Print reserves may be checked out for two hour use in the Library, multimedia items for four hours.

E-reserves can also be accessed directly through your Sakai course site.


Put Items on Course Reserve

All articles submitted for reserve will be added to Sakai course sites. Audio and video items may either be placed on physical reserve at Multimedia Services or digitized and added to Sakai. See our Sakai Guide for more information. Please provide complete, accurate citation information. If you need help verifying a citation, please call the Research Help Desk at 274-3890.

Please submit your reserve list in advance of the start of the next academic semester. To request the purchase of an item for our collection, contact your subject librarian.

Personal materials may be placed on reserve. All items will be taken off reserve at the end of the semester.

Interlibrary loan and reference items may not be placed on reserve.

All print reserve items are available at the Circulation Desk. Multimedia items are available at Multimedia Services.

Copyright & Fair Use

Ithaca College Library Copyright Policies comply with the copyright law of 1976. Reserve requests, therefore, are for one term and must be submitted each semester. If student papers are to be placed on reserve, a signed release form from the student must accompany the paper at the time it is submitted for reserve.

Fair Use Guidelines permit the Library to scan up to 10% of a library or personal book for e-reserve use. E-resource licenses will allow ebook links to be added to Sakai. Please note that some ebook titles in the current collections may be removed by the vendor at any time.

While the Library does not purchase copies of textbooks currently in use at the College, personal copies of textbooks may be placed on reserve. Promotional copies of textbooks sent to faculty by publishers cannot be placed on course reserve unless written permission has been obtained for that use. Please submit a copy of the permission with the item, or send it to

Material accessed via Sakai is limited to students enrolled in the class and is accessed using a Netpass user name and password.

Per publisher restrictions pertaining to copyright, instructors’ copies of textbooks sent to faculty cannot be placed on course reserve unless written permission has been obtained for that use. If the instructor does not have written pre-approval from a publisher, the Library will seek permission. This process may take anywhere from a few days or longer depending on the response time from the publisher; the library will hold the text until permission is received. If permission is not granted, the Library will contact the instructor and discuss other options. Please send questions to

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