Spanish DVDs

  • (Gavaldón, 1956) La Escondida
    DVD5629, 2006, 103 min. "In Mexico of 1909 a peasant girl rises to fame and riches as a noted courtesan. She retains loyalty to her roots and her love for a zapatista brings about her downfall." Roberto Gavaldón
  • (Schock, 2010) Circo
    DVD8484, 2011, 75 min. "Gorgeously filmed along the back roads of rural Mexico, Circo follows the Ponce family's hardscrabble circus as it struggles to stay together despite mounting debt, dwindling audiences, and a simmering family conflict. Tino, the ringmaster, is driven by his dream to lead his parents' circus to success and corrals the energy of his whole family, including his four young children, towards their singular goal. But his wife Ivonne is determined to make a change."
  • Alamar
    DVD 8820 (2010, 73 min) Before his five-year-old son Natan leaves to live with his mother in Rome, Jorge teaches Natan about their Mayan heritage, taking him to the pristine Chinchorro reef to live off the sea for a few weeks.
  • Amor, mujeres y flores [videorecording] = Love, women, and flowers
    DVD 5309 Core Describes the health hazards workers in Colombia's flower growing industry face from pesticides and their efforts to organize for better working conditions.
  • Angelitos Negros
    DVD 4460. Joselito Rodríguez, 1948. A story of family relations and the injustice of racism set in Mexico. Many of the actors appear in blackface to portray black characters.
  • Apaga y vamonos = Switch off
    DVD 4329 (2005, 87 min.) Switch off is a documentary tale about a usurped nation, about a forgotten genocide, about globalization, about one river. The Biobío is one of the longest rivers in Chile. This river has an enormous ecological...
  • Ariel Dorfman [videorecording]
    DVD 3857 (2004, 25 min.) "Forced to flee Chile after the military coup in 1973, Ariel Dorfman has focused his writing on the trials of tyranny and exile. This program looks at how he has fought for human rights as a novelist, playwright, essayist, journalist, and professor of literature and Latin American studies."--container.
  • Arráncame la vida [videorecording] = Tear this heart out
    DVD 6570 (2009, 111 min.) Based partially on the life of General Maximino Avila Camacho, brother of the Mexican president Manuel Avila Camacho. He was governor of Puebla from 1937 to 1941 and served as secretary of public works in his brother's Cabinet. He was infamous for being ruthless, arrogant and violent with his political enemies.
  • Aura [videorecording] = The aura
    DVD 5808 Fabâan Bielinsky (2007, 138 min) "Espinoza is a taxidermist marked with strange qualities--a photographic memory and random fits of epilepsy. To escape his lonely everyday life, he spends his time lost in fantasy about the perfect heist. When a fatal hunging accident presents a golden opportunity, he hakes the chance to put his plot into action. But living in a world of real violence might bring a lethal dose of reality to Espinoza--and the beautiful young woman he's brought into his plan. Now he must decide if criminal perfection is worth the ulitmate price."--Container.
  • Aventurera [videorecording]
    DVD 1554 (2004, 101 min.) Left alone after her mother runs off with another man and her father kills herself, Elena attempts to make a new life for herself in a new city. Believing he's a friend, Elena goes to dinner with "Pretty Boy" Lucio, but he drugs her champagne and sells her to Rosaura, who runs a brothel out of her nightclub. Elena becomes a sensation as a dancer, but all the while she nurtures plans of revenge against those who have conspired against her.
  • Balseros
    DVD2740, 2005, 120 min. "The true account of seven Cuban refugees (and their families) who attempted to immigrate to America via a series of homemade rafts."
  • Baño del papa = The Pope's toilet
    DVD 4903 Enrique Fernández, César Charlone
  • Barroco
    A series of images, music, and sounds, without dialogue, which address the Spanish, Native, and African contributions to Latin American music and culture. Features the opera "Montezuma".
  • Batalla de Chile [videorecording] : la lucha de un pueblo sin armas = The battle of Chile : the struggle of an unarmed people
    DVD 6628
  • Before night falls
    DVD 1887 (2000, 134 min) English and Spanish dialogue Based on the memoir Before night falls (Antes que anochezca) by Reinaldo Arenas.A look at the life of Reinaldo Arenas, from childhood in Cuba to his death in New York City. His writings and homosexuality get him in trouble with Castro's Cuba and he spends two years in prison before leaving for the United States.
