Lee Mun Wah: If These Halls Could Talk

If These Halls Could Talk: The Film

"If our halls could talk, what would they say about the alarming rates of students of color leaving our colleges? What would they say are some of the causes for their departures? What would our students say it is like to be a minority student at a predominantly white campus? Are faculties and staff prepared for this influx of students from different backgrounds? When conflicts arise around diversity issues on the campus and in the classroom, are administrators and teachers prepared to handle them? What are some of the solutions needed to confront these problems? These and many other issues are discussed in this dynamic and electrifying new film directed and produced by Lee Mun Wah". (quote from the October 2011 Stirfry Seminars Newsletter)

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Lee Mun Wah @ Ithaca College

Lee Mun Wah, April 5th 7pm, Park Hall AuditoriumJoin Lee Mun Wah at a free screening of his new documentary, If These Halls Could Talk, April 5th at 7:00pm in Park Hall Auditorium.  Lee Mun Wah is a filmmaker and a community facilitator. 
Visit the following links to learn more about this presentation and his work: