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Gannett 319 has been developed for use by the Center for Faculty Excellence, the Library, and individual faculty and staff members. The room has 5 collaboration pods with two displays. A Crestron unit and interactive Eno board/stylus support collaboration and lecture modes, with a wireless keyboard for the instructor and each pod.  Each pod accommodates 6 people - the room is designed to seat 30 people comfortably.

Faculty and staff may schedule the use of Gannett 319 for workshops or instructional sessions. It is not available for reserve by student organizations. Interested parties should email Stephanie Salcedo to arrange to use Gannett 319. In advance of a scheduled session, users must check out the Gannett 319 Kit from the Multimedia Services Desk using an Ithaca College ID. The kit contains the key to access the room, as well as the keyboards, stylus, remote, and mouse to use the room's wireless technology (collaboration pods, Eno board, and projection system). Users are encouraged to bring personal laptops. There are also laptops that may be checked out at the Circulation Desk, depending on availability. Gannett 319 was designed to be as intuitive to use as possible. However, there is a small learning curve in order to get comfortable with room's controls and technology. Users should contact the DIIS help desk for technical assistance.

Food is not permitted in the room -  drinks in covered containers are permitted.  

The Library and the Center for Faculty Excellence host introductory sessions for Gannett 319 throughout the academic year. Interested faculty and staff are encouraged to attend.

  • The Safety & Accessibility Map shows power door access to campus buildings, parking lots, also blue light phones & defibrillators
  • The pocket-size Ithaca Campus Map (available at the Campus Center, Admission Office, Library Reference Desk, Safety Office, etc.) also provides this information
  • Detailed accessibility information for each building is provided on the Accessibility Guide (entrances, elevator if any, handicapped-accessible bathrooms, listening devices) & also at the door to each building
Go to the IC Services desk in the union (307B) fill out a form, and you will receive a refund.

There are approximately 75 desktop PCs in the Library. 21 Dell laptops, 10 Mac Books and 2 iPads can be borrowed for 6-hour use in the Library.  Laptops can be checked out at the Circulation Desk.  We also check out cords to connect laptops with power outlets.  The desktop PCs are located in the following areas:

  • on the 3rd floor - along the north (Lake) side
  • in the Multimedia Listening area
  • clustered around the pillars on the Main (2nd) Floor
There is a fax machine in the bookstore that accepts cash or ID Express. Alternately, you can scan documents at one of the public scanners or photocopiers on the main floor of the Library or the scanner in the Digital Media Center and then send the document as an e-mail attachment.
Technology in the DMC is available on a first-come, first serve basis.  The DMC is open all hours that the Library is open.  The space is not reservable.  DMC spaces are foremost intended to support IC student video, audio, and graphic design work, in addition to technology-enhanced collaboration and practice for presentations.  General worktop space for personal laptops is also available.  The general lab space is a quiet workspace, while the collaboration station spaces and presentation space support group work and conversation.   

Please note:  As media-rich projects can take up a lot of disc space, we recommend that users bring their own hard drives on which to save this content.  
Please see the Dining Services site for the most current hours of the Library Café and other campus dining facilities.

The library is withdrawing fewer items than in the past - we send withdrawn volumes and any donations that do not align with our Collection Development strategy to Better World Books, a non-profit that supports literacy organizations such as Books for Africa, to provide funding by selling used books.  We ship our withdrawn books to them at no cost, they market them to a world-wide audience, and when they sell them, a small percentage of the profit comes to us and a percentage goes to the BWB Literacy Partners. It’s an efficient way to dispose of our withdrawn books and and non-relevant donations, while benefiting both Ithaca College and the world beyond.  To date, Better World Books has re-used or recycled over 216 million pounds of books and raised over $18 million for global literacy and local libraries.

Here is a list of software, available on the Library's public computers.
The College Archives houses Serling television scripts, movie screenplays, stage play scripts, films, published works, and secondary materials. Consult the Archives site for more information.
The Library has a color scanner/copier located on the main floor, to the right of the Circulation Desk. There is also a scanner/copier on the 3rd floor in the middle of the music stacks. Both scan to a flash drive, which may be borrowed at the Circulation Desk. Finally, there is a flatbed scanner in the Digital Media Center, located on the 3rd floor of the Library.

See the DIIS guide on services for guests. If you own a laptop or tablet, you may connect to IthacaCollege-Guest, the College’s wireless network, which requires no authentication and allows visitors access to the Internet on personal devices. Information transmitted or received over IthacaCollege-Guest is not encrypted and could be intercepted and viewed by other network users.

Ithaca College policy states that interior building temperature set points are 69-71 degrees for the heating season (generally November-April) and 74-76 degrees for the cooling season (generally May through October).  This is an environmentally responsible policy that meets applicable New York building codes and OSHA guidelines as well as helps the college reduce energy consumption. 

The Library temperature is monitored 24 hours a day.  Fluctuating outdoor temperatures (and varying amounts of sunshine) may /do happen thus taxing the heating and cooling systems.  If you feel the need, please do not hesitate to report your discomfort to any of our staff at one of the four service desks.

John D. Birk

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