  • Bella del Alhambra (aka Cancion de Rachel)
    DVD 5691 (2000, 115 min) The Machado dictatorship is seen through the eyes of Rachel, a woman who remembers her struggle and sacrifices to become a star burlesque entertainer at the Alhambra, a popular club for male viewers only. Many scenes from the burlesque musical theater of Cuba are intermingled with scenes from Rachel's life as she rises from obscure poverty to acclaim. The viewer is painfully aware of the limited options available to women at this time in history, yet the protagonist is determined to perform on her own terms. The film is full of political references providing a credible historical representation of the late 1920s and early 1930s.
  • Beso a esta tierra = A kiss to this land
    DVD 5618 (originally released 1995, 93 min) In the 1920s and '30s, thousands of Jews from Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East emigrated to Mexico. Their stories are told through archival photographs, film footage, and contemporary interviews with Jewish octogenarians who describe their journeys and their perception of Jewish life in the new world.
  • Bolivar soy yo [videorecording] = Bolivar I am
    DVD 3952 Jorge Alí Tria, 2001, 93 min. An actor on a historical soap opera becomes convinced that he is the man he portrays on television: South American revolutionary Simon Bolivar.
  • Buena Vista Social Club
    DVD 141 (1999, 105 min) In 1996, Ry Cooder went to Cuba to search for buried treasure. His recording featuring the re-discovered talents of Cuba's foremost folk musicians sold millions and earned a Grammy Award. Cooder now returns to Cuba with film maker Wim Wenders to reveal the stories, personalities, and music of the performers who collaborated on that recording. Includes live performances in Amsterdam and at Carnegie Hall.
  • Burlador of Sevilla [videorecording]
    DVD 3853 (2004, 120 min) "A superb production of Tirso's most famous work, the play that introduced the theme of Don Juan into European literature."--Container.
  • Caballé [videorecording] : beyond music
    DVD 6828 (2004, 98 min.) musical based on one of the most important voices in history. This film accompanies Monserrat Caballé on a journey through the most important cities, historic performances and audiovisual recordings of her life, including the appearance of people who, through a professional or personal relationship, help us to understand Montserrat the person and Caballé the diva. ...Caballe Mas Alla de la Musica
  • Caliente y picante [videorecording] : a latino session
    DVD 8394 (2007, 90 min) A jam concert by all-star Latino musicians held in Los Angeles.
  • Calle 54 [videorecording]
    (2001, 106 min.) Introduced to Latin jazz in the 1980s, when he was beginning his career as a director, Fernando Trueba has since become a devoted fan of the music. Noted jazz artists have scored for some of his films and he took his love of the music one step further in which he gathered together a number of his favorite Latin jazz artists for a series of interviews and performances.
  • Camila [videorecording] = Love against all odds
    DVD 5290 CORE (2002, 105 min.) Recounts the true story of a young Catholic socialite from Buenos Aires, Camila O'Gorman, who falls in love and runs away with a young Jesuit priest, Ladislao Gutierrez, in 1847. Eventually they are found and executed by the repressive government. The film also makes a statement about the affect of dictatorship on personal and political freedom.
  • Canto a la vida [videorecording] = A song to life
    DVD 4543 (2010, 48 min.) Personal narratives by Hortensia B. de Allende, Isabel Allende, Juanita Farias, Francisca Fernandez, and other Chilean women on what it meant to them to live in exile during the Pinochet regime. They also express their thoughts on returning to Chile when democracy was restored.
  • Carol's journey = El viaje de Carol
    DVD 3696. Imanol Uribe, 2004. Set in the time of the Spanish Civil War, the film is a depiction of the cultural adjustments of a New York City-born daughter of an American father and a Spanish mother who is relocated to rural Spain.
