ANTH 10300 Biological Anthropology

Periodical databases

  • Biological Abstracts
    Good for finding articles if you are concentrating on any biological aspect of anthropology
  • ScienceDirect
    Especially good for locating articles from journals related to forensic science, criminology, and medicine.
  • AnthroSource
    The platform for the full text of journals published by or affilliated with the American Anthropological Association.
    Has the full text of journal articles in many fields, including anthropology, archaeology, and medicine, but does not include the most recent contents of journals.
  • PubMed
    Useful for medical topics
  • PrimateLit All the World's Primates
    For different aspects of primatology and human evolution
  • Project Muse
    Covers many fields of the humanities and social sciences
  • Academic Search Premier
    A good example of a general, multi-disciplinary periodical database. Indexes both scholarly journals and popular magazines.


Library of Congress Subject Headings


These are a few of the documentary films in the Ithaca College Library that cover different aspects of biological anthropolopy.
  • Ape Man. A&E (200 min.) 1994 DVD 1077
  • Becoming human: unearthing our earliest ancestors. PBS (160 min.) 2010 DVD 6568
  • Death at Jamestown. PBS (56 min.) 2001  DVD 3561
  • The human family tree. National Geographic (96 min.) 2009 DVD 7896
  • Human life. BBC (49 min.) 2005 DVD 4146
  • Human spark. PBS (180 min.) 2010 DVD 10249
  • Journey of man. National Geographic (120 min.) 2002 DVD 526
  • The life and times of Sara Baartman  First Run/Icurus (52 min.) 1998 DVD 2427
  • The story of hominid evolution. (93 min.) 2003 DVD 8039
  • The new chimpanzees: a National Geographic special (57 min.) 2009. DVD 512
  • Chimps on the edge: a National Geographic special (57 min.) 2009. DVD 513
  • Motherland. (60 min.) 2003 DVD 7624
  • Mountain gorilla: an IMAX Natural History Film Unit production in association with the National Geographic Society (39 min.) 2002. DVD 3672
  • Primate [Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center] Zipporah Films. (105 min.) 1974. DVD 6141
  • Race: the power of an illusion. (168 min.) 2003 DVD 2500
  • Science of love. Discovery (154 min.) 2003. DVD 2251
  • Story of Lucy. Nova (55 min.) 1994 DVD 9600

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