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Finding Biographies

The easiest way to find books about a person in our library is to use their name as a search in the subject field. Word order is important in a subject search. Place the last name first ( ie. jefferson thomas).  This will pull a list of items about that person.  Then you  may browse through further subdivisions.

Each of the images below is linked to a short online biography of that individual from one of our databases. Just use your IC Netpass to log in.
Frederic E. Church

Frank Gehry

Thomas Jefferson

Washington Irving

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Frank Lloyd Wright


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What If It's Not in the Library?

Have you discovered a book that would be useful, but isn't in our collection?  Use our Interlibrary Loan service.  We'll borrow the book from another library for you.
Articles: If, while searching in a database, you see this icon:

It means that the full text is not available in that particular database. Click on the icon to see if it is available through another database.  If we don't have access to it online, it will offer you the option to get it through Interlibrary Loan.

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