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Hello, im trying to locate african american associate professor. Her first name is Jessica an cant think of last name! She was there 2012 an had her office in communications building with Professor chris house an other professors there. is it possible to get an email for her please! it is very important! Thank you so much!!
Comment from Anonymous on Mar 15 2018

We suggest that you contact the Dean's Office in the School of Humanities and Sciences.  You may contact the office by calling (607) 274-3102 or by emailing

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

Is it possible to get microUSB chargers at the circulation desk? There's only one android/every-other-phone compatible charger in the library, and you have to leave your phone at the table for that. It's very inconvenient that you only cater to Apple products in this regard.
Comment from Anonymous on Mar 07 2018

Thank you for your suggestion. Micro USB chargers and Android phone cables have been ordered for checkout from the Circulation Desk. We will post on the Library's twitter and Facebook page when they arrive.

Answered by Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager

The left-hand sink in the 3rd floor women's room is draining verrrrry slowly. Thank you.
Comment from Anonymous on Mar 06 2018

Thanks for letting us know -  we have sent a service request to the Office of Facilities.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

Hello! Over the past few days I have noticed that the right hand sink in women's bathroom on the second floor has a leak. I wasn't sure who the right person was to contact about this, but I thought someone should know!
Comment from Anonymous on Mar 03 2018

Thanks so much for this information - we will put in a service request with the Office of Facilities.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

There's a typographical error in the monthly summary emails ("We would like to remind you that you have have [sic] borrowed the following items"). Not a big deal, but I figured it was something the library might want to fix.
Comment from Anonymous on Mar 02 2018

Thanks for noting the extraneous "have" - we will update the message text.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

The library should get a microwave!!
Comment from Anonymous on Feb 28 2018

Thanks for writing! This suggestion has been addressed previously. See the second item under "Greatest Hits" here on Talkback.

Answered by John Birk, Collections and Facility Supervisor

Does the library has subscription to the Harvard Business Review and Barrons?
Comment from Anonymous on Feb 28 2018

We have access both to Harvard Business Review and Barron's.
See also this video: How to Find Articles from the Harvard Business Review

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

Me again. So when can we get this fountain back? Big fan of the Dillingham ones. Thank you.
Comment from Fountain Fan Man on Feb 26 2018

The space is now used by the Handwerker Gallery (see this photo from 1966) and the water leak repaired. Suggestions for improvements to the college's physical environment should be submitted through the PAR process.   

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

If you want to study in a quiet environment, where people are respectful of others, do not study at the library. For 10 minutes I listened to some guy walk around the library whistling obnoxiously loud. People have loud phone conversations in the cubicles on the 3rd floor all the time.
Comment from Ithaca Senior Advice on Feb 26 2018

We advise that students utilize the 4th and 5th floors as they are designated quiet floors.   We also find that peer pressure works best - asking fellow students to lower their volume and/or take cell phone conversations to the stairwells, which are designated conversation spaces.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

In the winter move the Dillingham fountains to the Library!!!
Comment from Fountain Fan Man on Feb 25 2018

Actually, there once was a fountain in Gannett Center - the water feature was in the area adjacent to the circular staircase in the lobby - the space is now part of the Handwerker Gallery.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

You have the Rod Serling collection. Is it true that Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson's phrase "zone of twilight" in a 1952 Supreme Court case concurring opinion was where Rod Sterling got the name for his television program "The Twilight Zone"?
Comment from Twilight Zone fan on Feb 21 2018

Rod Serling was a paratrooper in World War II - see this website for the supposed origin of the name of the series.  Please note that we are unable to verify the quote attributed to Rod Serling on this website.

Answered by Bridget Bower, College Archivist

I wish the IC Library had a guide filled with Self Help book suggestions. I think it would be nice if CAPS and the library staff put together reading lists or book suggestions for anxiety, depression, healthy eating, productivity, etc.
Comment from Senior IC Student on Feb 21 2018

Thanks for the excellent suggestion.  While the Library generally purchases scholarly and research-oriented materials, our collection does include books and journals with a more general focus.  See these selected titles in the Library's collection:

We will reach out to CAPS to discuss the development of a collaborative list.  CAPS currently provides a page with links to materials that cover these topics.  


Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

How do I apply for a job at the library?
Comment from Anonymous on Feb 08 2018

All openings are posted on this page.  If we have available positions, there will be a link to the online application form.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

What year did the IC Library stop using stamps and borrowing cards, switching to digital?
Comment from Matt on Feb 02 2018

Hi Matt,
The switch from McBee cards (used to keep track of checked out items) to an on-line system occurred in 1994.

Answered by Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager

I wish the new courtesy notices that get sent out had some kind of link to bring us to the accounts page of the Interlibrary Loan page of the library...
Comment from Jennifer on Jan 31 2018

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your suggestion. Library staff are in the process of reviewing and revising notices that are sent to patrons. Your suggestion will be included in our discussions.

