PHYS 175 - Assignment Guide

Academic Search Premier Database

To Search for Articles for Your Assignment, Start with the Academic Search Premier database. You will be prompted to Log In Using Your Netpass Information

Enter your search terms. You can select "Subject Terms" if you know your terms are recognized by the database, or if you feel lucky. Otherwise you can search all fields, but you'll get a lot more results. To find subject terms, do a regular search and then look at what subjects are listed under a useful result. When searching, always limit your results to "Full Text".

Your search will retrieve a list of articles. Click on the PDF to read the article. For example:

See the Tools section with each article - the Cite link will provide the article citation in APA or Turabian Format

ScienceDirect Database

You may also find relevant articles in the ScienceDirect  database.  Select the Journals tab, Enter Your Keywords, Select Earth and Planetary Sciences from the Drop Down Menu, and Change the Beginning Date to 1995:

Notice that the second item in the list doesn't have a PDF link. If you want to see if the Library has New Scientist (spoiler: we do), you can search for it in our journals list on the articles page.

When you do this search, you'll see a list of databases that offer access to this title. Since it's a 2009 article, you'll want to use one of the three databases that include that year.

We recomment Academic Search Premier (it's easy).

eBook Central Database

Searching in the Ebook Central (formerly ebrary)  database will retrieve any ebooks that have relevant content at the book and/or chapter level:

The results screen will show you books that contain your keyword, but you can also switch to see specific book chapters that use your word or phrase.

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Websites to avoid

There are some websites that are not appropriate for this assignment. Some are geared towards lower levels (K-12 students, not college student), while some are not reliable enough. Below is a list of websites you should avoid. If you're not sure whether a website is good enough, look at the date, author/about us, and style. If you're still not sure, ask a librarian.

For this assignment, you should NOT use:
  • Wikipedia
  • StarTeach Astronomy
  • NASA Quest (other NASA sites are fine, Quest is for children)


Selected Journals

Search ProQuest Research Library for articles in the Journal for the History of Astronomy, enter the journal title and Select "Publication Title".  Enter your subject in the next box.

Search Academic Search Premier for articles in Archaeoastronomy,  enter the journal title and select "Journal Name".  Enter your subject in the next box.

Search Academic OneFile for articles in Sky and Telescope - Select "Advanced Search," enter your keyword and enter "Sky & Telescope" as a "Publication Title"