  • Cautiva [videorecording] = Captive
    DVD 6116 Gastón Biraben (2007, 109 min.) Cristina's life is thrown into turmoil when she is suddenly escorted from her strict Catholic school and told that she is really Sofía Lombardi, the daughter of activists who disappeared in the '70s. Questioning everything she once thought true, Cristina embarks on a journey to find her true identity. Meeting others like herself, the young girl soon discovers the real-life horrors of Argentina's relatively recent past and the nightmare that claimed tens of thousands of lives during the country's 'Dirty War.'
  • Che : investigating a legend
    DVD 2790 Maurice Dugowson, (1997, 150 min.) Examines the myth and reality of Che Guevara including his friendship with Castro, his world travels, his days as guerilla leader and his death at age 39.
  • Chico & Rita
    (2012, 94 min.) Cuba, 1948. Chico is a young piano player with big dreams. Rita is a beautiful singer with an extraordinary voice. Music and desire unite them as they chase their dreams and each other from Havana to New York to Paris, Hollywood and Las Vegas. Bonus features include the U.S. trailer, the making of Chico & Rita, and audio commentary with Director Fernando Trueba.
  • Cienaga = The swamp
    (2001, 100 min) Mecha is a middle-aged woman with several bored teenagers, a husband who dyes his hair, and the tedious problem of sullen servants - nothing a few drinks can't cure. To avoid the hot and humid weather, they spend their summers at a country estate. Mecha's cousin, Tali, lives in a nearby city, has a crew of small, noisy children she is trying to deal with. Before long, the restlessness of domesticity strains both families' nerves, exposing secrets and threatening to erupt into violence.
  • Ciudad y los perros [videorecording] = City & the dogs
    DVD 1928 (1994, 135 min) Four angry cadets in a Peruvian military academy set off a chain of events that starts with a theft and leads to murder and suicide.
  • Ciudad, La = The City
    DVD 7070. A film by David Riker shot in documentary-style that weaves four immigrant stories. Honored for its challenges to common stereotypes. 1998.
  • Cocalero
    DVD 6058 Alejandro Landes
  • Colors of the mountain [videorecording] = Colores de la montaña
    DVD 8480 When a young boy's soccer ball is kicked into a minefield in a remote area of Colombia, he and his friends do everything they can to get it back.
  • Compañeras
    DVD 5994. Elizabeth Massie and Matthew Bussell, 1997. A documentary about Latina mariachi musicians trying to break gender barriers.
  • Con el toque de la chaveta = With a stroke of the chaveta
    DVD 6190 Pamela Sporn, 2007
  • Contracorriente [videorecording] = Undertow
    DVD 7986 Miguel, a respected Peruvian fisherman, is expecting his first child with his beautiful wife, Mariela. However, their peaceful existence is threatened by Miguel's love for Santiago, a visiting artist whose presence is viewed as a threat by the villagers. When a fatal accident befalls the community, Miguel is faced with hiding his true feelings or coming to terms with who he is and risk losing everything, including those he loves.
  • Cría cuervos
    DVD 6249 Carlos Saura
  • Crónica de una fuga [videorecording] = Chronicle of an escape
    DVD 2814 Israel Adrián Caetano
  • Cuba va [videorecording] : the challenge of the next generation
    DVD 8603 (1993) Considers Cuba's future from the perspective of Cuban youth. Young people born after the 1959 Revolution discuss the challenge of Cuba's economic crisis in the nineties. Socialists and dissidents debate the merits of socialism vs. capitalism, the need for change, internal difficulties, and international politics. Documentary style interweaves interviews and spontaneous debates with rarely seen views of Cuban youth culture.
  • Cuba, une odyssée africaine
    DVD 5692 Narration selectable from French, English, German, Spanish, or Portuguese, with some French, Spanish, or English interviews and dialog, with optional French, English, German, Spanish, or Portuguese subtitles
  • Cubanos [videorecording] : life and death of a revolution
    DVD 2374 Yan Giroux
  • De cierta manera [videorecording] = Sort of
    DVD 6935 Set in a new housing project replacing a slum area just outside Havana, three young people try to readjust their lives to the new social order of Fidel Castro's Cuba.
