Principal Periodical Databases

PsycINFO -- This is the first place to start for most research in psychology. Created by the American Psychological Association, PsycINFO contains more than 3 million citations and abstracts of scholarly journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, and other materials. The earliest citations date back to the nineteenth century, and the most recent are less than a month old. Almost all of the material you will find will be peer-reviewed.

Health and Medicine databases.
    MEDLINE is the primary biomedical journal citation database. MEDLINE (EBSCO) provides links to some full-text articles.
  • SPORTDiscus with Full Text
    When your topic involves sport medicine, fitness, coaching, or physiology, SPORTDiscus can be a great tool.
    An allied health resource that indexes mostly research articles. Useful if you topic is related to education, health promotion, and psychosocial health articles. 
Multidisciplinary database
  • Academic Search Premier and ProQuest Research Library
    These databases index both popular and scholarly materials in a variety of disciplines. 
    Covers journals in many disciplines, including psychology. Especially useful for older articles, since coverage of the journals goes back to volume one, whether that was 1887 or 1975. Recent coverage (one, three, or five years, depending on the journal) will not be available for most journals.

Subject Headings

Subject searching of the Online Catalog is based on Library of Congress Subject Headings. Use the Online Catalog to find books and materials other than journal articles. Also note that the subject headings used in PsycINFO can be the same but are often different than the subject headings used when searching the Online Catalog.

There are too many subject headings to list, but those provided here should provide you a idea of what terms and phrases might be found. Most records in the catalog will have multiple subject headings. When you find one record that appears to be useful, look what other subject headings are listed.