OTBS 46000: Research Methods in Occupational Therapy

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Search Ideas: 03 Monday, 2:00-2:50 pm

Assistive Technology by people who have mental illness, or technology and environmental interventions for enabling elders to stay socially connected and age in place

1. assistive technolog* or "self help device*" or assistive technology device* or assistive device*
2. mental health or mental* ill or mental illness or Depress* or schizophreni* or bipolar or borderline personality disorder or anxiety

1. assistive technolog* or "self help device*" or assistive technology device* or assistive device*
2. "aging in place" or independent living or assisted living

DEPENDS on direction: assistive tech or social related tech

1. Computer* or Laptop* or Internet   or Cell phone* or Mobile phone* or Wireless communication or Mobile device or Electronic device or Facebook or Twitter or Instant messaging or Text messaging or social media or social networking
2. "aging in place" or independent living or assisted living


Search Ideas: 04 Monday, 1:00-1:50 pm

Sustainability in occupational therapy/health-related professions  (possible topics: education in sustainability for health-related majors, role of sustainability in occupational therapy, etc.).    I think the group is looking at the impact of community gardens on participants' subjective well-being

1. occupational therap* or allied health or health sciences or health professions or health education
2. sustainab*

1. Community garden or horticulture or urban garden* or ecological sustainability 
2. Well-being or health behavior or quality of life or health promotion

Search Ideas: 05 Monday 3:00-3:50 pm

Locomotion’s effect on infant development (does locomotion impact mastery motivation in infants? Do occupational therapists view mobility as important for child development, and is it a domain of OT?)  The group is really looking at whether powered mobility can improve socialization in very young children with motor impairment (disabilities)

1. infant* or baby or babies or toddler*
2. powered wheelchair* or assistive tech or self help device* or robotics
3. motivat* or social or psychosocial or play* or child develop* or interpersonal
4. occupational therap*


Search Ideas: 06 Wednesday 1:00-1:50 pm

Educational/practice issues (possible topics: clinical reasoning in occupational therapy; inter-professional education, experiential education, study abroad in occupational therapy; issues among minority students or therapists)  This group is looking at ways to improve recruitment and retention of occupational therapy students

1. recruit* or retention
2. Occupational therapy student*

1. student recruit* or student retention
2. occupational therapy*

1. clinical reasoning or clinical decision making
2. occupational therap*
3. education or student*

1. Study Abroad
2. occupational therap*
3. education or student*

1. minorit* or diversity or african american* or hispanic* or latin*
2. occupational therapy student*

Search Ideas: 07 Wednesday 2:00-2:50 pm

Driving and older adults (possible topics:  effects of driving cessation on older adult participation; driving and dementia; factors that maintain older adult participation when driving isn’t possible) OR aquatic therapy with older adults (or individuals with musculo-skeletal issues, or brain injury with motor impairment) in occupational therapy.  The group is looking at something around driving cessation, occupation, and depression

1. driving or automobile or "driving behavior" or vehicle or driving cessation
2. depression or mental health or well being
3. Aging or Aged or Elderly or Senior Citizen* or Geriatric* or older adult*


Search Ideas: 08 Wednesday, 3:00-3:50 pm

Children’s play (possible topics: playground environment and child activity; risk in children’s play; role of technology in child’s play, etc.)  Not sure yet--something about outdoor play maybe and risk?

1. outdoor play or outdoor recreation
2. risk or safety
3. risk or safety

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