Consumer Health

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The National Library of Medicine's comprehensive and easy-to-use website devoted to consumer health.
The US government's gateway to authoriative consumer health information.
Mayo Clinic
Up to date consumer health information, self improvement and disease managment tools.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a comprehensive website on health and safety topics, and current events.
Family Doctor
The American Academy of Family Physicians' consumer health website. All content has been written by physicians and patient education experts.
Harvard Health
Harvard Medical School's website on consumer health.
An easy to use search engine for finding biomedical research articles.

Population Health

Children's Health
American Academy of Pediatrics
Information from the AAP on parenting, as well as health topics relating to children.
Childcare Aware
This website helps you find quality childcare information based on your zipcode.
Health information for children with separate areas for kids, teens, and parents - each with its own design, age-appropriate content, and tone.
Information for girls 10 to 16 years of age on puberty, fitness, nutrition, mental health topics, peer pressure, bullying, substance abuse, healthy relationships, safety and environmental health.

Women's Health
Information about women's health issues
Our Bodies Ourselves Health Resource Center
Information and resources on a wide variety of topics including body image, eating well, sexual health, and more.

Men's Health
Men's Health Network
Information about men's health issues.

LGBT Health
Gay Men's Health Crisis
An advocacy group that pioneers HIV prevention, care, and advocacy.
Gay & Lesbian Medical Association
A medical association of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender healthcare professionals that provides a directory of healthcare professionals and consumer health information.
National LGBT Health Education Center
The National LGBT Health Education Center provides educational programs, resources, and consultation to health care organizations

Senior Health
AARP Health News
Information and news regarding senior health.
Health in Aging
The American Geriatrics Society website provides information on health and aging.
Information on seniors based on your zipcode or health topic.
Health for Seniors
U.S. Government's official portal providing health information for seniors.
Health and wellness information for older adults.


Nutrition & Fitness
Consumers: Food and Nutrition Information Center
The USDA's website on food and nutrition, including recipes, and some interactive tools.
Information about food safety, consumer advice, news and safety alerts.
Choose My Plate
A fun website offering personalized eating plans and interactive tools to help you plan and assess your food choices based on the dietary guidelines for Americans. 
Fast Food FACTS
A website targeted to children and teens that provides nutritional information about fast food and food marketing. 

American Cancer Society
Provides information about cancer support, patient services, early detection, treatment and education.
National Cancer Institute
Accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive cancer information from the US government's principal agency for cancer research.
NYT Health Guide: Cancer
The NY Times provides an overview of cancer including in-depth reports, curent events and multimedia news files. 

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers information on HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention, and research.
AIDS InfoNet
A multilingual site that provides current information on HIV and AIDS treatment and prevention.
The Body: The Complete HIV/AIDS Resource
A comprehensive source of HIV and AIDS information.

CDC: Oral Health
Includes links to fact sheets and articles on oral health fromThe Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports.
Medline Plus: Dental Health
A comprehensive guide to dental health.
The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research is the NIH primary research organization.  The website provides information on disease, prevention, treatment, clinical trials, research, grants & funding, and career information.

Drug Information
Drug Interactions Checker
Type in a drug name and select a result from the list. Repeat the process to add multiple drugs. When complete, you can check for interactions.
DrugDigest is a noncommercial, evidence-based, consumer health and drug information site dedicated to empowering consumers to make informed choices about drugs and treatment options.
Drugs & Supplements
Prescription, over-the-counter, and supplement information from the Mayo Clinic.
Guide to FDA approved drug products.
Online drug index.

Clinical Trials
Center Watch: Clinical Trials Listings
This site provides a subject list of clinical trials actively recruiting patients.
 The U.S. National Institutes of Healt gives a listing of clinical trials conducted in the U.S. and around the world. You can search by specific condition, disease, location, trial sponsor, or drug intervention.
MedlinePlus: Clinical Trials
Excellent information explaining clinical trials and the issues one faces when becoming a patient in a clinical trial. 

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Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine
Presents current, unbiased information on alternative and complementary medical practices.
Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders
Provides clear, complete information on genetic disorders, including conditions, tests, procedures, treatments and therapies.

Includes information on more than 1,600 medical disorders and concepts. Each article includes in-depth discussion of causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, procedures, and other related topics. 

Entries cover topics in body systems and functions, diseases, techniques and practices, devices and equipment, and roles of all major health professionals.

Gale Encyclopedia of Diets
Covers topics such as dieting and popular diets, dietary concerns, nutritional basics, and the effects of a person's dietary choices on one's health.
Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine
Discusses how to safely and effectively combine conventional and natural medicine to maintain health and address specific medical conditions.