  • Devils don't dream! = Nachforschungen über
  • Doña Herlinda y su esposa = Doña Herlinda and her son
    DVD 5932 Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, 1986
  • En la ciudad sin límites ( The city of no limits )
    DVD 1204 CORE
  • Escritores españoles en el exilio [videorecording] = Spanish writers in exile
  • Espinazo del diablo
  • Estadio Nacional [videorecording] = National Stadium
    DVD 6920 During two months in 1973, over 12,000 people were detained in National Stadium, which served as an improvised detention center following the 1973 coup. Most of the detainees were tortured and some were killed. This film, which contains the testimony of over 30 survivors and eyewitnesses, provides a detailed and moving account of their experiences.
  • Excuse me darling, but Lucas loved me / Perdona bonita, pero Lucas me queria a mi
  • Fea más bella
    DVD 5950 Ruth Olegnow, 2002 Mexican adaption of Colombian original "Yo soy Betty la fea", redone in the USA as Ugly Betty
  • Fidel!
    DVD 6115 Saul Landau
  • Flamenco
    DVD 6224 Carlos Sauro
  • Fresa y chocolate
    DVD 4854. Tomas Gutierrez Alea and Juan Carlos Tabio, 1993. A comic look at the Castro regime's attitude toward the LGBT community.
  • Garage Olimpo
  • Glorias de la literatura Española [videorecording] = The glories of Spanish literature. Introduction to Spanish literature
  • Glories of Spanish Literature: Middle Ages [videorecording] : from anonymity to authorship
  • Glories of Spanish Literature: Siglo de Oro begins [videorecording] : picaros and mystics
  • Glories of Spanish Literature: The Renaissance [videorecording] : from courtly tradition to loco amor
  • Glories of Spanish literature.: Apogee of the Golden Age
  • Hasta cierto punto = Up to a certain point
    DVD 6928. Tomas Gutierrez Alea, 1983. A depictions of contemporary Cuba in the form of a romantic comedy by Cuba's most celebrated director.
  • Historias del Kronen
  • Hombres armados = Men with guns
    DVD 5930 John Sayles
  • Honey for Oshun [videorecording] = Miel para Oshún
  • Iluminados por el fuego = Blessed by fire
    DVD 6117 Tristán Bauer
  • Imagining Argentina
    DVD 6029 Doña Herlinda, 2003
  • In the shadow of the raid
    DVD7613, 2009, 32 min. "The arrest of nearly 400 undocumented workers in Postville, Iowa, pushed the town to the brink of collapse and severed an economic lifeline to one of the poorest areas in the Western Hemisphere."
  • KM 31 [videorecording] : un lugar entre la vida y la muerte = Kilometro 31: a place between life and death
    wd 8/28/2015 0 circs since purchased. Readily available from Amazon (and inexpensive) 00002832cgm a2200577Ka 4500 001489026 00520150218110335.0 007vd cvaiz| 008080804s2007 txu095 vlspa d 0241_ |a 876122001603 02842 |a DMX0128 |b Distrimax Inc. 035__ |a (OCoLC)ocn287269231 040__ |a DPL |c DPL |d TEFMT 0411_ |a spa |b eng 043__ |a n-mx--- 049__ |a XIMM 099__ |a DVD 6561 24500 |a KM 31 |h [videorecording] : |b un lugar entre la vida y la muerte = |b Kilometro 31: a place between life and death / |c Videocine, Lemon Films y Filmax Entertainment presentan una produccion de Lemon Films y Castelao Produccions en coproduccion con Santo Domingo Films ; directed by Rigoberto Castañeda ; produced by Billy Rovzar, Fernando Rovzar, Julio Fernández. 2463_ |a Kilómetro 31 |h [videorecording] |b un lugar entre la vida y la muerte = |b Kilómetro 31: a place between life and death 260__ |a Houston, Tex. : |b Distrimax Inc., |c 2007. 300__ |a 1 videodisc (95 min.) : |b sd., col. ; |c 4 3/4 in. 508__ |a Written and directed by Rigoberto Castañeda ; music by Carles Cases. 5111_ |a Iliana Fox, Adria Collado, Raúl Méndez, Julín Alvarez, Carlos Aragon, Luisa Huertas. 