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FAQS: Technology FAQs

You can upload your document to, select lucida/webprint-library and then print from the Library's Release Station, located to the left of the Circulation Desk.
Yes, you can view Ebook Central content on these devices as well as on Kindles and Nooks.

Please see the Ebook Central User Guide for ways to access Ebook Central content.


Please refer to this document for connecting to Wireless.
Here's a quick video tutorial for the visual/audio people out there.

1.    Insert microfilm roll on to left spool, film coming off from the top (for fiche, pull black handle and insert fiche under the glass).

2.    Press and hold the blue lever, until the film loads on the right spool.

3.    Use the large gray knob to advance or rewind the microfilm.

4.    Problems? Ask at either the Circulation or Research Help Desks

There are approximately 75 desktop PCs in the Library. 21 Dell laptops, 10 Mac Books and 2 iPads can be borrowed for 6-hour use in the Library.  Laptops can be checked out at the Circulation Desk.  We also check out cords to connect laptops with power outlets.  The desktop PCs are located in the following areas:

  • on the 3rd floor - along the north (Lake) side
  • in the Multimedia Listening area
  • clustered around the pillars on the Main (2nd) Floor
All E-reserves are now accessed via Sakai. Users log-in with their Netpass e-mail username and password. 

Color printing is available from any library desktop computer; .30 cents per single side, or .56 cents for double-sided. Select File -> Print -. librarycolor.

The Library has a color printer / copier, located on the main floor of the Library. It prints PDF, JPG, and TIFF files - the charge is 30 cents per copy. If you need to print a Word or Powerpoint file, convert it to PDF first. 

The Center for Print Production, located in the Public Safety/General Services Building (open M-F 8am-4 pm) provides large format printing and laminating. Jobs may be submitted through WebCRD, and picked up at the Library during open hours.

If you need a reserve book or a laptop that is currently checked out, the Circulation Desk can send you a cell phone text message when the item becomes available. You may request this service at the Circulation Desk.
There is a fax machine in the bookstore that accepts cash or ID Express. Alternately, you can scan documents at one of the public scanners or photocopiers on the main floor of the Library or the scanner in the Digital Media Center and then send the document as an e-mail attachment.
The Circulation Desk has external USB CD/DVD drives, which may be borrowed for seven days.
The Office of Academic Support Services provides a variety of specialty software programs and adaptive technology services are available for use by students registered with the Office of Academic Support Services and faculty.  See the Office's website.
Here is a list of software, available on the Library's public computers.

* Bluetooth keyboard
* Calculators
* Dell laptops
* External CD/DVD drive - 7 day loan
* External microphones
* Headphones/Headsets
* HD video camera/recorders - 7 day loan
* iPads (geneation 1 and 2)
* iPad chargers
* Mac books
* Power strips/extension cords
* USB web cam
* VGA monitor cables
Most computers include a calculator application.  On Windows machines you can find it under "All Programs -> Accessories -> Calculator."  The calculator will look like a standard 4-function when it first appears, but you can use the "view" menu to change it to a scientific calculator.  On a Mac, you can find the calculator in the "Applications" folder.  The Mac calculator also offers a scientific option.

If you would rather use a hand held calculator, we have a few scientific and graphing calculators available for checkout at the circulation desk.

If you need a graphing calculator, there are a few web options.  Wolfram Alpha is a web application based on Mathematica software and offers graphing capabilities. GCalc is a graphing calculator available on the web as a Java applet.

See the DIIS guide on services for guests. If you own a laptop or tablet, you may connect to IthacaCollege-Guest, the College’s wireless network, which requires no authentication and allows visitors access to the Internet on personal devices. Information transmitted or received over IthacaCollege-Guest is not encrypted and could be intercepted and viewed by other network users.

At the present time, 30% recycled paper is the standard paper used on campus.  General Services has had some experience with 100% recycled paper - they found that the increased amount of paper dust led to a high number of service calls and increased downtime for the printing/copying machines while they were being serviced.   General Services continues to work with the supplier and expects to migrate to 50% recycled paper in the near future.   As production technology improves, we expect that the issues with 100% recycled paper will be resolved and it will eventually become the College's standard paper.

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