Marketing and Advertising Policy

Marketing and Advertising Policy

Purpose: The library’s physical signage, website, and digital signage are the primary vehicles used to distribute and enhance access to library information and collections for Ithaca College students, faculty and staff. In support of the library’s mission, these venues are used to enhance teaching and learning through the promotion of scholarly resources and library services. As such, all content must be directly related to the library’s services and resources.

Administration: The College Librarian, in consultation with the Web Services Librarian, the library’s marketing team, and the Library Systems Specialist, oversees decisions about the design, content, organization, maintenance, updates, and assessment of these venues. Day-to-day updates and maintenance of the library’s website are the responsibility of the Web Services Librarian. Day-to-day updates and maintenance of the library’s directional signage and digital signage are the responsibility of the Library Systems Specialist.

Website Procedures

Design and Coding: Web site design and coding is the province of the Web Services Librarian. To ensure site consistency and code integrity, the Web Services Librarian codes all web pages unless otherwise agreed.

The Library staff collaborates with other campus constituents to develop digital materials, which promote campus events/initiatives that have a link to scholarly library resources.

For more information, contact Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian,

Directional and Digital Signage and Graphic Materials

Design: The development of graphic materials to support library resources and services is the province of the Library Systems Specialist.

Graphic materials (posters, flyers, etc.) that promote non-library events and initiatives will be posted in the staff Lounge. All other spaces in the library facility are reserved for materials that support the library's strategic priorities.

For more information contact Dan Taylor, Library Systems Specialist,

Marketing Team

The library’s marketing team promotes library services and resources through promotions and outreach at campus events.

Marketing and Fundraising

The library is not available for marketing or fundraising activities. Student organizations are encouraged to contact the Office of Campus Center and Event Services to inquire about space on campus for marketing or fundraising events. For more information, see the campus advertising and solicitation policy.

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