520__ |a The film is inspired by the Crying Woman legend (la Llorona) and legends about highways ghosts. While driving one night through the forests near Mexico City, Agata Hameran has a terrible accident on kilometer 31 in which she loses her legs and falls into a coma. After that horrible night, her twin sister Catalina begins to feel a strong psychic connection with her sister, as Agata seems to be screaming desperately for help. Haunted by horrible nightmares and ghastly visions, Catalina decides to investigate what exactly happened that night on kilometer 31, hoping to end the pain her sister is suffering. 5218_ |a Not rated. 538__ |a DVD, NTSC, Region 1. 546__ |a In Spanish with English subtitles. 651_0 |a Mexico City (Mexico) |v Drama. 655_7 |a Feature films. |2 lcgft 655_7 |a Horror films. |2 lcgft 655_7 |a Foreign language films. |2 local 655_7 |a Films for the hearing impaired. |2 lcgft 7001_ |a Castañeda, Rigoberto. 7001_ |a Rovzar, Billy. 7001_ |a Rovzar, Fernando. 7001_ |a Fernández, Julio. 7001_ |a Fox, Iliana. 7001_ |a Collado, Adrià, |d 1972- 7001_ |a Méndez, Raúl. 7001_ |a Álvarez, Julián. 7001_ |a Aragon, Carlos. 7001_ |a Huertas, Luisa. 7001_ |a Pons, Mercè. 7001_ |a García Serrano, Yolanda. 7001_ |a Iborra, Juan Luis. 7001_ |a Fuentes, Carlos. 7102_ |a Videocine Entertainment Inc. 7102_ |a Lemon Films. 7102_ |a Filmax Entertainment. 7102_ |a Santo Domingo Films. 994__ |a C0 |b XIM
  • Latin music USA.
    English or Spanish language tracks
  • Lejania
    DVD 6932 This film is about an awkward reunion between a Cuban son and his mother who left him when he was 16. Set in Cuba.
  • Lucía Lucía
  • Lugar sin limites = Place without limits
    DVD 5975 Arturo Ripstein, 1978
  • Macario
  • Machucha
    DVD 3320 CORE
  • Madeinusa
    DVD 6081 Claudia Llosa
  • Manito
    DVD 6059. Eric Eason, 2006. An honest and hard-hitting portrait of the lives of a Latino family in the Lower East Side of New York City or a film that plays up negative stereotypes?
  • Mar adentro = Sea inside
  • Maria full of grace
    DVD 1359. Using the story of a Colombian teenager's recruitment into drug trafficking, the filmmaker explores the social conditions and motivations of the woman who is being exploited.
  • Martín (Hache)
  • Mexico trilogy
    DVD 6496. Written and directed by Robert Rodriguez, Includes El Mariachi (81 min.) -- Desperado (103 min.) -- Once upon a time in Mexico (102 min.). Because of the Rodriguez's successful career, his films are are among the few to illustrate Latino self-representation.
  • Mécaniques célestes [videorecording] = Celestial clockwork
  • Mojados through the night = Wetbacks : through the night
    DVD 3756. 70 min. A 2004 documentary filmed in ten days as it follows four men involved in illegal border-crossing from Mexico to the United States. English and Spanish dialogue, English subtitles
  • Motorcycle diaries [videorecording] = Diarios de motocicleta
  • Muerte de un burâocrata
    DVD 7464
  • Muerte de un ciclista [videorecording] = Death of a cyclist
    DVD 8791 (originally released in 1955, 88 min.) Upper-class geometry professor Juan and his wealthy, married mistress María José, driving back from a late-night rendezvous, accidentally hit a cyclist and run. The resulting tale of guilt, infidelity, and blackmail reveals the wide gap between the rich and the poor in Spain and surveys the corrupt ethics of a society seduced by decadence.
  • Mujer sin cabeza [videorecording] = The headless woman
    DVD 6885
  • Nana = Maid
  • Noche de los lapices
  • Nosotros los pobres = We the Poor
    DVD 6087 Ishmael Rodriguez, 1948. A humble, poor Mexican fights against injustice -- storytelling from mid-20th Century Mexico.
