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Tyrion Lannister? You are now quoting fictional characters?
Comment from Westerosi on Apr 06 2017

Absolutely. Some of my best friends are fictional.

Answered by Ron Gilmour, Web Services Librarian

Yep, still loving the library's All Gender Restrooms. Thanks Librarians!
Comment from Anonymous on Mar 23 2017

You are welcome - FYI, for those who are not aware, these restrooms are on the 5th floor.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

I renewed my books today, but the due date is still the same even though it says my items were renewed.
Comment from Anonymous on Mar 03 2017

After renewing your items, please refresh your browser; this will display the new due dates. If the due dates remain the same, please contact the Circulation Department. 

Answered by Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager

it's unbelievable to me when i leave the 2nd floor at night how busy it is and how people don't take care of their trash...then when i come in the morning how wonderful it looks nice and neat. someone takes good care of the floor
Comment from Anonymous on Mar 03 2017

We have a great housekeeping crew and will pass along your positive feedback.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

Just discovered the Obama reading list. Thanks. I never even heard of most of those titles.
Comment from Anonymous on Feb 21 2017

We add news items on a continuous basis - thanks for your interest and feedback.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

"Search Argos" seems...useless. It's like Googling but worse, less intelligent, less intuitive in returning search results. It overwhelms me (a seasoned information seeker) with useless and irrelevant information; I cannot imagine how a less experienced library searcher would feel!
Comment from Anonymous on Feb 14 2017

Argos can be overwhelming with its search results, depending on how your search is constructed. The Advanced Search provides a helpful structure allowing you to combine concepts. After your search, you can further refine your results employing many of the filters on the left (date, resource type, peer-reviewed, etc.). You can also narrow your scope (just databases, just the catalog, etc.). Try some of these different strategies to retrieve manageable and relevant results. If you haven't already, check out Tips for Argos, and feel free to contact the Research Help Desk for more advanced ways of searching Argos.

Answered by Laura Kuo, Health Sciences Librarian

What does it mean when you search a DVD and regarding its current status it says "Check holdings at Technical Services?"
Comment from Benji on Feb 14 2017

Hi Benji,

The status "Check holdings at Technical Services" indicates that we have placed an order for the item, but have not yet received it. We are happy to send you an email once the item arrives (well, the system is happy to do it, more precisely). In the record, click the Locations tab, then the Notify Me on Arrival link.

Answered by Dan Taylor, Library Systems Specialist

The library is too hot, so I am back studying in my room.
Comment from Anonymous on Feb 06 2017

It is actually a variety of temperatures in the building- it is cooler closer to the outside windows. The central system is set by the Office of Facilities at a standard temperature for the cool weather season and will be adjusted when warmer outside temperatures arrive.  

Answered by John Birk, Collections and Facility Supervisor

How do you search Reserves by the professor's name?
Comment from Anonymous on Jan 30 2017

Type the professor's last name in the search box on the Reserves page.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

Love this library , very calm.
Comment from Anonymous on Jan 16 2017

Enjoy the calm before the uptick in activity with the beginning of the new semester.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

Shoutout to Cathy Michael the communications librarian! She is so nice and super helpful. Such a great resource.
Comment from Anonymous on Jan 15 2017

Thanks for the excellent feedback!

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

I love the atmosphere in the library. Everything is great. People at the Access Services desk are so helpful.
Comment from Suggestion box on Jan 14 2017

Thanks for the positive feedback.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian

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Does the library have a collection of all the textbooks that are used for courses?

As a general rule, the Library does not collect textbooks for courses offered at the College. This is not because we are trying to make students' financial situations more challenging.  

During a typical academic year, there are approximately 2800 undergraduate and 450 graduate courses taught at IC. Using 3 texts as the average required for each course, this equals approximately 9750 books.  Also, textbooks tend to be frequently updated.

In recent academic years, the Library budget has allowed for the purchase approximately 5,800 new books and ebooks to support the current research needs of all departments and programs on campus.

We  do not have the funds to purchase current textbooks, while at the same time supporting student and faculty research needs.

Faculty sometimes place copies of textbooks or chapters from texts on reserve or ereserve.  If you’re not sure whether your professor has put your course’s textbook on reserve, search the Reserves site to see what is available.

Please note that, as academic libraries generally do not purchase textbooks, they are not available on interlibrary loan.   The IC Library does not fill Interlibrary Loan requests for textbooks in current use at the College.  

The Ithaca College Bookstore provides a rental service and sells textbooks.  Additional rental/purchase sites:




Amazon also rents textbooks as of Fall 2012.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot

I understand that the second and third floor of the library are designated as group study, however, every time I am in the library groups are so loud and disrespectful it drives me crazy. I realize the fourth and fifth floors are for quiet study, but I can barely hear my group discussing at a moderate volume on the lower levels. Is there any way to remind patrons that while the floor is group study, they should still try to keep the volume down to a respectable level? It would go a long way towards creating a more positive library environment.

Given the open nature of the library's architecture, noise levels are hard to manage. Try asking people to be quieter--this usually works. If it doesn't, please see a Library staff member, who will use his or her magical librarian shushing powers.

Answered by Ron Gilmour