Additional Databases

Subject databases
  • Ethnic NewsWatchfor coverage of race, ethnicity, and related topics
  • Diversity Studies Collection : for ethnic group coverage and related topics
  • GenderWatch : for women, family, and other sex-related cultural issues
  • AgeLine : for issues related to aging and the elder population
  • MLA International Bibliography : mostly for language and literature, but a surprising amount of coverage of cultural anthropology and some archaeology
  • PubMed : for forensic and biological anthropology topics

Online Resources

Primates Non-Periodical Research in Full Text Images
  • ArtStor-- An image database that includes many images of use to anthropological and archaeological study.  Online guide provides links to related subjects for image collections.
  • SIRIS Image Gallery (Smithsonian)

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South Asia Feature Films
South Asia Documentaries
Protrayals of Native Americans in Film
EVIA Digital Archive
A digital archive of ethnographic field video for use by scholars and instructors. Funded by the Mellon Foundation, and developed by scholars at the University of Michigan and Indiana University, the Ethnographic Video for Instruction & Analysis (EVIA) allows users to stream unedited ethnographic field video.

Research Proposals

Drafting a Research Proposal
How to structure a research proposal for the social sciences. (from George Mason University).

Writing a Research Proposal in Anthropology.
A brief outline of the items usually called for in research proposals in anthropology. (from Gettyburg College)

Citing Sources

The American Anthropological Association follows the Chicago Manual of Style. In 2009, the AAA updated its own 9-page style guide supplement. However, the supplement is aimed more at editors of journal articles than students with term papers. Even in the supplemental guide, the AAA advises, except in some very special cases, "follow Chicago."

The Society for American Archaeology fully revised and updated its publication policy and style guide in 2017. It made the style guide freely available online.