TVR 46000: Distribution and Marketing of Programming for the Web

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This guide supports the Park School TV-R senior seminar on Distribution and Marketing of Programming for the web.  There is information about copyright, digital marketing, storytelling, and transmedia.  Numerous alert services and Twitter feeds are listed as the industry is constantly in flux. 

Books on your Syllabus

Marketing and Social Media

Selected titles: ​DVD (from the library Multimedia Desk: DVD 10109)
  • Granberry, R., Bailey, J., & Lieu, S. (2014). Digital media for business marketing producer, Richard Granberry ; script writer, Jack Bailey. New York, NY: Films for the Humanities & Sciences. "Digital technology has transformed the way companies use traditional media such as TV, radio, and print while simultaneously introducing Web sites, social mediaplatforms, and mobile apps to the marketing mix. This timely two-part series will show viewers how to put online and mobile media to work expanding and enhancing customer/company relationships as consumers continue to seek out products and services whenever they want them and wherever they are."
Books by Subject: Articles (subject searches in EBSCO databases)

Producing and Distributing

Selected titles: Books: Articles Crowdfunding
  • Crowdscribed
     Crowdsourcing the book creation process.
  • indiegogo
    Funding platform.   Search Ithaca, NY to find projects by Ithaca College students.
  • Kickstarter
    Funding platform for creative projects.  Artists set a financial goal.  Donations at any level can be made.  If the funding goal is not met the donors will be refunded their money.  Projects are searchable. 
  • Seed&Spark
    Platform to help fund independent films. Movies can be rented on the site. 
Educational Distributors:
Many advertise to libraries on the videonews list. Commercial Vendors of popular television and film for home entertainment:

Best Bets: Databases

Note:  The Dashboard (see right column) searches across all databases. I recommend it as a starting place.  For more search control using field codes and databases thesaurus, search the databases one at a time.

Business Communications General
Any of the databases below are good to search on any topic. News


Selected titles: Books by Subject: Articles: Websites:

Copyright Resources for Filmmakers

Researching Linking and Copyright

Article from class (use Netpass to authenticate before accessing)
  • Hörnle, J. (2014). Is linking communicating? Computer Law & Security Review30(4), 439–444. doi:10.1016/j.clsr.2014.05.003​   Note that this article has a UK focus.

Sample search in SSRN (pre-publication social science research -- includes law reviews):
​Sample search strategy in EBSCO:
Sample search strategy in ProQuest:
Sample search strategy in GALE: Sample search strategy in ScienceDirect:

Ian Ginn: transmedia from concept to launch

Transmedia - Ian Ginn - English - Take your indie transmedia project from concept to launch

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SmartBrief: Entertainment Matters

Smartbrief gathers top news stories on entertainment. You need to sign up for alerts:  There is also an alert from the NAB:

StreamingMedia magazine

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Digital Media Association: Press Releases

"DiMA IS the ambassador for the digital media industry: webcasters, online media, digital services, and technology innovators. DiMA is the leading advocate for a stable legal environment in which to build ideas into industries, and inventions into profits." (from their website).

Read their Press Releases:

Federal Communication Commission

Keep track of regulatory changes by the Federal Communication Commission by reading coverage in the Benton Foundation newsletter, Broadcast & Cable (trade pub, Eggerton covers Washington including Congess) or by signing up for their alerts (could be overwhelming).

MediaPost: Search Marketing Daily

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Twitter Feeds

  • BBC Production @BBCCoP
  • Nuno Bernardo @nmfbernardo Emmy nominated transmedia writer
  • Caitlin Burns @Caitlin_Burns Transmedia Producer at StarlightRunner 
  • CreatorUp! @creatorup Your online web series school
  • The D-Word  @dwordcom The leading online documentary community
  • Christy Dena @christydena writer-designer-director of playful stories
  • Michael Franklin @filmbizresearch "an industry consultant and academic researcher for film and cognate Industries" (UK)
  • Ian Ginn @ianginn transmedia author & producer, experience designer, consultant, educator, speaker.
  • International Academy of Web Television @iawtv
  • Jeff Gomez @Jeff_Gomez CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment.
  • Sparrow Hall @sparrowhall Immersive storyteller
  • Henry Jenkins @henryjenkins Provost's Professor of Communication, Journalism and Cinematic Arts, USC
  • Ben Kempas @kempas Producer at Scottish Documentary Institute Filmmaker. @NationBuilderArchitect. Co-host of The D-Word 
  • Robert Pratten @robpratten Founder and CEO of Transmedia Storyteller Ltd.
  • Jon Reiss @Jon_Reiss  Filmmaker/Author/Strategist
  • Simon Staffans @simon_staffans Content developer
  • Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee entrepreneur that uses storytelling in branding and marketing
  • Scott Walker @scott_walker Storyteller, world builder, creative catalyst. Also, typing monkey.
  • lance weiler @LanceWeiler story architect of film, tv and games - an all around culture hacker
  • FutureOfStoryTelling @FoSTorg Reinventing the way stories are told

Felicia Day

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Web Marketing Today: social media

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Scottish Documentary Blog

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