  • Not love just frenzy [videorecording] = Más que amor, frenesí
    DVD 598
  • Nueve reinas [videorecording] = Nine queens
    DVD 8267
  • Only human [videorecording] = Seres queridos
    DVD 8488 When Leni comes home to introduce her fiance Rafi to her idiosyncratic Jewish family, everything goes smoothly until the lovers belatedly reveal that Rafi is Palestinian.
  • Orfanato [videorecording] = Orphanage
  • Otra conquista [videorecording] = The other conquest
    DVD 1618
  • Otro Francisco [videorecording] = The other Francisco
    DVD 3373 A socio-economic analysis of slavery and class struggle through the retelling of the original novel.
  • Our disappeared [videorecording] = Nuestros desaparecidos
    DVD 6505 (2008, 99 min) "Through a casual Google search director Juan Mandelbaum finds out that Patricia, a long lost girlfriend from Argentina, is among the thousands who were kidnapped, tortured, and then "disappeared" by the military during the 1976-1983 dictatorship. Juan embarks on a journey to find out what happened to her and others he knew who disappeared and re-examines his own choices"--Container.
  • Pajaros Tirandole a la Escopeta = Birds will fly
    DVD 6933 An entertaining comedy about parallel love relationships. A young couple, Emilito and Magdalena, and an older one Hilda (Emilio's mother) and Felo (Magdalena's father). Emilito and Magdalena are sexually active, but their parents do not know it. When the young man takes his girlfriend to his apartment to make love, they are extremely surprised when his mother and Hilda's father come into the apartment and initiate a love-making scene of the young-at-heart. Emilito can not accept his mother's relationship for two reasons: he can't accept the idea of an older woman making love and can not accept the notion that a possible offspring of his relationship with Magdalena would be his own half-brother or sister. Finally the young couple get married; they have to do so since Magdalena is pregnant. The men are looking forward to having a baby boy ... the end is rather amusing!
  • Pasos perdidos [videorecording] = The lost steps
    DVD 6916 "The Argentine military governments of the 1970's and early 1980's left a terrible legacy. Not only "Los Desaparecidos," but also babies taken from their parents at birth, and relocated with families sympathetic to the regime, often families of the leaders and cronies. The lost steps is the story, twenty years later, of Argentine-born Monica apparently living a contented life in Spain with her parents until one day she is confronted by a man claiming to be her grandfather! Director Manane Rodriguez skillfully weaves the intense political strife with one man's faith that his grandaughter is alive, and his remorseless search in finding her."--Container.
  • Piel que habito [videorecording] = The skin I live in
    DVD 8768 (2012, 120 min) Since his wife was burned in a car crash, Dr. Robert Ledgard, an eminent plastic surgeon, has wanted to create a new skin with which he could have saved her. After twelve years, he cultivates a skin that is a real shield against every assault. Now, besides the years of study and experimentation, the unscrupulous doctor needs to find an accomplice, and a human guinea pig. Marrilia, the woman who looked after him from birth, is his most faithful accomplice. But where will they find the human pig?
  • Polvo rojo = Red dust
    DVD 6934 The portrait of individual disputes and class struggle during the early years of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in the mining town of Moa, in eastern Cuba, where a large nickel-producing plant is idle. An accomplished engineer is put in charge, and many of the Cuban technicians who worked with the Americans leave the country.
  • Princesas [videorecording] = Princesses
    DVD 5754
  • Que he hecho yo para merecer esto? [videorecording] = What have I done to deserve this?
    VHS 1799
  • Quinceanera
    DVD 2856. Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, 2006. A Latina's coming of age story set in L.A. Realistic with refreshing portrayals or riddled with stereotypes?
  • Ratas, ratones, rateros [videorecording] = Rodents
    DVD 2480
  • Retrato de Teresa = Portrait of Teresa
    DVD 3871 Teresa is a housewife and mother whose involvement in political and cultural groups incurs the displeasure of her husband.
  • Romántico
    DVD 6116. Mark Becker, 2005. Documentary about the pains and struggles an illegal Mexican immigrant living in San Francisco apart from his family. He works by day and plays mariachi by night.
