Getting to Know Alma

Getting to Know Alma

  • This is an opportunity to play around in Alma before training begins
  • This guide is meant to walk you through a few beginning tasks so that you can become familiar with the interface before training; it is not meant to serve as training itself
  • You'll learn how to add widgets to your home screen, see the main search interface, and search for both a physical and electronic item

1. Logging In and Adding Widgets

  • Access Alma here
  • Login with your Netpass username and password 
  • Your screen will welcome you and encourage you to add a widget -- here's how!

  • Now pick a widget or two to add (the tasks widget, for example)


  • Once added, you should see your widget on your login page, as soon as you close the "Add Widget menu"

2. Search Capabilities in Alma

  • Searching in Alma can take place entirely from the main screen
  • You can do all your searching from the main menu, whether you're looking for an item in the catalog (where you can search by format), or whether you're searching for other information (vendor, fund, invoices, etc.)

  • You also have the ability to search using many different facets of the item (see below)

  • There's even an advanced search screen, if you want to use it (see below)


3. Searching for a Physical Item

  • Let's try a search to see what the results look like, and how we can limit them
  • Do a search of "All titles" for the keyword "cats"

  • Note the facets in the left margin which you can use to limit your search results

  • Limit your search to Physical Items, and look at the title, "Millions of cats." Clicking on the "Physical" link will show the location, call number, and availability

  • In addition to being able to edit the record, or view the holding record using the buttons in the upper right of the bib result, you can click on the ellipsis to see other possible actions


4. Searching for an Electronic Item

  • Keep Alma's terminology in mind. Portfolio means "specific coverage, services, and link information relevant for a particular electronic title within an electronic collection." 
  • It may be helpful to think of a Portfolio as a Holding record for an electronic item
  • Try searching for an electronic portfolio with a keyword search of "music"
  • Note that a search retrieves both electronic books as well as journals (and other sources, too) with "music" as a keyword

  • Clicking on the "Electronic" link will show information about the electronic item, including service type, availibility, and broader collection information

Alma Videos

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