HLTH 32600: Health Planning & Administration

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American FactFinder
Current population, housing, economic, and geographic data from the US Census Bureau
-- There are three search options to try: Community Facts; Guided Search; Advanced Search

County Business Patterns
-- Search by zipcode or metropolitan area and compare. Look for the NAICS "62" code to find more detailed information about Health and Social Assistance

Find a Physical Therapist Based on Zipcode

Nexis Uni (replaces LexisNexis)

"Create a Company List" by searching for:
1. NAICS Code i.e.: 621340 is NAICS for PT, OT and SLPA offices 
2. Address: United States; State; City 
3.  Create List
4. Click "Next: Customize List" to customize your results
-- Change default from alphabetical to "Sort by Sales"
-- Play around with the options in the Contact Informationm; Company Profile (i.e. add in secondary SIC codes); Financial Profile
-- FOR MAPPING: Include only important Contact Information
5. Update Company List
6. Download Selected Items: CSV Formatted File -- This can be used in Google's "My Maps".

Simmons OneView
Simmons OneView provides access to consumer data on behavior, usage, purchasing/buying, and attitudes.

Google Maps

You can download a .csv file from LexisNexis that includes only address specific information. Then you can drag-and-drop the .csv file into Google Maps. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Go to Google My Maps and "Create a new map".

1. Upload a .csv file

2. Select your mapping variables 

3. Select your Title 

Here is a link to a map I created for Austin, Texas. I searched the NAICS code 621340 in LexisNexis and gathered just the company address information and downloaded it into a .csv file.

Video Tutorials

Jim Bondra, the Business Librarian, has created a helpful tutorial on using LexisNexis to get inustry information with geographical locations. Search with NAICS or SIC codes:

Find SIC codes

Find NAICS codes

Find industry codes for a company using LexisNexis

Find comparable companies using LexisNexis


NAICS and SIC Codes

North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS): NAICS codes provide a greater level of detail about an industry when compared to SIC codes

NAICS: 621340 -- Office for PTs, OTs, Speech Patholgists, etc 
NAICS: Hospitals (do a keyword search on hospitals): 621420, 622100; 622310

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC Code): SIC codes have not been assigned since 2004

SIC Code Search: Health

SIC Code: 8062 -- Hospitals 
SIC Code: 8082 -- Home Health Care Services
SIC Code: 7991 -- Physical Fitness Facilities 
SIC Code: 8049 -- Offices and Clinics of Health Practitioners, Not Elsewhere Classified

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Course Material

Ginter, P. M., Duncan, W. J., & Swayne, L. E. (2013). Strategic management of health care organizations. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, Wiley.


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