Asian Studies

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You can browse for journals that are available through the Ithaca College Library under these categories: 
History & Archaeology: East Asia 134 journals
​History & Archaeology: South Asia 84 journals
History & Archaeology: Southeast Asia 24 journals
Government - Asia
Law - Africa, Asia, Pacific & Antarctica 36 journals
​Philosophy & Religion: Buddhism 15 journals
Philosophy & Religion: Eastern Religions 7 journals
​Philosophy & Religion: Hinduism 6 journals
East Asian Languages & Literatures 14 journals

Finding Books

Subject headings
Geographic headings are mostly what you would expect, but there are some quirks to watch out for. For example, "Southeast Asia" is Asia, Southeastern, but "East Asia" is East Asia.

Browsing by call number
Relevant titles fall throughout our collection, but the DS call number section will be where most of the materials will be located:
  • DS 1-35 (Asia - General)
  • DS 36-326 (Middle East & Southwestern Asia)
  • DS 327-499 (Central & Southern Asia)
  • DS 500-937 (Eastern & Southeastern Asia)
  • HC 410 through HC 497 ( Economics and economic development of Asian countries)

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Web Sites

Resources from government agencies, NGOs, and educational institutions for background, historical, cultural, and current information.