HINT 26000: Cultural Competence Development for Helping Professions


Best Bets

Multidisciplinary Databases
CQ Researcher
A full-text resource from Congressional Quarterly Press that provides comprehensive reports with analysis on popular and controversial topics that are reported in the news. A good starting point.
Opposing Viewpoints in Context
A full-text database covering controversial topics presented in a variety of formats from scholarly articles, news articles, essays, statistics, websites, videos, and more. 
EBSCO Research Library
The EBSCO Research Library is an interdisciplinary search across nearly 40 EBSCO databases. 

Health Databases

This is a great tool for finding primary medical and research articles.
This is a great tool for finding education, health promotion, and psychosocial health articles along with research articles. 

Statistical Database
Statista contains aggregated statistical information, and sometimes provides infographics. It's very easy to use!

Search Strategy Ideas

Once you've picked your topic, try to think of synonyms or different ways to describe your topic. Here are a few examples of possible issues and topics that you might be considering:

Social Justice
  • Social Justice or social responsibil* or equality or privilege or white privilege or black lives matter or feminism 
Social Media
  • Social Medial or Facebook or Twitter or Instant messaging or Text messaging or Snapchat or Instagram or Pinterest
microaggress* or micro-aggress* or "micro agress*"

Cultural Competency 
  • Cultural competenc* or cultural awareness or multiculturalism or cultural knowledge or cultural humility

Diversity in the workplace
Diversity in education 
Diversity in higher education

Race or Ethnicity
  • Rac* or ethnic* or multiracial or divers* african american* or asian* or hispanic* or latin* or native american* or hasid*
  • Income or socioeconomic or poor or "low income" or poverty or working class
  • male or female or transgender
Disability (physical/mental)
  • disab* or "mental health" or mental illness or mental disorder
Geographical Location (rural/urban)
  • urban or inner city or metropolitan or city
Sexual Orientation
  • LGBT or gay* or lesbian* or trans*

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Course Material

Allen, B. J. (2011). Difference matters: Communicating social identity.(2nd ed.). Long Grove, Illinois: Waveland Press. 

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