreyer, my metier: An elegant documentary of Carl Th. Dreyer that is a collage of memories and reflection of one of cinema's greatest directors. Director of photography, Harald Paalgard ; editor, Ghita Beckendorff ; music, Anders Koppel.
  • Dogma 2 The Idiots
  • Efter brylluppet [videorecording] = After the wedding
    DVD 5837 (119 min) 2007 Jacob, a Danish expatriate, runs a struggling orphanage in one of India's poorest regions. Desperate to save the orphanage from closing, he returns to Denmark to meet Jorgen, a wealthy businessman and potential benefactor. Jorgen invites Jacob to his daughter's wedding, seemingly as a friendly gesture, but the terminally ill Jorgen is also trying to find a new husband for his wife Helene. When Jacob meets Helene, he recognizes her as a person from a past he is trying to forget. The wedding invitation leads to a devastating series of surprises that change Jacob's life and force him to make a bitter choice.
  • Festen
  • Five obstructions
    DVD 3225 (90 min.) 2004 Lars von Trier enters the world of documentary filmmaking and challenges his idol Jørgen Leth to remake his 1967 film The Perfect Human five times, each time with a new obstruction, hoping each time that he will fail!
  • In a better world
    DVD 7992 (119 min.) 2011 The lives of two Danish families will become entwined when their sons develop an extraordinary but risky friendship. Unfortunately, loneliness, frailty, and sorrow lie in wait.
  • Italiensk for begyndere [videorecording] = Italian for beginners
  • Mifune
  • Pelle Erobreren [videorecording] = Pelle the conqueror
    DVD 784 (150 min.) 2001 The end of the 19th century. A boat filled with Swedish emigrants comes to the Danish island of Bornholm. Among them are Lasse and his son Pelle who move to Denmark to find work. They find employment at a large farm, but are treated as the lowest form of life. Pelle starts to speak Danish but is still harassed as a foreigner. But none of them wants to give up their dream of finding a better life than the one they left behind in Sweden. Pelle is inspired by the people he comes to know, and realizes that to make his dreams come true, he must set out on a path of his own.
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