  • Rosa blanca [videorecording] = The white rose
    DVD 8371
  • Secreto de sus ojos [videorecording]
    A crime-thriller about judicial cover-ups and corruption in Argentina, told through flashbacks
  • Señorita extraviada Missing Young Woman
    DVD 6099. A grim documentary exploring the hundreds of unsolved murders of women in Cuidad Juarez, across the river from El Paso. English and Spanish with English subtitles
  • Siglo XVIII [videorecording] : el siglo de las luces = The enlightenment : keeping the fire burning
  • Simâon del desierto [videorecording] = Simon of the desert
  • Sin nombre
    DVD 3014, 2009, 96 min. "A teenage Honduran girl forms an unlikely friendship with a Mexican gang member who is helping to smuggle her family into the United States."
  • Sleep dealer
    DVD 7805
  • Sobrevivientes
    DVD 1096 (Originally released as motion picture in 1978., 113 min) A bourgeois Cuban family, of aristocratic origin, locks itself into its mansion when the Cuban Revolution comes to power to sit out the bad times and preserve its class values. As time passes, the family and its servants regress through the different social systems of humanity, ending in their total destruction.
  • Sobrevivientes = Survivors
    DVD 1096 A bourgeois Cuban family, of aristocratic origin, locks itself into its mansion when the Cuban Revolution comes to power to sit out the bad times and preserve its class values. As time passes, the family and its servants regress through the different social systems of humanity, ending in their total destruction.
  • Soldados de Salamina [videorecording] = Soldiers of Salamina
    DVD 8084 "El escritor Rafael Sánchez huyó de ser fusilado, en los últimos días de la Guerra Civil española. Una novelista, tiempo despues, se da a la tarea de encontrar y unir las piezas de esta enigmatica historia, sin saber que en el camino se encontrara con varias cosas, incluso con ella misma ... "--Container.
  • Spanish literature under dictatorship, 1940-1975
  • Special circumstances
  • Successful man [videorecording] = un hombre de exito
    DVD 6924 Cuba's history before the Revolution is chronicled through the story of two brothers, one a revolutionary man of action, the other an unscrupulous politician trying to steer a treacherous middle path between opposing political ideas.
  • Sugar
    DVD 7111
  • También la lluvia [videorecording] = Even the rain
    DVD 9076 (2010, 103 min.)Set in 2000, a director and his crew shoot a controversial film about Christopher Columbus in Cochabamba, Bolivia, while the local people rise up against plans to privatize the water supply.
  • Teta asustada
    Spanish and Quechua dialogue; English subtitles.
  • Tiburoneros
    DVD7546, 1963, 100 min. "A middle aged man earns a modest living as a shark hunter to support his wife and children. Working on a small island, he sends money to his family in the city every week to ensure their survival. His wife asks the man to return home one day, and his fellow fishermen are saddened to lose a friend. He returns to find his family really doesn't need him and he makes plans to return to his simpler, poorer but satisfying occupation as a hunter of sharks."--All Movie Guide.
  • Tizoc, amor Indio
    DVD 6189 Ismael Rodriguez, 1956
  • Trabajadores = The workers
  • Tres García, Los
    DVD 6190 Ishmael Rodriguez, 1947
  • Tristana
    DVD 7970
  • Ultima cena = Last supper
    DVD 3872 A sugar plantation owner in late eighteenth-century Cuba attempts to bring Christianity to his slaves by staging a reenactment of the Last Supper, and to convince them to accept their position in life. His actions set off a slave revolt, which is brutally suppressed.
  • Valentin
    DVD 5706 Alejandro Agesti, 2002
  • Viajes del viento = The wind journeys
  • Violín
    DVD 6060 Francisco Vargas
  • When the mountains tremble
    DVD 3457 Chronicles the astonishing, true story of Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú, who is a Quinché Indian woman, as she stood up for her people and helped wage a rebellion in the wake of seemingly unconquerable oppression. Shot at the height of the heated battle between the heavily-armed Guatemalan Military and the nearly defenseless Mayan population.
  • XXY
    DVD 6091 Luis Puenzo.
  • abrazos rotas
    DVD 6814 "Harry Caine, a blind writer, reaches this moment in time when he has to heal his wounds from 14 years back. He was then still known by his real name, Mateo Blanco, and directing his last movie."
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