ENVS 37500 Environmental Technologies

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These databases may contain articles that will help you with your research. Since environmental technoloy spans several disciplines, you may find resources in any number of databases - feel free to try others! If you'd like to search almost all of the library's resources at once, use the Argos search box on the right side of this page.

Academic Search Premier  
Academic Search Premier is an interdisciplinary database. It's a good way to start research and see what's out there on your topic.

AGRICOLA is run by the US Department of Agriculture. There are some resources on research, technology, and biotech. 

GreenFILE has articles on the environment, climate change, alternative energy, and other topics that may be of interest.

PLoS ONE: Public Library of Science
PLoS is a great place to search for scientific research. All articles in PLoS are available in full-text.

Selected Books & Ebooks

The library has several books with information about biomimicry, environmental technology, and innovation. This is not a complete list, but should get you started. These books are listed by category, but there's significant overlap - you'll find a lot about innovation in many of the biomimicry books, and vice versa. 

Biomimicry Nanotechnology
Technological Innovation

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Subject headings & keywords

All library books (and ebooks) have Subject Headings associated with them. They describe the contents of the book. Below are some subject headings that relate to this course. You can browse through them or combine them with other concepts to get better results. If you're searching some databases or the web, you'll want keywords. You can use whatever keywords you think are appropriate, but here are some suggestions:
  • Biomimicry, biomimetics 
  • Environment, environmental
  • Innovation, invention