ICSM History of Western Medicine

Course Materials

Conrad, L., Neve, M., Nutton, V., Porter, R., and Wear, A. (1995).   The Western Medical Tradition:  800 BC to AD 1800.   Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Duffy, John (1993). From Humors to Medical Science:  A History of American Medicine.  Urbana:  University of Illinois Press.

Here is a collection of eBooks that focuses on the history of medicine. 

Oxford English Dictionary (OED Online)
Meanings, history and pronunciation for words, present and past; traces the evolution of each word through chronologically arranged quotations.

Best Bets

JSTOR : A full-text scholarly article database that focuses on the humanities, social-sciences, and history. 
America: History and Life : A great tool for finding citations to US and Canadian history journal articles.
Historical Abstracts : A great tool for finding citations to world history articles (1450 to present)
CINAHL : A great tool for finding health related journal articles.
MEDLINE (EBSCO) : A great tool for finding medical journal articles. 

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