ICSM Monsters

ICSM Monsters

Detail from History of Witches and Wizards, by T. Norris, 1720, London.  Image from Wellcome ImagesDetail from History of Witches and Wizards, by T. Norris, 1720, London.  Image from Wellcome Images
Interested in historical texts about monsters? Try the Monstrorum Historia via Prelinger Archives.

Best Bets

Here are a few all-purpose databases that cover a variety of topics, and include a mixture of both scholarly and popular journals.  These are good starting places for finding articles. For each of these, you can use subject headings  such as Monsters, Vampires. Witches, and Zombies:

For Articles:
Academic Search Premier: Use the Subject Terms button above the search box to find out how Academic Search Premier indexes their articles.
Art Full Text
Communication and Mass Media Complete
General Onefile:   After you enter a basic search term, click on the +subdivisions link to view all the related subjects.
JSTOR : Search within subject collections of journals, such as anthropology, art history, classical studies, folklore or sociology.
MLA International Bibliography
Project Muse
Proquest Research Library Hint: After you enter a search term, you'll see a box toward the top of additional related subject headings.

For Images:

Interlibrary Loan

Need a resource our library doesn't have?  We'll borrow it for you.

For Articles:
If you find a citation for an article in our databases, but it isn't full text:
First, try the "Get It" button.  

If it is available through any of our other databases, this service retrieves it for you.

But if the Get It button results in a "No Full-Text found" message, use the Interlibrary Loan Request Link (shown here in red):

Use your Netpass username and password to enter.

First-time users will be asked to fill in a contact information form. Next, go back to the "No Full Text" message, click on the Interlibrary Loan Request link again, and this time, your request should autofill the form.
Click on the "Submit Request" button at the bottom of your request page.
You'll be notified when your requests arrive.

For Books:
The simplest way to find books that may be of interest (but are not in our collection) is to use the database WorldCat
When you come across a book which isn't in our collection, click on the ILL button to connect with our service. 

First-time users, please follow the instructions, then return to the WorldCat record and click on the ILL logo again.

For more information, see our FAQs about ILL:

Finding Articles in Specialized Databases

Once you've chosen a topic, try using databases which are strong in your subject area.  For example, if you're studying the psychology of the monster archetype, the database PsychInfo may be useful.  Here are just a few recommended databases to try:
Historical Abstracts
Science Direct: While most of the content in Science Direct is  related to science, you may find articles related to the history of monsters in human imagination and the science behind the mythologies. Try combing terms to lessen the possibility of false "hits".  For example, try:
medusa and gorgons
Combining terms will help weed out "hits" in which the articles are about Medusa, the computer system, or medusae in marine biology or medical literature.

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