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Web Resources

Recommended Web Sites

National Marriage Project: from the University of Virginia, this site offers a Publications section with considerable full-text research (once you click on Publications, use the links along the left-hand margin).

Center for Law and Social Policy: Couples and Marriage Policy: The focus here is on low-income couples and families, but a wide range of publications—be sure to open the archives by year at the bottom.

Marriage and Family Processes and Gender and Society: Two gateway sites from Web sociologist extraordinaire, Dr. Michael Kearl.

Center for Family and Demographic Research: Working Papers: From Bowling Green University, a good selection of research on marriage and cohabitation, accessible here by year.

Council on Contemporary Families: A research group with a wide range of materials on marriage today. See especially the “Briefing Papers” and “Family Articles.”

Coalition for Marriage, Family, and Couples Education: Articles: As the name implies, this site is all about education as a tool to strengthen marriage. Although “non-partisan” and “non-denominational,” note that this group premises its outreach on “the epidemic of divorce and family breakdown.” These article links provide an interesting range of materials, but read critically and be wary of claims without supporting documentation.

Americans for Divorce Reform: Some interesting materials here in the Statistics and Articles sections, but keep in mind this is an advocacy group, dedicated to legal reform that would make divorce more difficult than the no-fault model.

Alternatives to Marriage Project: Interesting site from a “national nonprofit organization advocating for equality and fairness for unmarried people, including people who are single, who choose not to marry, cannot marry, or live together before marriage.” See in particular the “Facts & Fun” and “Current Issues” sections, as well as “Living Single” and "Resources."

Pew Research Center: Marriage and Family Relationships: Scan these publications from a leading research organization. Also check out the Gay Marriage Research Package from the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

Brookings Institute: Marriage and Family Formation: Data, analysis, and commentary from a leading think tank.

Public Policy Issues and groups: From Vanderbilt University, a good gateway to online resources across a wide spectrum of public policy issues, including "Women," "Sexual Controversies," Sexual Orientation," "Prostitution," "Domestic Violence," and "Gay Marriage."

Voice of the Shuttle: Gender and Sexuality Studies: A sprawling gateway to online resources in categories such as "Women's Studies," "Mens Studies," "Queer Studies," "Cybergender," and "Domestic and Relationship Violence."

Intute: Women's studies or Sex Roles and Women's Issues or Gender and Sexuality.  Intute is a British-based, international gateway to Web resources.  All sites have been screened, selected, and helpfully annotated.

Cornell Law School: Legal Information Institute: Good sets of links to “Marriage”  & "Marriage Laws" and “Divorce”  & "Divorce Laws."

About.com: Marriage: About.com provides a good—if mostly non-scholarly—gateway to marriage resources and information.

CBC News: Marriage: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation put together this Web site on contemporary marriage, with a range of interesting linked stories along the right-hand side of the page.

One Plus One: Information Center on Relationships: British research group on contemporary relationships and marriage—for a Western European perspective.

World Values Survey: Political, social, and cultural data on the values and beliefs of over 80 societies worldwide since 1981. A great site, but it can be a challenge to navigate.  The questions under the heading of “Family” address marriage, divorce, and men’s and women’s roles and responsibilities within families.   A great site, but it can be a challenge to navigate.  To get started try my World Values Survey: User Guide.

Statistical Resources on the Web: Sociology: from the University of Michigan, one of the largest and best gateways to facts and figures on the Web by subject.  Scroll down a few inches for the links to “Marriage and Divorce,” “Families,” and “Sexual behavior.”

Web Directories

     Web Directories differ from search engines like Google in that all the online resources have been selected and annotated by editors, thereby promising a much higher degree of quality control.  

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