EXSS 37500: Research Methods in Exercise Science

Best Bets

EBSCO Databases 
This is a great tool for finding primary medical and research articles.

This is a great tool for finding education, health promotion, and psychosocial health articles along with research articles.
SPORTDiscus with Full Text
This is a great tool for finding sports medicine, fitness, coaching and education articles. 
ERIC (Ebsco interface)
This is a great tool for finding education articles.

Proquest Databases
The premier psychology database with a lot of health and education research articles. 
Dissertations & Theses Global (ProQuest)
Full-Text access to dissertations and theses. There are a lot of great systematic reviews and meta-analyses in the health sciences!
ProQuest Education Database
This is a great tool for finding education articles.

Cochrane Library
A collection of evidence-based medicine databases.

Google Scholar
A great tool for finding peer-reviewed articles, books, theses -- along with cited reference searching.

Defining Your Research Question: PICO

Determine and define the clinical problem
·       Frame this in a question format as it will help you determine the key concepts: population, intervention and outcome.
Generate a list of keywords using PICO
·       Patient or Population (what is the disorder or disease)
·       Intervention
·       Comparison (if any)
·       Outcome (what you are hoping to assess)

Clinical Problem
What is the best therapy or intervention for injuries related to overuse in soccer players?

Clinical Problem
Does exercise therapy improve bone density in aged women with osteoporosis

Search Strategies

1. soccer or football
2. injur* or overuse or "over use"
3. therap* or intervention*

1. osteoporosis or bone density or bone loss
2. exercise or resistance training or strength training or weight bearing or weight lifting

Don't Forget to Apply Filters:


Google Scholar

Brainstorming & Searching Exercise

  • Each group must decide on a research topic. It can go in whatever direction your group wishes to explore, but should focus on an issue in exercise science that you're interested in researching.

  • Use the white boards or paper to brainstorm and generate new ideas.

  • Try to think about ideas and issues that are related to your topic. This process will help you to zero in on your research topic, and the ideas you come up with can be used as keywords to search in your database.

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