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American Chemical Society Publications
Journals and ebooks that cover analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry/medicinal chemistry, environmental sciences, chemical engineering and computer science, food science and technology, physical chemistry and polymer and materials sciences. 

SciFinder  Provides access to single- and multi-step reactions, synthetic preparations, predicted and experimental properties, the CAS REGISTRYSM database, patent records, and sequences combined from CAS and GenBank databases. Note: Users need to register and create an account.  

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SCiFinder Resource on Demand tutorial on the Sci Finder Training Page.  These tutorials explain the basic search techniques in SCiFinder: searching for references, substances, or reactions.

Biological Abstracts
Provides abstracts and bibliographic references to journal items focusing on vital biological and medical research findings, pharmacological studies, and discoveries of new organisms. Includes some linked full text.

Full-text scientific, technological, medical journals; subjects covered include biology, biochemistry, business management and accounting, chemistry, computer science, economics, finance, environmental science, mathematics, medicine, neuroscience, nursing, physics, psychology, education, and communication. Includes access to selected full-text reference books. Indexing/Abstracts to additional titles.

Entrez, the Life Sciences Search Engine
Entrez searches across major databases, including PubMed, PubChem, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM), Nucleotide and Protein Sequences, Protein Structures, Complete Genomes, and Taxonomy. It also searches the NCBI website and NCBI Bookshelf of publicly accessible biomedical books.

Google Scholar
Links to peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports. Supports cited reference searching. Includes recent or unpublished work that hasn't yet been indexed. Includes links to full-text resources when available.
Provides access to abstracts, papers, books, conferences, news, and Chemistry forums. (Registration required)
An online global gateway to science information from 28 national databases.
Research portal that allows searching across 38 scientific databases from the US government.

CAS Source Index (CASSI)
Database of journal and series titles indexed by CAS since 1907.  Especially useful for de-coding journal abbreviations.

General Reference

ChemEd DL (Chemical Education Digital Library)
Very extensive site covering (mostly) undergraduate level chemistry.  While intended primarily for educators, ChemEd DL can serve as a valuable reference for students as well.

Kent and Riegel's Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology
Ref TP145 .R53 2007
Features specialized chapters on a host of topics in practical chemistry, from green chemistry to the nuclear industry.

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology
Ref Q121 .M3 2012
Illustrated encyclopedia of all the sciences.

Vocabulary and Concepts of Organic Chemistry
Ref QD291 .V63 2005
Excellent reference work on organic chemistry. Contains chapters not only on the different classes of organic and organometallic compounds, but also on methods in organic chemistry such as separation techniques and spectroscopy.

Property Data

A resource from the National Library of Medicine that provides access to structure and nomenclature information for the identification of chemical substances cited in NLM databases. The database contains over 380,000 chemical records, of which over 263,000 include chemical structures.

Comprehensive Organic Name Reactions and Reagents 
Three volume encyclopedia of named reactions in organic chemistry.  Entries are generally 3-5 pages and include lists of references.

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 
Immense compendium of chemical and physical data.

Handbook of Organic Compounds 
Title continues: "NIR, IR, Raman, and UV-Vis Spectra Featuring Polymers and Surfactants"  3-volume set of spectral data and techniques.

Chemical structure database providing fast text and structure search access to over 26 million structures from hundreds of data sources.

Household Products Database
Health & Safety Information on Household Products from the National Library of Medicine. Information is taken from a variety of publicly available sources, including brand-specific labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) prepared by manufacturers.

Organic Syntheses
Database of organic reactions that can be searched by keyword or structure (with a ChemDraw plugin).  Also features tables of contents for the print volumes of Organic Syntheses, for the easy location of known citations.

Free database of biologically active chemical compounds from NCBI. Searching help is available here.

Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials 
Three volume handbook of toxicological data of common chemicals.

A commercial chemical supplier whose website offers spectral and other property data on their products.

Toxicology data network from the National Library of Medicine. Databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases. The most complete toxicology information is often found in the entries from the Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB).

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ACS Style Guide

The ACS Style Guide: Effective Communication of Scientific Information. American Chemical Association, 3rd ed., c2006.

Periodic Tables

Periodic Table
Interactive periodic table from Chemicool.

Interactive periodic table developed by David D. Hsu of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  It provide infomration about the elements properties, discovery, uses, appearances, characteristics and more.

Interactive Periodic Table
This periodic table offers a “what’s this?” approach to exploring the chemical elements. It includes graphical highlights of various relationships among the elements. Courtesy of W. H. Freeman, publisher of Chemistry in the Community and CADRE design.

Periodic Table Live
Interactive periodic table from the ChemEd Digital Library.  Provides extensive historical, physical, and atomic data about each element.

The Periodic Table of Videos.
This website was created by the University of Nottingham, oofers short videos about the elements and other chemistry topics.