Answered by Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager

I was the person who asked about Kanopy. Thanks for the explanation. I have another question. It may be a low priority, since I am checking out videos for recreational, not curricular, reasons, but you used to order packages that had both DVD and BluRay. Now there are many films we can't view because they are only BluRay. I don't think it is only me. Do today's students even have DVD and BluRay players?
Comment from retired faculty on Jan 29 2018

Our preferred choice is to purchase titles in a Blu-ray + DVD combo. However, some titles are only distributed in Blu-ray or DVD format; in that instance we opt for Blu-ray in support of faculty preference, particularly those in Film Studies since Blu-ray has a larger storage capacity allowing for higher audio/visual quality. It has also been our experience that some studios only release films in Blu-ray and thus the decision is out of our hands altogether.

IT has replaced all DVD players with Blu-ray machines which are backwards compatible, allowing for playback in either format. We believe many students use their computers to watch DVDs rather than players, or on gaming consoles. Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Xbox One actually have Blu-ray drives.  The library also lends external DVD and Blu-ray drives which may be checked out from the Circulation Desk, 2nd floor by students and employees (including retired faculty) for seven days.

Answered by Kelly Merritt, Multimedia Resources Manager

Is the Ithaca College Library considering Kanopy to provide online access to films?
Comment from retired faculty on Jan 17 2018

We continue to review streaming services and the titles they make available.
Unfortunately, at this time, we haven't found a service that comprehensively supports faculty requests from all the various departments of studies which also includes access to various genres, i.e. instructional, documentary, feature film, television series and even unreleased films. 

In examining the offered titles within the collections, we discovered that they often duplicate those already in our extensive collection of 11,250 DVDs/Blu-rays. Thus, we do not consider purchasing digital access to these same titles as cost effective since following fair use guidelines, we are able to stream most content in support of faculty curriculum via Kaltura which is accessible through Sakai, Ithaca College’s learning management system.

FYI, local residents and Ithaca College students who apply for a Tompkins County Public Library card have free access to Hoopla, which allows patron streaming access to movies, music, audiobooks, ebooks, comics and TV shows. 

Answered by Kelly Merritt, Multimedia Resources Manager

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Does the library have a collection of all the textbooks that are used for courses?

As a general rule, the Library does not collect textbooks for courses offered at the College. This is not because we are trying to make students' financial situations more challenging.  

During a typical academic year, there are approximately 2800 undergraduate and 450 graduate courses taught at IC. Using 3 texts as the average required for each course, this equals approximately 9750 books.  Also, textbooks tend to be frequently updated.

In recent academic years, the Library budget has allowed for the purchase approximately 5,800 new books and ebooks to support the current research needs of all departments and programs on campus.

We  do not have the funds to purchase current textbooks, while at the same time supporting student and faculty research needs.

Faculty sometimes place copies of textbooks or chapters from texts on reserve or ereserve.  If you’re not sure whether your professor has put your course’s textbook on reserve, search the Reserves site to see what is available.

Please note that, as academic libraries generally do not purchase textbooks, they are not available on interlibrary loan.   The IC Library does not fill Interlibrary Loan requests for textbooks in current use at the College.  

The Ithaca College Bookstore provides a rental service and sells textbooks.  Additional rental/purchase sites:




Amazon also rents textbooks as of Fall 2012.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot

Hi! I know this question has been brought up before, but I want to put it on the table again. I think the library should have a microwave that is accessible to students. With the addition of grab-n-go and the library cafe, the facility is essentially encouraging more students to bring and eat food in the library. I know that none of your products require a microwave, but students will often eat a meal brought from an outside source into the library. Please consider these facts for the possibility of adding a microwave in the library. Thank you.

We have reviewed the heating/cooking of items in the public space in the library with the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, particularly in view of the location of the Café. EHS informed us that doing so has the potential to trigger the smoke/fire detection system. Once the system is triggered, EHS requires an evacuation of the building and a fire department response. There is a microwave installed in the Campus Center as many students and faculty members eat their meals in that facility. We continue to collaborate with Dining Services in order to offer Grab and Go and selected café items that do not require heating/cooking.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot

I understand that the second and third floor of the library are designated as group study, however, every time I am in the library groups are so loud and disrespectful it drives me crazy. I realize the fourth and fifth floors are for quiet study, but I can barely hear my group discussing at a moderate volume on the lower levels. Is there any way to remind patrons that while the floor is group study, they should still try to keep the volume down to a respectable level? It would go a long way towards creating a more positive library environment.

Given the open nature of the library's architecture, noise levels are hard to manage. Try asking people to be quieter--this usually works. If it doesn't, please see a Library staff member, who will use his or her magical librarian shushing powers.

Answered by Ron Gilmour