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Using the Library's Online Catalog

The IC Library's online catalog includes records for books and ebooks, serial titles (such as newspapers and scholarly journals), archives and manuscripts, music scores,  videorecordings (VHS and DVD),  nonmusical recordings, musical recordings, computer files, and visual materials.
 Please note:
  • Links to databases, Ebook Central books, and audio books are in the catalog. 
  • Book chapters can often -- but not always -- be searched. 
  • To search for articles in journals see the Research Guide for Finding articles
  • To see the print and online journals to which the library provides full-text access, search the Journal List.

My Searches

If you have done a series of searches in the catalog, click on the "My Searches" tab to display your search history.


If you clicked on the "Add to Bookbag" feature when browsing items in the catalog, clicking on this tab will retrieve a list of items tagged.  You'll be prompted to log in using your Ithaca College ID and last name. 

When should I use this?
To create a list of potential items to check out.  Check the box of the titles to print, export, email or delete the selections.  NOTE: It does not place your books on hold.

My Account

Your library account shows all the library items you have checked out. 

When should I use this?
To renew an item checked out to your account and to see the due dates for these items.

To renew an Interlibrary Loan item, sign into your Interlibrary Loan account using Netpass.  See this instructional video for more information.

Catalog Record: View Options

Viewing options
  • Compact View. This is the default view - it includes author, title, subject/s and call number information.
  • Full View.  Provides additional information such as added authors, summaries, or a table of contents.
  • MARC View.  Machine Readable Cataloging view with additional information.

Catalog Record: Actions

After conducting a search and clicking on an item title, a menu of "Actions" will appear in the yellow box to the right of the screen.
Notify Me
(if the book status is on order)

Rush Catalog
(if the book status is at bindery)
Notify Me: Sign in using your Ithaca College Netpass email.  The library will contact you when the book will arrive.

Rush Catalog: Fill out the Rush Cataloging form and the book book processing will be expedited.



Email a single record. 

Pickup or Recall

Pickup prompts a library staff member to pull the book from stacks and have it available at the Circulation desk for you to pickup.  Recall: Recalled books and scores are due back in 3 weeks, or on the original due date, whichever occurs first. Multimedia materials may also be recalled, but the due date will not be adjusted due to the short loan periods. Items recalled by the Library for reserve use are due in 7 days, or on the original due date, whichever occurs first.
Add to Bookbag
See more information about the Bookbag, above.

Print Click to print a single record.  You can choose the default "compact record" or the "full record".
Link to this Record
Save a persistant link to the record - click on "Link to this Record", copy the URL and then paste it in your email or other document.
Not on Shelf
If item is listed as being available, you've checked the stacks and the book was not there, use this form to trace the book.

Catalog Record: Location & Status Codes

The location corresponds to a floor and area of the library.  Ex:   Location :  General Stacks.  See that General Stacks A-HA are on the forth floor and General stacks HB-Z are on the fifth floor in chart below. Here is the library's  "Floor Maps" .

Call Number.  The Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System.   

Text me this Call Number:  Form to text yourself a record rather than printing or emailing it.  There is an anti-spam quizz.

Order Information  If the item was recently ordered the date of the order will appear.  If it has been on order for more than  3 months, contact a Reference Librarian to follow up on the order status. 

Where?  Click this for a pop-up display of where the item is located in the library.

Number of Items  The number of items associated with a record - copies of books. bound journal volumes, or cd's/dvd's.  




The item is not checked out and should be on the shelf.


   Find the item in stacks or request it at the Multimedia Desk.
    If it is not on the shelf, contact a librarian or submit a   
   Trace form.  

Checked Out

The item is in use

   Recall the book by clicking on "Make a Request"
   Request the item via Interlibrary loan
The item was not returned by the due date.
   Recall the book by clicking "Make a Request".  

Someone has requested a recall. 
If more than one person recalls it, the number of requests will be listed.
   If there is a queue, get in the queue by clicking on "Make a Request."


The item has been reported as missing. 
A trace is being conducted.
   Request the item via Interlibrary loan
Confirmed Lost

Library staff has searched for the item and not located it. 
   Request a copy via Interlibrary Loan
Presumed Lost

The system has flagged the item as overdue for more than one month.  
   Request a copy via Interlibrary Loan
At Bindery

The item is in the bindery.

   Check at the Research Help desk.  If the item is  onsite, you can Make a Request for Rush Cataloging.  If it is offsite, request a copy via Interlibrary Loan
Cataloging Review The item is being reviewed for circulation. 
   Request Rush Cataloging.
In Process

The item is being processed for circulation.  
   Request Rush Cataloging.
In the pre-order process
No holdings available -- please contact Research Help desk

1 Copy Ordered as of...

The item has been ordered but has not yet been received by the library.
   Request a copy via Interlibrary Loan

Received Complete
The ordered book has recently been received and is being processed.
   Request Rush Cataloging


Search: Foreign Language Materials

When searching for books in other languages in our library, use an advanced search to limit to the language of your choice:

see also:  Research Guide: Languages: Databases, Books & DVDs


See the Statement on Accessibility Features from the company that develops the Library's online catalog.

Ask Us!

Stop by the Research Help desk for assistance using the catalog.  You can also call or email