ESSG 52100: Advanced Study in Exercise Physiology

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This is a great tool for finding primary medical and research articles.
SPORTDiscus with Full Text
This is a great tool for finding sports medicine, fitness, coaching and education articles. 
Full text of the Elsevier journals covering many subjects including medicine, neuroscience, nursing, pschology, education, and communication.
This is a great tool for finding education, health promotion, and psychosocial health articles along with research articles.
Cochrane Library
A collection of evidence-based medicine databases.

Search Strategies

Here is a search strategies to try: 
1. osteoporosis or "bone density" 
2. exercise or "resistance training" or "strength training" or "weight bearing"

Try some limits:


Course Materials

Guyton, AC and JE Hall. (2011)  Textbook of Medical Physiology (12th ed.) Philadelphia: Saunders.

Powers, SK and ET Howley. (2012) Exercise Physiology  (6th ed.) New York: McGraw-Hill

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Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise                             
Exercise Immunology Review
Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews                                  
Pediatric Exercise Science      
Canadian Journal of Applied Sport Sciences                       
Journal of Aging and Physical Activity                              
Clinical Exercise Physiology
International Journal of Sport Nutrition                            
Journal of Applied Physiology 

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