CNPH 101: Introduction to Film Aesthetics and Analysis

Introduction to Film Aesthetics and Analysis

Finding Books

Use "Search Argos" to search for books in our collection. For more information about using Argos, try our guide.

Please keep in mind that the films assigned in this class are recent, and because books often take years to write, the likelihood of finding one that focuses exclusively on your chosen film is pretty slim.  Your best bet is to search for books about the directors, the motion picture industry in that country, or the general subject matter. There are also a number of books which might have a chapter about your chosen movie or director. Try an advanced search in WorldCat and use the Books in My Library feature: 

WorldCat via FirstSearch
WorldCat via FirstSearch provides bibliographic information for over 41 million books and multimedia owned by libraries worldwide.

Once you find a book in WorldCat, copy the title, and check our online catalog to find out where the book is located.

You can also search for books that are broader in scope. Here are a few subject headings in our online catalog that will help you locate books about a general aspect of mise-en-scène, cinematography, etc.
Art and motion pictures 
Art and motion pictures -- China 
Art and motion pictures -- Great Britain 
Cinematography -- Africa 
Cinematography -- Europe 
Cinematography -- History 
Cinematography -- Lighting 
Cinematography -- Technique 
Cinematography -- Technological innovations 
Cinematography -- Technological innovations -- Social aspects 
Colors in motion pictures 
Digital cinematography 
Digital cinematography--History 
Digital cinematography -- Production and direction 
Motion pictures -- 21st century 
Motion pictures -- Appreciation 
Motion pictures -- Editing 
Motion pictures -- History -- 21st century 
Motion picture producers and directors--Latin America
Motion pictures--Latin America
Motion pictures--Political aspects--Latin America
Motion pictures -- Production and direction 
Motion pictures--Social aspects--Latin America

Reference Works:
Cinematography -- Dictionaries 
Cinematography -- Encyclopedias 

Finding Articles

Academic Search Premier:
This database covers a wide variety of subjects. 
  • When searching by director, use the PEOPLE field.  You'll get better results.  For example, there happens to be a prolific scientific researcher name Fatih Akin. Limiting this field to PEOPLE will weed out the articles which the scientist, Fatih Akin, has authored, and pull up articles about the film director Fatih Akin.
  • Sort your results by either DATE NEWEST or RELEVANCE (whichever is most advantageous for this assignment)
  • Use the SCHOLARLY limiter to weed out articles that are short movie reviews 
  • If it's not full text, use the blue & green GET IT button to find the actual article.  If we don't have it available through our databases, we can get a copy for you via Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

MLA International Bibliography 
Although its primary focus is literature, it is also a great database for film analysis.  

Project Muse
Full-text scholarly journals from major university presses covering performing arts, cultural studies, gender studies and more.

ProQuest Research Library
Provides access to more than 5,000 scholarly, trade, magazine and newspaper titles, 

Look for Bibliographies in Books and Articles

Check the bibliographies in the books and articles you retrieve.  As you read through the material and come across a particularly relevant quote, idea or reference to another work, check to see if it's cited, then check Argos to see if our library provides access to that item as well.  

Translating into English

Many of the films for this assignment are international, and you may come across articles written in other languages. Most databases have a translation feature.  See our guide on Laguages and Databases for details:

If the database you're using doesn't offer translations, try the same search in Google Chrome, then right-click your mouse in Chrome's browser window, and select the Translate to English mode.

Please note that these are machine translations which will give you the gist of the content.  In some cases, the mistranslations are egregious.  So if you wish to cite a translation in your paper, you should check with your professor or T.A. first.

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