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Best Bets

     General OneFile covers virtually any topic from a wide range of disciplinary angles. Use the default Subject search to find an appropriate Subject Heading for your topic and then open the "Subdivisions" link underneath. These will help you focus on a particular facet. Especially useful for prediction will be "Forecasts and Trends,"and "Innovations." 

      ProQuest Research Library : Comprehensive database with ample full text and good resources in science and technology. Try running two Subject searchs and in one slot put--Future or Forecasts or Innovations or Trends--and in the other the Subject Heading for your topic, for example Space Exploration or Genetic Engineering or Artificial Intelligence.

      Academic Search Premier : Another compreshensive database with ample full text and good resources in science and technology. The Subject headings available here for seeing into the future in include "Forecasting," "Trends," and "Technological Innovations." Try OR-ing these three together as Subjects in one slot and in the other run a Subject search on your topic--for example "Nanotechnology," "Power Resources," "Human Cloning," or "Outer Space--Exploration."
    Note: Academic Search Premier Subject Headings may be browsed in advance by clicking the "Subject Terms" link above the search slots.

     CQ Researcher  is a weekly publication from Congressional Quarterly. Each report (approx. 20 pages) examines a single issue relevant to American public policy, including health, criminal justice, internaional affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the economy. The non-partisan analysis always includes a "Background," "Current Situation," "Outlook," and "Pro/Con" section, as well as numerous charts and graphs of statistical data, maps, and a bibliography for further reading.
      ScienceDirect : This database covers not only the sciences, but also the social sciences. 
      There is only keyword searching here so combine words and/or phrases for your topic in the top search slot with future or forecast* or trend* or innovation* in the bottom slot. The asterisk (*) is the truncation symbol in this database, allowing you simultaneously to search singular and plural forms, as well as other variations on a root word.

Relevant Journals

Four leading journals on the future and technology are available:

Technological Forecasting & Social Change (1995-present in ScienceDirect)

Futures (1995-present in ScienceDirect)

Technovation (1995-present in ScienceDirect)

Scientific American (1845-present)

Quick Links

Technology Review: MIT's journal on emerging technologies and their likely impact.  The Web site offers only samples of the full text, but it could be useful for brainstorming topics.  And if you find something for which you want the full story, IC databases ProQuest, Academic Search Premier, and General Onefile all provide full text for this journal.
From Livescience, Tech
Future--Technology: from the BBC, this site groups together articles on the future.  And note that only 4-5 stories at a time are displayed so just keep clicking "Load More Stories"
Technology and mental health: Effects that apps can have on mental health issues for communities through the National Institute of Mental Health
Millennium Project : Their mission is to "Improve thinking about the future and make that thinking available through a variety of media for feedback to accumulate wisdom about the future for better decisions today." The "Books & Reports" section requires purchase, but there is some briefer, free content under "On-Going Programs" on the left.

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Recommended podcasts

TEDTalks Technology Podcast: Nearly 100 technology related TED Talks, that are about fifteen minutes each

This Week in Tech: Discussions around current events in technology. Each week offers a different panel with different backgrounds  

Future Thinkers Podcast: A tech-based transcendentalism show where hosts Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova analyze life through the paradigm of technology as opposed to nature

Where's Full Text for this article?

     Few databases offer 100% full text.  Most retrieve a mix of full text articles and article "citations"--article title, author(s), publication info, and usually an "abstract" or one-prargraph summary of the content.  When a citation makes you want the full text, look below it for this icon: 
     Clicking "GETIT" checks (almost all) the IC Library's other databases to see if any offers the full text of the article--or if the Library has a print subscription to the journal in which the article appeared.

MLA Citation

MLA is the citation style used by most disciplines in the Humanities. Here is my guide to the latest (2016) update of the MLA style.

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