Andragogy, or Adult Education

Malcolm Knowles' six assumptions related to motivation of adult learning:
  1. Adults need to know the reason for learning something (Need to Know)
  2. Experience, including error, provides the basis for learning activities (Foundation).
  3. Adults need to be responsible for their decisions and involved in the planning of their instruction (Self-concept).
  4. Adults will better learn when the subjects have immediate relevance to their work and personal lives (Readiness).
  5. Adult learning is problem-centered rather than content-oriented (Orientation).
  6. Adults respond better to internal versus external motivators (Motivation).

Principal Periodical Databases

ERIC (Ebsco interface)
Government funded database to journal articles and other documents related to the field of education.
ProQuest Education Database
Another good database for researching primary, secondary, higher, special, and alternative education.
Provides access to literature that focuses on the aging population from 50 years onward.
The premier resource for scholarly articles on psychology, including educational psychology
Academic Search Premier
A multi-disciplinary and general full-text periodicals database.
A resource for complete backfiles of scholarly journals in many disciplines, including education.

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