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The Ebook Central interface provides access to a rotating collection of 75,000+ ebooks covering business and economics, education, technology, the humanities, life and physical sciences, law and politics, medicine, social and behavioral sciences, language and literature, and career guidance. Texts that are permanently part of the Ithaca College Library are also accessible through this interface. 

Some ebooks are single-user access titles; all other ebooks support multiple-users simultaneously. You can view, download, and print pages from most ebooks.

The ebooks are also discoverable through Argos, the megasearch on the library's homepage.


1. How do I download Ebook Central books to my ereader? 
See the Ebook Central Download guide for instructions on how to do this.

2.  How do I transfer downloaded Ebook Central ebooks to my ereader? Please refer to the ProQuest ebooks Support Center documentation for detailed instructions on transferring a downloaded ebook to a device.

3. How do I download a chapter from an Ebook Central ebook?
Please see the Chapter Download section of the ProQuest Ebook Central LibGuide.

4.  How do I access Ebook Central books on my mobile device?
On iOS and Android devices, you need Bluefire Reader, which is free from the App Store and Google Play. You need an Adobe ID to use Bluefire Reader.

5. How can I make sure that I print the correct pages of an Ebook Central book?
In the online reader. the page numbers in the top right corner of the page are the ones to use for printing:

     Ebook Central page ranges for printing

Before selecting Print in the online viewer, determine the range of pages you want to print. One way to do this is to go to the first page you want to print and note the page number. Then go to the last page you want to print and do the same. Next, fill in the printing page range with those numbers.

6. Why does the number of pages I can print or copy differ from book to book?
Please see the Copy and Print Limits article in the ProQuest ebooks Support Center for more information.

7. What can I do if I sign in to Ebook Central?
  • Make bookmarks and page notes for any available book.
  • Highlight text in any available book.
  • Quickly and easily access all books you have bookmarked, notated, or highlighted.
  • Be notified of new features and new document collections as they become available.

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